Monday, July 16, 2012

New News

That sounds like an awesome time down in Sin City! I'm jealous, when you're not running from diseases and people trying to attack you it's actually a neat little town... That's good Brandon got into a Med school they were still trying to figure that out when I left so that's really neat! Thank you for depositing that check into my account I appreciate it, and for purchasing a king bed that i'm assuming has a frame!!! That'll be so cool!!! Especially after sleeping on a twin mattress for two years.... But anyways I had dinner with a family last night, the Jasters, and they actually know Matt and Jody. They have family there and the brother of the wife is in their ward! They said they passed through St. George to go on a youth group trip and stayed at the Valentines for the night! The weather in Tehachapi is pretty steady in the 80's and 90's surprisingly which is still hot for me but it's not 115 like it is in Bakersfield. Anyways on a more spiritual note, John and Michelle have been investigating for like two years, and are finally set with a date!!! John has been ready for a while he's just been waiting on Michelle. She had a dream the other night about some kids she was with and an animal they had. For some reason she was responsible for the animal and it got stepped on and killed. So she told us she said a prayer along the lines of "God if you bring this thing back to life, I'll be baptized into the Mormon church..." sure enough it came back to life. Then she described the animal and I told her it was a naked mole rat, and she didn't know what that was so she looked it up and it pretty much was which is what helped her decide that is wasn't just a dream... Weird huh? But everything is good here, i'm not in need of anything right now that I'm aware of but when I find out I'll let you know! Love you and miss you and I'll be back before you know it!!!

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