Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 3, 2012

Well Hello.....

Glad to hear everyone is home safe and sound. It is indeed always good to be home. I will second that motion for you. I heard about the season passes as well... Does sound like they're fairly useless for being in Utah... HAHA down here where it's just a day trip it's not a big deal at all. But you gotta do a whole week ordeal from up there. As for the acting thing.... I love the Guido's to death. I don't think Kara being in their home for that long would be that big of a deal. But it would have to be after a certain person in the area leaves. Cough cough. Also I don't think she realizes that people bug you more when you're with them constantly then they do when you only see them occasionally. Especially young teenage girls. So that's the part i'd be more concerned about then anything is just a relationship going sour and living with the person it goes sour with. So yeah... I would say give it some more thought and definitely wait like a year or so. Maybe even 18 months. ;)

That's funny that Goovin is still doing the whole nerd squad thing. He's only 9 that's pretty normal for his age haha. Don't make him grow up to fast. That happens to much these days. Kids need to be kids because you only get to be a kid once.

I hope the pheasant hunt works out. Which i'm sure it will. What a joyful occasion. It definitely doesn't feel like it was a year ago though that we went hunting last, or when I was opening socks and ties as my Christmas gifts haha. So that's pretty crazy. There are definitely fast times on the mission, but there are also slow times as well. It's a toss up.

Recently we've found a couple blessings in the work. As you know I am training. So that's interesting. But we had a lesson with one of our investigators Sky last week, and we had originally planned to just meet with her and her parents, but alas the dad called most the kids into the living room and we had a lesson with all of them. Originally we were working on Sky, but that wasn't working out too well and then we decided we'd try to get the parents, also didn't work out too well, but they have a 9 year old son named Tristan who was asking questions and expressed an interest to come to church and learn more and he asked us to help him with his lying problem and how to gain respect by being honest, very thoughtful kid for only being 9 years old. I was impressed with the questions and answers he was giving us. Very big heart. You wouldn't expect this family to be about hearing the gospel or chatting with the mormons cause they mom has dyed hair and is tatted up like nobody's business and the dad is tatted up too. The kids have dyed hair and are all kind of scandalously dressed and what not. But they're a very nice, loving family. Just need a little/a lot more foundation in the home. We also had a family bring a girl to church who is friends with their daughter and she now wants to take the lessons and learn more, the mom just told us she was going to talk to her parents about her taking the lessons then she was going to call us. So that should be good. But things are starting to kick around a little bit. We also had a lesson with Cc last night about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In which we invited her to be baptized and she respectfully declined but told us not yet instead of no, a very positive sign. But she has good ward support. We also hitched a ride with them and went and watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional which I thoroughly enjoyed and so did she. So that was good.

But that's about it down here. Love you all very much and I don't really know what I want for Christmas. I'm having to shave more and more now so maybe that razor wouldn't be to bad of a gift after all. But that's about it i'll talk to you next week!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Scott

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