Monday, December 23, 2013

December 22, 2013


Hey yeah who would want a long e-mail huh? Haha yeah Skype will be just stupendous... This time it'll be legal though for us to be seeing each others mugs... Haha oops well they never sent me home so alas all is well. I got one of the packages. Hopefully the other one comes in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure big Joel is just ecstatic for ol' skooey boy to get home. Glad he can hook me up with a job again. That'll be much needed. Start raking in the cash ASAP. I'm sure he'll get sent out of the office in January and be a part of the regular crowd of missionaries for his last two transfers... We'll see what happens in my case. I have a feeling I'm going to be around here for at least one more following this one. So we'll see what happens. After the end of this transfer I'll have been in this position for 8 and a half months... Time goes. That's too bad the Jazz aren't in last place anymore. Who on earth is playing worse then the jazz at this point in time? But hey we'll be talking to you on Wednesday huh? I'm excited I'll be trying to Skype around 10 or 10:30 so that'd be 11 or 11:30 your time. Tell Timmy to pick his head up. All is well... Love ya and we'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013


Well it's hanging alright haha. Ol' Goosey boy is just quite the showman huh? Glad someone in this family is gonna go somewhere in life. Between he and Kara we could retire and play golf for the rest of our lives and live on the dull or whatever the heck that system is. Cameron e-mailed me a while back and talked to me about his BYU endeavors. Unfortunately my entire schooling career is not as good as it should be. They'll look at my high school GPA and my ACT because I only had like 11 or 12 hours at Dixie. Hopefully my sop story in my application essays will soften someones heart and they'll give me a break of that kit kat bar. If they didn't I wouldn't be shocked or depressed though. I'd be more then happy to just go to work and try and get some money saved so I don't have to worry about funds for the next 25 years. We'll see what happens. In the event that I get shunned I'll just go to UVU and make up for lost time. But if they cut his GPA cause SUU is an easy school then they'll more then likely cut mine as well since Dixie isn't as prestigious at SUU. I'll be glad to come home and accompany Cameron in due time. Sounds like how I was before I left. Work, come home, sleep, then repeat. That's an exhilarating lifestyle! I'll be home soon though. 

Glad that people are still needing sued and granting the Scott family income. That's always comforting when you have work haha. In his age group are they shooting on ten foot hoops or still playing on the little ones? That is also super depressing about the mighty U smoking the Y... That's been a poor organization as far as hoops go for as long as I've been alive haha. That's fun the Goovy had his first game though. That'll make up for crummy college sports. Wasatch... Oh Wasatch... You know what phrase I've really grown to hate while being out here? "My parents were right" Haha I should've played my senior year. What a fool I am. Oh well, cryin over spilled milk now. We beat Timpview my junior year. They beat em my senior year too. But we also had ol' Trevor Bamgartner and Mike Brown and kids of that nature. They were all pretty impressive athletes... Unlike the scum who just clogs up down low and gets called on the foul while standing still with arms straight in the air.... I'm not bitter. 

I'll see what we can do as far as skyping goes. We'll see what we can do as far as timing goes. It'll probably be around ten a.m. or so. We'll see what happens. I don't even know how we're going to work it. We're trying to get it in the office with President's laptop. We'll see how that goes though. We should be good as far as homesickness goes. I got rid of all my pictures. They're actually going to be heading your way this weekend. Marc Urmston from our ward is going to be up in Midway for part of Christmas so he's going to take up a bag that I gave him with some stuff that I don't need in it. He'll also be packing some of Elder LaPlants stuff that he's going to pick up after his mission. It'll be a suit and a photo album of his. That's about it though haha.

This week was pretty good. Somewhat uneventful. We had transfers so the majority of our time was spent with new/departing missionaries. As well as updating stuff in the office and getting things organized and jazz like that pretty much all week. We got to proselyte for a couple hours yesterday as well as Saturday. As assistants we do a companionship study with the four sister training leaders and we did ours this last Saturday. It was very inspiring and uplifting. They asked us to focus on diligence, compassion and sternness regarding correction, and how to avoid comparing yourself with other missionaries and areas. It was very spiritual and we hope that we made a difference in someones life, cause I know my mind was caught up to serious reflection about some things. We got to talk to a few good families and had a lengthy conversation with a guy named Jason. He reminded me a lot of the country folk back in Vernal. He didn't really have a belief in God and was a little upset with whatever is out there because of some of the hard ships he had to go through earlier in life. Which I think is fair, I think we all have those thoughts in one regard or another throughout life. But we had a good conversation and I think he'll come around. He was very direct, he didn't beat around the bush in the slightest which I love as a missionary. I don't need any of these people teasing us saying "Yeah sure come back another day we'll talk then." Then you go back and they answer saying "Sorry we're busy" then shut the door before you even speak hahaha. That happened yesterday so it's pretty fresh in the mind still. Other then that all is well. We had our ward Christmas party this past weekend and we were asked to dress up as Centurion Soldiers because the theme was "A Night in Bethlehem" so everyone was dressed up pretty Jewish like except for us obviously casuse we were Roman haha. Wish I had some more crazy awesome exciting stories. But alas... 70 hours in the office and 6 hours proselyting tends to keep you on the short end of the story spectrum haha. I love you lots though and look forward to our conversation next week. When I found out some more details I'll try and let you know! Take care and talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013


