Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

The work is going alright. We've had some interesting couple weeks, but we do have a couple baptisms this Saturday so that'll be fun and exciting. They're good kids, the mom and sister were baptized back in April and now the 17 and 14 year old in the family are getting baptized. Hopefully the dad will follow suit so that the whole family can be united eternally. He's the only one that's holding back right now. But other then that not a whole lot of neat stories, just the same old work. We did however change a girls views on the church. She was a foreign exchange student from France a couple years ago and she came back to stay with the family she was with for a few weeks. It's a part member family and we went and had lunch with them once and showed the French girl who's name is Matilde that mormons aren't crazy, and we don't practice polygamy anymore. The family gave her a Book of Mormon and Elder Monk and I each wrote our testimony's in it and told her to get online when she gets home and have the missionaries come her way. So hopefully that'll work out.

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