Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Yeah shucks I've been out two months... I have mixed feelings about that. But definitely glad to hear that the guy from Utah was picked for the Bachelorette... All my wildest dreams seem to be coming true. I miss reality tv almost as much as I miss Pippa... Haha but glad you got a reward from the days of 47 and get to go spend some time with the family. Goose could beat me before I left so that's not going to be a huge surprise when I get home and he's shooting 40's while I'm shooting 60's. If I had clubs we could go golfing out in Bear Valley on P-day for like 5 bucks cause it's a private community. But alas... there are too many variables so we'll just wait till I get home. The girl you ran into at Tarahumara's name is Tori Mauer if i'm not mistaken. She's worked there for a little while so that's cool she's still around. I feel like it wasn't that long ago that the rodeo was going on that's crazy. Only two years ago I was walking around that stadium in my football jersey, remember that? Time flies, it's kind of starting to freak me out. I kind of figured that Stratton wouldn't make it too far. Got to know the kid when I went to Texas last fall to work with Miro, nice kid but has worldly intentions. That's too bad though he would've had a great experience and a lot of fun. But you're right, better to go home then to waste the Lord's time and money. It's definitely not easy but it's a mission not a vacation. That's my President's quote haha. Hope all goes well at the tournament, must be hard. If you win some crazy prize that'd be pretty legit. Swinging a club to get Mercedes and cash and all sorts of awesome things.... What a life ;) 

I might take you up on that offer of sending people to the house. I believe some members in the Golden Hills ward might be going to Utah and Idaho so I'll tell em they're welcome to stay there if they need to. But other then that work is the same. The adversary is working some pretty wicked magic on a couple of our investigators and trying to push back the baptismal dates, so I hope that doesn't happen. He's kind of a tool.. He makes it hard for people to progress in the gospel. I don't know if i'm allowed to bad mouth him but shucks.... What a weasel.. Anyways members are great and everyone's treated us really really good. Transfer calls were this morning, Elder Monk and I are both staying another six weeks so hopefully everything goes well. We're laying tile for a less active family in the ward which is going pretty well.. So looks like I'll just build myself a house when I get home. Wire it, tile it, pipe it, all sorts of fun stuff. But till next time I love you and I hope all is well. Tell everyone hello and to feel free to write me. I'd love to hear from the Kelly's and the Bonner's and the Kelson's. Tell that man Wade i'm mad he hasn't done anything to keep contact! haha but love ya talk to you soon!

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