So sounds like it's been pretty cold across the western united states. It's awesome because it's been like 26 degrees or so at it's coldest and everyone is freakin out thinking it's bitter cold, as I walk around with my footjoy jacket which was so graciously given to me haha. I enjoy it a lot. That detour sounds brutal. I can't believe that St. George got that much snow... That's a lot for down there. You're little detour just got you more cultures as far as the geography of Nevada goes! Sounds like the rodeo itself was pretty fun though. I'm sure it was quite the time. Now you can wear that hat and those boots every year when you got to the home town rodeo.... Then I'll steal em for all my shenanigans haha. That's awesome that the Y will be playing in a little bowl game. The jazz sound super good at their little profession haha. I'm happy for em. This means next year they're going to be great. Who's the best right now in the standings of the NBA? Did I tell you I got a Lebron James rookie card back in February from a member in Pismo Beach? I swindled him out of his shoes! He actually just gave it to me which was really cool. His name is Nick and he's currently on a mission down in like Nicaragua or something.

The ol' sun, moon, and stars gig that I was talking to President Wilson about was for me to go up to Mammoth Lakes with a missionary named Elder LaPlant at the January transfer, then after two transfers I'd go to Golden Hills for my last transfer which is where I started my mission. That was my proposed idea if I was to get out of the office soon. I told him if he was going to keep me around that I'd like to be with Elder LaPlant in the office but I'd prefer to be in Mammoth. Alas I got the latter of the two and I'll be companions with Elder LaPlant remaining as an assistant for the next transfer at least... It might be longer, we'll see what the future has in store. So that's it, it was quite the longshot but I went for it and the payout should be a lot of fun haha.

As for time and finding people.... Yeah... We did a good day or so of proselyting last week. But it was very effective. We found a less active family that no one in the ward knows that was super friendly invited us in we talked and got to know them and then we asked em if they wanted to come to church the next day and their was hesitation.... Then they said maybe one day. So I'm thinking within the next few weeks or so they'll be back. They are going to feed us dinner on Thursday night which will be just delightful and we'll be having Carne Asada tacos. We also were able to set up an appointment with a potential investigator that knows our ward mission leader. So that'll be awesome and we should be meeting with them on Wednesday.

We had the opportunity to also go to the temple on Friday with the departing missionaries as well as have MLC last week. Needless to say.... Have you ever thought about that phrase? We always say needless to say but then for whatever reason we still say it? What a paradox... Anyways, right now we're sitting here listening to the office staff give their trainings to the new missionaries... I don't know what else I need to update you on. Kind of just another week in the life of a missionary haha.

Elder Scott

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25, 2013


Yeah seven more days down huh? Transfers are already a whopping two weeks away. You get one batch of missionaries and find em housing then two days later you get a bunch more... Not really but it feels like it haha. It was super fun to be able to mess around in the world I'm not gonna lie. That's the most temporal fun I've had in 18 months... Who knows maybe we'll do it again someday. Are you keeping your RCC membership? Do you know a Jeff Henderson? That is my old companion Elder Connor Henderson's dad and he has an RCC membership. There's also a sister in the mission who used to work at RCC. So that's been kinda fun to talk about with a couple of the missionaries around the We had the privilege of taking a wonderful visa waiter to the airport this morning at around 4 so I'm a little tired haha. But it's all good. That's a devastating start to the season with a big 1-13 for the jazz.... Gall darn. Did you buy a bunch of 6th row tickets again this year? They're probably going to pull a money ball comeback and hit like a 20 game win streak and just throw off the thought of getting Jabari Parker on to the squad. We heard about the Y getting beat by ND. That's no fun. Don't feel super bad for the Utes. Where is this Jason Long guy from who's doing the squad now? I thought Norman Hayter got shuffled out and moved back to Oregon or something to that effect? Maybe I'm just super out of the loop.

Haha ol Goosey boy... Reminds me of myself haha. That's where the majority of the money I made before I came out went was into tithing cause I felt bad I hadn't paid anything the past year. I know the Lord doesn't care about the money and it's the principle. But I felt better about myself afterwards haha. Do I need to pay tithing on gifts? I've always told people no but I feel bad being on a mission and getting money and not paying tithing... Maybe you could offer me some wise counsel master yoda... I'm sure I'm fine either way... But I don't know let me know what you think. That's crazy the Lowry's just got home from their mission. I forgot that I was in the MTC with them haha. Goodness they're already home... That's weird. Nic told me I'm like third from the top on our ward roster of missionaries... That's insane. It wasn't that long ago we were praying for lowry and hills and all those guys in priests quorum... 

