Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Week in the Field

That's good everyone is staying busy! I'm gonna go right to mission things since time is limited on this technological piece of communication. My first companion is good. It took me a while to get used to him, we are basically nothing alike haha but he's an awesome guy and absolutely loves his mission. His name is Elder Monk and he's from Idaho Falls. I told Dad a little more about him last week I don't remember exactly what. But once we got adjusted to each other everything has gone a lot smoother. I forgot my stinking camera again!!!!! I just barely thought about that. Dangit... But we've been doing pretty well. We have like 10 investigators or so. My favorite ones are Joe Layne and John and Michelle King. Joe is a vietnam vet who was referred to us by a counselor in Bakersfield. His daughter is a member and he told us he prayed to ask for help on what he should do because he's been to several different churches and hated the fact that they were all focused on money. He said his dad died and his mom had to pay a pastor like 500 big ones under the table for him to be "saved" which is total garbage. I hate that.... But anyways he prayed and then we showed up and during the lesson we were talking about being saved and he asked "Well what do I need to do?" and I said we'd like you to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God and he said well sure haha. Then we told him we'd have a baptismal service on the 14th of July and asked if he'd prepare to be baptized on that date and he said yes and his daughters baby shower was that day. So we told him we could change the date and he said Nahh that's for girls hahaha he's a stud but we changed the date to the 21st we just need him to make it to church more so he can meet all the requirements.

John and Michelle are awesome they both have accepted baptism and we are just waiting for Michelle to make up her mind on when she wants to be baptized. We haven't quite pinned down what obstacle we need to help her over come but we're getting there. But outstanding people. You'll have to meet them when all is said and done and we come to Cali again or something. But anyways I have some more e-mails to hit up so i'll talk to you soon. Oh and we had a herbalife shake last week, I'd check it out if you're still doing the whole diet thing or whatever it's got some pretty good stuff in there and a lot of people lose a lot of weight rather quickly so check that out. But love you and thank you for the cd's tell the kids I love them too and i'll see them soon! Share this with dad too i'm sure I'll tell him other things then you can swap e-mails or something! Talk to you soon!

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