Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012

Familia! Read bottom paragraph first Dad I need a reply.

Hey if the Aggies are good it's all good. I don't have a lot to report on either... That stuff at the conference center sounds really neat. That's a very inspiring story. I want to give that man a hug. That's super cool. We heard about the shooting in Connecticut.... That is genuinely awful. We met a guy tracting and he told us about it because we asked if there was anything we could do for him and he said pray for those who got shot, and we asked who got shot? Then he told us the story and it was very depressing, but he said go help someone that needs it more then me and we took off. But very sad news for sure. I think the most exciting thing this week was we went on exchanges with the traveling trainers. We had a very successful day. He asked where I thought we should go to tract that morning and I said I honestly don't know. So we said a prayer and he said it. While he was praying the thought came to me of a kid who was making fun of us a month or so ago and he was ridiculing us from his truck. So I told Elder Rapier this when the prayer was over and that's where we went. So before we got out of the car I told him this could be nothing but lets hit this street. So we knocked on the kid's door and alas he wasn't even there. So we knocked the rest of the street and alas, we were able to find 6 potential investigators and have a lesson with one. So I thought it turned out okay.

Another lil miracle was we went and saw a less active lady and she was baptized about 5 years ago and for about 3 years she hasn't been able to come to church because of work. She's been going through a pretty rough patch and every time we met we would always share with her something along the lines of endure to the end. So just recently the work schedule was changed and she should have some of if not all Sunday's off for the upcoming year. So that'll be pretty good.

But alas that's about all the excitement from the past week. So I'll talk to you next week and I hope all is well. I still haven't received Coach North's address so if you could get that to me by today I'd appreciate it. I want to send him a Christmas card. But I love you and will talk to you soon!!!

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