Thanksgiving is going to be grand... I'm sure I'll end the weekend about 300 pounds with the four dinner appointments we have that day... Forget that I'm going to feel nasty haha. It'll be fun though. That'd be fun for the kids to go up there and hang out again though. They could have a nice Pizza Hut buffet for their Thanksgiving dinner. Be like the time we went to Tony's or Macaroni Grill or whatever the heck is across the street from Disneyland a few years back. Elder Neff laughed when I read the part about nipper jr. Glad you got the picture. The lady that took it is one of the best in the ward. She's awesome. They have a good family and they're very missionary oriented so it's cool. I hate putting up those Christmas lights haha. That high point is just the brink of death looking over the steep cement as you careen down to your death. I don't know if that was the correct use of careen but I think I can get away with it on this one. I'll put em up for you next year. My frame isn't exactly nimble enough to get em up there. It can handle it though. The lights are starting to come up in Bakersfield so that's fun. Last year was cool in Simi cause they had a whole stash of Christmas lights around there. It was very fun. 

This week was pretty good. We did a couple exchanges with some zone leaders. Spent a day with Elder Wells who's from Indiana and Elder Spencer who came out from Vernal, UT. He moved into Vernal when I moved in with you so we missed each other by a month or so. We had some common acquaintances so it was kind of fun to talk about how it was for him. He's a good missionary very purpose focused and a hard worker so it was fun to spend a couple days with them. They both were really good exchanges. We talked to a guy who we set up a return appointment with and typically you set up these appointments and they don't go through. But we actually got a hold of this guy and taught him the Restoration and invited him to be baptized and what not. He said he'd have to pray about it. Which we thought was a good idea haha. So we're going to give him a call tomorrow and try to set something up to teach him some more. He actually goes to a very anti church here in Bakersfield called the Bridge. So I was surprised to see him be open with us the way he was. But it was pretty good to teach another lesson. We also had a chance to teach a guy Jose. We've taught him a few times since I've been in the ward. He tried to drop us because he felt more comfortable with the Bible then the Book of Mormon. So we taught him a little more and got him to rethink his decisions and we're going to meet with him again tomorrow night with a solid member for another lesson. Well Elder Neff will be cause they're going to teach him in Spanish. I'm going to go with another member to talk to a buddy of his that he wants us to get into contact with. So we'll see what happens there. We started working on transfers today so we only had to spend from like 6 to 3 in the office doing stuff. As well as our e-mails and what not. I had my interview with President this past week too. He asked me what I'd like to do with the rest of my mission cause I've been in this position for a while. I had a hard time answering and I finally said President I'll do what you want me to do.... He was kind enough to reply Well Elder I know that. But tell me what you'd like to happen. Haha he wasn't having any of that shenanigans. So I asked him how selfish I could be and he said as selfish as you want. So I proposed a couple of ideas and he seemed very willing to go with those. So we'll see what happens. It'll be picture perfect if what I proposed comes to pass. But like I said. I'll do what he wants me to do haha. But that's about all I have for you at this point. I always enjoy the weekly e-mail. Thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you've made on my behalf. I love you all very much. Talk to you soon!!


Elder Scott

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 1, 2013


Yeah happy turkey day. Didn't even feel like Thanksgiving honestly haha. Just felt like a normal day haha. Well I can't complain that you're going to keep the RCC gig going... That'll be a delight to wake up Thursday morning and go play a round hahaha. Glad to hear things are still staying steady in the sue business. I don't know if that's how you spell sue but you're just going to have to accept it. I'll have to introduce you to Jeff Henderson next time we go down there. He's a big Harley guy too. Maybe you should just become best friends and buy yourself a little Christmas Hog if ya know what I mean huh? Haha. Well I have some vain wishes and desires as far as the upcoming transfers go regarding my chat with President... The main I proposed isn't going to come to pass haha. I figured it was a long shot but I tried to go big. I basically only told him two things that I wanted to happen. I said if you're going to keep me around the office longer then I'd like my companion to be Elder LaPlant. Who is one of my best friends in the mission field currently. The other option was to stay around the office for one more transfer to train somebody new and then go serve up in Mammoth Lakes with a missionary of my choice and he was pretty willing to do so. I already know what's going to happen though which is cool and i'm excited for it. But the main wish I had probably isn't going to happen. But all is well. I'll tell you what happens in next weeks e-mail once transfers happen and everybody knows. Right now it's just the four assistants and president that know what's happening next week. So my obligation is to keep it that way until it is public haha.

