Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hahahahahahahaha that's pretty funny with the guy in court. Sounds like a bit of a jack weasel if I do say so myself. Sounds like work isn't getting to boring then. That's a good thing at least you're having some kind of fun without me. I only have to miss one more season of golf so i'm pretty psyched about that. I can't believe how many people are coming home and pushing a year and stuff. That's so crazy. 

That psychs me out of my mind that Erica is going on a mission!!!! I just got an e-mail from Elder Kohler about Jalen and various other topics so that's way awesome! Even if she was available when I get home I won't be. I got a whole set of women waiting for me, most of their names start with P and end with ING so my time will be consumed haha. 

Just a couple downfalls in the sports world, that's too bad. But there's always next week. I am getting transferred tomorrow to Simi Valley i'll be serving in the Simi Valley 3 ward and the Santa Susana 3 ward. I'm white washing in with Elder Gallup, I hear he's a pretty good kid so that'll be a lot of fun. I guess it's like the bottom of our mission and i'm uber excited to go down there. I am going to be on a bike so that'll be fun. Gotta go pick one up today. But I don't know my new address so you can just send it to the mission office. That'd work out pretty swell I imagine. Thank you so much for doing that.

That's also a little too bad that Wade won't be in their with Joe. That was my favorite two years in church being able to have my dad in young men's with me. We had way to much fun. Pretty interesting how things work. 

I got up and bore my testimony to the Bear Valley Ward yesterday, I didn't think I was going to get transferred but just in case I got up there because a lady was talking about how much she was being targeted the previous week for being LDS. So I got up there and was mainly speaking towards her but I said that her story reminded me of what Christ told his people in the Americas in 3 Nephi 12:11 that blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute, and speak all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. I had to point out that Christ said WHEN ye are persecuted not if or on the off chance that someone isn't a fan, they chuckled at that, but then told her we're blessed for sticking up for our savior and Heavenly Father. I don't know if you heard about Jordan's experience at Church yesterday but you should ask her. It's a very neat story and very uplifting. I'll have more updates next week as to what is going on. I love you and miss you tons. But i'll be back relatively soon. Thank you for taking care of that stuff for me I appreciate it. Talk to you soon!!!

Love Elder Scott

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th

No worries that this one was short and sweet. Words from home are always greatly appreciated. But yeah I heard about the BYU game that sounds lame, didn't hear about the Eagles though that's a bummer...

I'm also livid at the fact that both the mighty wasps lost and that Dwight is a Laker. I was informed of this awful news. As much as I love the guy I will not buy a Laker's jersey in his support. I will now have to buy a Favors or Jefferson jersey to wear to the games. But that's okay with me.

Sounds like work is crazy intense. Hope that all works out really well. Some people just need a swift kick in the behind. That's too bad they took this guy over and his company. Glad the camper got a little more use as well. I miss camping, what a joyful treat. Conference was way good this year I liked it a lot. Many inspiring home hitters which was much needed. Our investigators are currently struggling a little bit right now. So hopefully we'll be able to help them progress more.

One of them is just going through heck, Debbie, and the other one doesn't want it bad enough. So somehow we've got to get them to realize how much they need the gospel in their lives. I'll take part of the blame for that one though since i'm their teacher. So hopefully my companion and I can help with their struggles and get them on the path to Eternal life... What a gift that is... We should have a baptism this month or next. It wouldn't be a convert baptism, just a gentleman who's coming back into the church. But hey, if I can help the guy gain his salvation then by all means I have no complaints.

Almost 5 months that is correct, i'm excited to go to a new area and see what's in store, whether that happens next week or the end of November makes no difference. I love Tehachapi, the members here are awesome and even though some of our investigators are having a hard time progressing, they're all very very neat people with awesome hearts. But anyways now that the mushy stuff is over i'll talk to you soon! Good luck at work tell everyone hello for me and that I love and miss them a lot. I'll give you more updates next week as to transfers and companions and stuff. Talk to you soon!!

Love Elder Scott

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Well you're correct, I am delighted to know that Judge was beaten by the mighty wasps... That's cool that Joe is playing JV that's a good place to get experience before they jump up to the big boys. Also very excited to hear the the Eagles are scraping by. Whether it's an inch or a mile, a win goes down as a win. That's too bad about the Cup though. Maybe if you would've gone into the PGA this wouldn't be an issue haha.

Glad you're staying busy with work. There is a lady here that we are teaching, her name is Debi Twisselman, and she has been going through divorce court and bankruptcy court and stuff for like 5 years. She just recently had an attorney who is a member of the church. Turns out he lied underoath and basically ruined the case for her. That's her side of the story, but I can see it happening. She seems like an honest lady and could really use some help. I know you're busy, but I told her I'd ask you if there is anything you can do for her. Even if it's just advice on the path to pursue because she's trying to take the court cases on her own to get some of her money back. I told her I couldn't promise anything but I would try. she used to work on a ranch with her ex-husband. So that explains the e-mail i'm sure.

But anyways sounds like the girls are very busy with pageant/work shenanigans. Tell Nicki I'm going to write her a letter today in response to the card and stamps I got from her which I appreciate very very very much. Those things are expensive for a missionary.
I miss ol Jordo. I do have a couple favors to ask of you though, could you send me an absentee voting form so that I can vote for Brother Romney please? I also didn't snag my priesthood lineage before I left home so if I could get another copy of that I would greatly appreciate that as well.
We have a meeting with one of our investigators tomorrow night so hopefully we'll be able to address her concerns and set her with a baptismal date. She's basically just a dry mormon but she's a great lady. I don't have much news for this past week. We've done quite a bit of service lately which I thoroughly enjoy. But other then that the work presses forward. I miss you all and love you a lot. Tell Gavin to keep it up in the sports game and to be a good kid. He may be bigger when I get home but i'll still toss him around a little bit haha. Love you talk to you next week! Thanks for all that you do! I really appreciate it!