Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

People in my mission commenting on the pic? Is Nic friends with people from here? Cause I don't think I am... But the work is going good. The people here are really friendly so I don't have much ridicule for being LDS. Most people know someone who is but not a lot of people are interested. We did get chastised the other day by some crazy old man telling us about or false prophets and how he's the Lamanite of all Lamanites... Nice guy though. I think he might have been at Woodstock a little too long. But Tehachapi does have thousands of wind turbines so that's pretty cool. But no baptisms yet. We have six investigators with dates, and I just told Nic about one of them. We have to keep pushing them back too which is unfortunate cause everyone keeps running into problems which is really starting to weigh in on their salvation and I don't like it. If everything goes as planned we should have four baptisms on the date of August 4, then a couple more after that date. But the work is good. The members are really great and there's some very solid member missionaries that really reach out to others and try to share with them so that's pretty cool. The only memorable experiences so far are the crazy lady I met and told Nic about, and the e-mail I sent her today talks about why two of our investigators finally decided to get baptized. Oh the other day one of our members called us over to give a blessing on their home because they found a dead guy in the apartment up and over from theirs so that was pretty interesting.... Apparently he'd been there for a few days which is kind of weird... But yeah that's about all. When I have more cool stories i'll definitely let you know. But till then I love and miss you and I'll talk to you soon!

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