That's awesome that there's three more missionaries coming out of the ol' Midway 2nd. That'll be just joyous to watch all these younglings come home from their mission and be all grown up and stuff. I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed when I get off the plain and you realize I'm still a child who looks the same and gained five pounds haha. Glad you got to teach Gospel Doctrine though. We got to teach the Young Women's lesson today on Standing as a Witness of God at all Times in all Things and in all Places. That was fun. The young women were very rowdy and a tid bit obnoxious haha. But it was fun we had a good lesson and they practiced scenarios that they run into at school and with their friends and such and how to react in certain situations so it was delightful. 

That's awesome that the Jazz are still blowing it haha. Good lans... What's the deal do they not get along do we have a new coaching staff what the heck is the problem? That's horrible. My high school team could probably play better then them haha. Probably not but still... Sounds like football was good this week though. That's awesome that the Aggies are playing in the Mountain West Championship. The Utes.... poor guys... They haven't seen success since the Fiesta Bowl many years ago... Or every time they play the Y haha. I miss watching the Y play BBall... That was always a fun time. But Utah State's student section is definitely up in the ranks... Who won the big game though? You said that US had a good squad but never mentioned the victor. That'll be fun to go to the National Finals too. Where is that at? Nebraska? Mississippi? Vegas? Probably in Vegas huh? That makes the most sense... Lots of cowboys in sin city haha. 

It's gnarly how time goes. I was just thinkin about how little I enjoyed last Thanksgiving haha. I don't know if I ever came clean on that one but it was brutal. We ate dinner with a weird family and my companion was driving me up a wall that week. Miss the kid now though. He was awesome I was just a punk. Isn't that how it always is? I definitely have been able to see a change in my attitude towards others for the most part. That's one thing that I've noticed so far in my service. So hopefully I can keep that up. I also am glad to state, you'll have to tell Mom this one, I am now a very clean and organized individual and it bugs the livin daylights outta me when things aren't clean... Who knew? haha This week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy and eventful. We did a couple exchanges and worked our area a little bit. Kinda hard to teach and find on holiday weeks cause no one is around or willing to take time out of their busy days to talk to you. But we had a delightful week and were able to meet a couple families that have a lot of potential. So that's kind of the update here. We had a little escapade out to Lake LA to pick up a missionary who headed home today. But during our trek they gave us wrong directions and we ended up clear in the middle of flippin nowhere on this nasty dirt road which had the softest sand ever cause it had rained like crazy that day and the day before so we're in a rear wheel drive chevy express van that has no weight in the back and no four wheel drive capabilities. So needless to say when we tried to turn around on this narrow dirt road we got off the beaten path and got stuck very similar to the time I took the F-150 up Center Creek and got it stuck trying to save Bonner. Luckily it wasn't as bad and we dug ourselves out of the mess in our shirts and ties and made it back safely with the acquired target. I was pretty frustrated though..... Judast... Some peoples kids don't know north from south or their nose from their knee cap. So we were sent all over... But anyways now that you've heard me rant about directions and the shenanigans that encompassed the farthest outreach of the California Bakersfield Mission to the east I'll let you go haha. Love you tons I'm excited to Skype you on Christmas. Make sure you have a skype account that I can call you on. I'll talk to you soon and hope all is well!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

Well shucks... That's no fun to hear about Klar but I'm glad everything went pretty alright. Did I ever spend any time with Klar? The only people I remember spending any time with in Richfield outside of the McCallister's would be Jeff and his family.. I can't picture anybody else really.. There was one time we stopped at someones house on the way back from some trip and we spent like 30 minutes there to shower and get cleaned up. Maybe I'm the only one who remembers that haha. I chuckled at how you compared his love for horses though. Glad to hear you got to spend some time with him before he passed. I can only imagine you're very grateful for that... I'll have to tell Sister Hawley that you saw Kelly. It's funny all the connections that are there. Goovin coming through for the win on the ball team huh? Who's the new coaching staff at the high school? Where's coach Mag at now? Did he stay the coach after Norman Hayter took off or have they been jumpin coaches a little bit? The Y sounds like they have a decent squad the U hasn't really been any good for quite some time now so that doesn't shock me that they lost. That's a pretty crummy record for the ol Jazz... Goodness gracious. I hear this Jabari Parker kid is super good. I thought he was like a freshman though? Or is he up for grabs this year? You'll have to let me know how the Iwoa State game goes. That'd be a fun one to go see. 

So you'll never guess how much temporal fun that I was able to have in the last seven days! Haha that's probably not what you expected to see in this e-mail. Last Monday we were blessed with the opportunity to go bowling. Which was just delightful. Bowled pretty good for not bowling in 18 months. We got to play unlimited games for two hours. So we got four games in with the four of us. Won the first three games with a score of 159 the second with 144 the third with 156 and the last one I lost by two pins cause I didn't pick up the spare and it was 149 to 151 the conqueror being Elder Hudson. But it's alright we made it happen. But then today this is where I'm really gonna get ya, President Wilson called off our meeting a little early so we could go play a round of 18 with Elder Pruett who's one of the senior missionaries here in the office. It was super sweet. We played out at Buena Vista Golf Course out in the boonies but it was a ton of fun. Didn't play super well, but I was thoroughly impressed with myself for not swinging a club in 18 months. The first nine were pretty brutal but shot about a 45 or so on the back nine. Got just about all the drives off the tee box pretty good and my iron game was pretty swell... But my chipping and putting killed me. Nothing has really changed there haha. So no practice, unfamiliar clubs, on an unfamiliar course. I'm proud of myself haha. Elder Pruett also paid which was quite awesome! So temporally it's been an awesome 7 days.

As far as missionary work goes... It's been a lot of office this past week. We also had Mission Leadership Council which will take up a whole day but we did get t
o go to the temple on Friday for Elder Neff's birthday which was awesome. We did like a 3:30 session so when we got out of the temple it was dark and it was cool to see all the big city lights and the skyscrapers and stuff there in Santa Monica. Ate at a little jewish place called Lennie's close to the temple. Pretty splendid. Our ward is really getting on the ball as far as missionary work goes. We had like 5 nonmembers or so at church this past week but the only problem is 4 of the 5 live in the South Stake haha. So they're not getting baptized in our ward. It's okay though I think the gospel is true over there too... Hopefully haha jk. So nothing supersane. We got to meet with one of our investigators Chris yesterday though. That was pretty good. Poor kid would get baptized today if his mom would let him. We had a member send a fall arrangement of some flowers to try and soften her heart a little bit. But unfortunately she didn't take that very well and got a little upset with him haha. Flippidy jibbetts... Thought flowers got em every time. Apparently not though. It's been a pretty good and fun week though. This transfer is now officially half way over which is crazy. Thanksgiving should be pretty enjoyable and I'm excited for it. We have a couple families that are desirous to hook us up with some delicious turkey and potatoes.. But that's about all I got. Tell Nic I got the debit card today which I genuinely appreciate. My other one was falling apart. Don't miss me too much. The next six months I feel are going to go by way faster then the other portions of six. Kinda weird that by the next time I hear from you it'll officially be the big 18. Life goes on. Love and miss you all quite much and hope you have a stupendous week! Talk to you soon!


Elder Scott


Golf Trip on P-day

Right on thanks a ton. If you sent one or two as part of like Christmas or something that'd be fun. But there isn't a ton of need to send all of them like you said. I only can wear em once a week and typically that once a week is taken up by meetings haha. Thanks on the form. Tried to remember everything you taught me. You win by the way... Finally gained a testimony of not breaking my wrists on the chip shots and really slowing down the ol drive swing. This is one of those moments where your kids realize they were wrong the whole time they just thought they could do it their way haha. Love ya

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013


Well goodness gracious... There's been a bit of sad news and death in the assistants e-mails the past couple weeks.. I'm sorry to hear that. I do indeed remember Jeff and Martin and the crew. If I remember right we were with Jeff when I was in Kindergarten or 2nd grade and I fell off the back of that fourwheeler and wrecked my face... I'm sorry to hear that. But I had the thought the other day about the sting of death as I was doing my personal study and it rang true to me that the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ and that the glory and magnificence of passing on surpasses all the pain that we go through at death. There was also an Elder Forsey in my mission. He was only here for about a week and then he was out. So I wouldn't doubt it if the family events played a role in that. Seemed like he was a good kid though. 

Elder Neff got a kick out of that part of your e-mail with nipper! That's pretty funny. Good ol' Timmy. When I told Elder Neff where I got the basketball gear from he was freaking out at that I got it from Timmy haha. That sounds like a heartbreaker with the big championship loss... Gall darn I hate those. Basketball will be pretty fun. I miss playing basketball on P-day... I kinda miss having a p-day haha. We're trying to get President to take us golfing. It's a work in progress but it will happen! That'd be fun to work for Timmy and the boys the only problem is I have to get into BYU first haha. That's the big kicker. I'd be satisfied with whatever happens. At first I was thinking I'd be really sad if I got rejected, but the pro would be I get to work and try and save some money before I start college broke as a joke. So either way it'll work out. That's classic that Kara and Gavin only remember the rocks and dogs. Those are the most exciting parts about missions right? Haha 

This week has been pretty good. We weren't in the office a whole lot which was nice. We did exchanges with the Buena Vista and West Bakersfield Zone Leaders. Two pretty good exchanges. While I was with the West Zone Leaders we went and proselyted at a local college CSUB. Basically we just walk around campus and pretend to survey people. Well it's not really pretending cause we are asking them questions and writing stuff down. But then we erase what we wrote down and start all over with someone else haha. But we talked to a ton of people so it was sweet. The Zone Leaders cover the YSA ward that's why we were at the college. It was neat because while we talked to many people, there's one guy who was super interested. His name was Gale. He basically gave us the shpeal of If I knew there was one church then I'd join it. Because I believe there's one somewhere I just haven't seen anyone that's been good enough to give me that evidence. So in essence we said look man, any church going person you talk to is going to tell you there church is the right one, that being said, we'll tell you the same thing. We do believe this to be Christ's church. The only difference is we don't want you to take our word for it. If you do that then it's man believing in man and not God. So ask him and he'll let you know what you need to hear. 

He seemed pretty touched by our response. So it was legit to talk to him. We have his number and are going to set something up here in the future. We were also able to find a new investigator and set him with a baptismal date in the YSA ward. So I'm happy for em, sure wish it was in ours though haha. We're getting places though. Our members are doing missionary work it just so happens that it's not with people in our ward. I'm just glad they're doing it haha. But that's about all the excitement we have over here. Sister Hawley (Magelby) is going to tell her little sister that Yoda says hi. So I remembered haha. But I love you much. Tell Nic that I got the package with the letter exchange book in it and that I think that's one of the coolest presents I've ever gotten. It was very neat to see the change in some of these hooligans from high school haha. But I think that's about all I got. Thank you for all you do I appreciate everything, even if I don't say it very much.


Elder Scott 

p.s. we gave a blessing to Sister Bower today and she told Elder Neff and myself to tell our parents on her behalf thank you for raising me the way you did.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

King Triton,

So glad you got to enjoy the beautiful land of pebbles and beaches. How would it be. I miss the snow. Snow is beautiful and fun to play in. Ugly smoggy Bakersfield however is not. But it's got beautiful people haha. Poor Jazz squad. Maybe they'll just end the season like 0-95 and get like the top three picks haha. That'd be just delightful. Get someone that can shoot the ball good and take it to the hole instead of some Ukranian that whines about his bruised pinky toe. You're going to have to let me know how the big game goes tonight. Tell him to stop worrying about getting carries in practice and to work harder. If there's one thing I regret in life it's not sticking to a sport and working at it when I was younger, cause now at this point it's like i'm a jack of all sports and master of none. Forget being mediocre that doesn't get you anywhere in life haha. His time will come it's his first year playing. 

This past week was relatively uneventful. We got all our new missionaries last week and went through the transfer process as usual. So that was a success. So far there aren't too many complaints as far as I'm aware. So that's good. We have seen some good results this past week though. We did very little proselyting but we were able to set up some appointments and teach a few people which was nice. We have a few lessons lined up tonight that we really are trying to get some members too cause we double booked ourselves with the hope of getting the ward to do splits with us. So we'll see what happens. We taught a kid named Chris who wants to get baptized but his mom won't let him till he's 18. He's almost 17 now but we basically had a lesson on loving and serving his mom. We told him he needs to introduce her to his friend Liz who's been going with him to church and stuff and take her to dinner and jazz like that. So hopefully he does it. She just needs to be helped and told she's appreciated and we're pretty sure her heart will be softened. So we'll see what happens. But if you could keep Chris in your prayers that'd be wonderful. We need all the help we can get for this kid. But other then that I have about nothing else to talk about haha. I love you all bunches and hope you have a good week. I'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Testimony of Forgiveness

A Testimony of Forgiveness
      Elder Brady Scott      
                                                                                                                October 2013
We will always have a mindset of safety and protection for those we love. I have the same mindset, but in sometimes we have to give up what we think is best in order to please our Heavenly Father.” If ye love me keep my commandments.” Obviously we're going to break them every now and again because that's part of our growth. When there are things we can do that we know we should, our Heavenly Father expects us to do them and seek to please him. That's not easy in the slightest, but it is more necessary then anything else we will do.
 When Elder Robbins toured the mission a few months back he told us of a story of a young man whose  mother and sister were brutally abused physically, and sexually, then murdered. The criminal happened to be an ex-boyfriend or husband. There came a point where this young man showed up to the prison to visit the man who'd killed his family.  Elder Robbins said it was just like a movie with the glass between them. One man on each side of glass, with a telephone on either side.  The young man said, “I came here to forgive you for what you did.” With tears in his eyes the criminal replied,” how could you forgive me for what I've done?”  Elder Robbins illustrated that you will never be happy nor find peace with that hate in your heart.  Similar counsel to what Elder Golden gave me personally.

This is all much easier said, than done, however. That's where the scriptures and prayer come in. The process of forgiveness cannot be done by ourselves. This is one of those instances where the enabling power of the atonement comes into our hearts so that we may feel the healing power of the atonement.  When I make the decision to forgive, all I can think about is the life of Christ.  There is the example of the woman taken in adultery, the prodigal son, etc. The instance where the Savior tells us we should forgive a man 70 times 7, doesn't literally mean you only forgive 490 times. The Savior was trying to make a point that you should always forgive people of their trespasses.
My two favorite examples of forgiveness are when the man pleads for mercy in paying his debt and he's granted forgiveness then he goes to someone who owes him money and the same scenario occurs and he doesn't forgive the man. Then in essence the question is posed how can you expect forgiveness when you can't forgive?  The second example is the Savior on the cross. I think about how awful and painful that must have been. He hung from the cross, after suffering for the pains, sicknesses, and sins of the world. He suffered for the second time when he was on the verge of being completely alone, with the spirit was withdrawn from him.  He still has strength and charity enough to say "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." In essence saying, “punish me more, for the pain they've already caused me...”
I can promise if you can find it in your heart to forgive , there will be no more pain, no more stress, and a feeling you haven't felt in years because the burdens of the event will be lifted from you. The promise of the savior saying he will take our yoke upon him will become a reality. I know that the Savior died for all of us. That he has a love for everyone that we don't even understand. Even those people who perform the most  cruel acts and do the most obscene things. If he didn't love them the same he wouldn't have died for them too. These things must be if we are to progress. That's also why I'm grateful for the representatives of Christ's church because without them this knowledge and revelation wouldn't have been so pertinent or profound to me.
None of the things we are ever asked to go through will be easy.  In the end, it will always be worth it. This principle has forever changed my life.


Elder Brady Scott
Bakersfield, California Mission

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hola Familia,

Yeah another one in the books just like that. That's sweet the Cougs snagged another victory. I don't know who Taysom Hill is but good he's getting better haha. I'm sure he's the QB or Left Tackle... Personally think the tackle is more important but what do I know? I'm just a retired electrician... It's amazing how much my love for the Y has increased over the past couple weeks... It'll probably shoot right back to where it was after they reject my application to get in haha. All I'm waiting on now is my high school transcript to get transferred over there. I e-mailed Mr. Huntington who was the guy that always hooked me up for classes and what not about a week ago and I still haven't heard back from him. Sent him another e-mail today with a paper that you print during the application process attached to it so I'm hoping to hear from him soon. Hope I wasn't outta line here but I e-mailed Shawn Kelly too asking him to follow up with the guy since he's just a stones cast from his office. Let me know what Shawn says haha. I heard about the Eagles losing.. That's too bad indeed. But the Goose news was well received. That's awesome you got to go watch practice and spend a little time with the team. Where the heck is Gavin's other front tooth? Is that all he wants for Christmas is the other one ;) haha. Thanks a ton for sending that stuff too. Got the gear and the other pleasantries that I was not anticipating in the slightest so those were received very well! I'm sooo grateful for them all. I'm going to send Nic and e-mail saying thank you after this. 

Can't believe it was Bryce and Larissa's farewells.. That's crazy. I'm so stoked for Bryce. I think the news of him going out on a mission was some of the happiest I've gotten since I've been out here. So sweet to hear that. I'm excited for Larissa too. That'll be very exciting to have all these little Midwayers out on missions. I can't believe Kelso is getting home this week either.. That's insane... He e-mailed me today.. He's pretty bummed about going home. He doesn't want to leave the people of Chile with the fear of never seeing them again.. Which is possible. But he'll do great when he gets home. I told him I applied to the Y and he was pretty stoked. As long as I can get my application in on time. I told Shawn in my e-mail that I'm looking to get this out of the way so I'm not stressing about getting it done. Maybe I should ask Nic to do it. She'd get it done tomorrow haha. Glad Jordy is doing well. Haven't heard from her since the wedding day. So that's good that they're settling in nicely. I enjoyed your analogies of serving and being the king of the castle. Those made me chuckle. There's just no way work could dry up. There's always someone whining about someone else who needs to be sued. It's just human nature... I agree with you in the work aspect. I should be alright. But in the event that I'm not I'm selling Gavin's basketball for income and paying my way through life. Haha don't worry about gas and vehicles. I honestly do plan on riding my bike places quite a bit when I get home. Obviously I'll need a vehicle for longer excursions but getting around on a bike is pretty quick in a smaller setting. So I'm looking forward to saving some cash in that regard!

So this week was pretty good. You'll never guess how much time we spent in our area.... Yeah a few hours haha. It was good though. This weekend was awesome we got to attend all sessions of the Palmdale Stake Conference with Elder Cook and then we had a special missionary meeting with him on Sunday morning before the general session. It was good he shook everyone's hand and gave some very good messages. It was pretty cool to sit like 10 feet away from an apostle and listen to him speak and do the whole revelation thing. I feel blessed that we got to travel down and do it cause our half of the mission didn't attend that meeting since Elder Christofferson is going to be in Bakersfield this weekend. But President Wilson said that we could attend both so it was pretty cool. I enjoyed it a lot. Other then his visit though nothing to exciting. We have a couple return appointments with some potentials from this past week. Should be pretty promising. We talked to a lady who was rather tipsy last week... When I say rather I imply that she was barely standing and very friendly.... Haha so those encounters are always pretty enjoyable. Memories for the kids haha. But I don't have a whole lot else to report on. I thank you again for all you do for me that I'm unaware of. The treats and gear and cash and all that jazz is beyond appreciated I really don't think you understand how much it means to me. I love and miss you all quite dearly and will look forward to hearing from you again next week!!


Elder Brady Scott

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well hello!

That's funny that you had some pretty good connections with the Magelby's. I'll try and remember that for the next time that I see them. But alas, more then likely I will forget... So along with you never seeing them again I might not make mention of it either. But if I remember I'll let you know the reaction! I heard the big Cougs won a game. That's pretty funny that the U just gets the spotlight though. BYU just can't catch a break haha. As far as the jazz go, once they pick up the pace next year that's all that matters cause I don't have to witness any of this season haha. 

The ol Miro Industries might be making the gesture huh? I'll have to contemplate. If big Joel will give me my spot back that'd be much obliged too cause I know that he'll be flexible with the schedule once I start school. Speaking of school, more and more conversations have come up about the Y then ever before I feel like haha. Kelso was telling me how they ask quite extensively about a mission and your assignments and that filling out the application then putting that you were an assistant probably couldn't hurt that process. So I'm going to try to go online and see what the application deadlines are like. I've considered just applying for the summer semester immediately after I get home and trying to work while I go to school like three days a week or so. The only downfall to that is transportation and funding the commute until I get a little cash in the bank... Have I ever told you how much I love you? ;) Haha we'll see what that has in store then I'll let you know.

All the General Authority visits are going to be quite stellar. I'm super stoked. The next couple weeks are going to be rather intense and it makes me nervous and excited to have everyone here. Probably give a pretty extensive report as to how that goes. But I concur on some of your favorite talks. I loved Elder Oaks talk. He threw down on everybody. Elder Bednar's was pretty intense too. He is playing no games haha. Conference was super sweet. It is definitely quite nice to have the avenue from Heaven to Earth in the beloved church that we belong too. If only everyone else understood all that shenanigans as well we'd be set! How's your member missionary work going? Have you prayed about a family to try and help bring into the church by Christmas? If not I invite you to consider your ways, and repent (Elder Bednar) ;)

That's crazy Larissa is already super close to going out. I remember when she told me she got her call that doesn't seem like it was too long ago. I remember telling her that when she goes out if I was a sister I'd be coming home... That's a weird thought haha. I got an e-mail from Kelso today. He's the man. He's excited to grab a nice refreshing Mountain Dew upon his return haha. Miss that kid. 

Time has gone by pretty quick. I'm going on almost 6 months of being an assistant. It kinda blows my mind. I'm trying to peg President into letting me go out for my last few months and be a normal missionary. So we'll see how that goes haha. He wants too... Just seems like I might be stuck here for a little while longer with all the missionaries heading home the next couple transfers. We lose a lot of our leadership so it's going to be a little harder to replace. But we'll make it work. 

That's awesome that Kara got to go do baptisms for the dead. Whenever that topic comes up in proselyting people always freak out and think we're psycho's... Haha a lot of misconceptions regarding that ordinance. She got to go to the most beloved place around! Haha that's where I did baptisms for the first time was in the wonderful Vernal Temple. She'll remember that the rest of her life! She's getting old. That's gotta stop.. I'm gonna come back to these huge toddlers that I used to know haha. Tell Nic thank you for preparing a little package of care to come my way. I'll try and make sure the little pleasantries get disposed of properly haha. Hope the lesson went well. I feel like you've only told me a couple stories from your mission. What the heck's that all about? I know nothing about my family why'd you let me hang out with my friends so much? Haha yeah I'll take the blame for that one. The work must be true indeed. It kinda blew me away to find out how not perfect missionaries are. You always have this idea growing up that they don't do anything wrong and then you get out here and BAM. Surprise! Haha we've got a lot of good missionaries in our mission. Hopefully these General Authority visits will straighten up the ones that aren't to keen on doing what they're supposed too. So we'll do what we can for everybody. We've been trying to do more exchanges to work with the zone leaders more which has helped out. 

We went on two exchanges this past week. Both of them were pretty good. The first I was with one of the zone leaders in Oildale. It's pretty nasty and ghetto. Lots of drugs and violence. But a lot of the people are very friendly though. We saw a couple pretty good miracles. Taught some referrals and were able to set a lady with a baptismal date which was pretty sweet. It's amazing how different cultures and societies are within a city. The area we cover is one of the wealthiest parts of Bakersfield outside of like one section of town. So when you go from our area to Oildale, which is like a 15 minute drive across town, the atmosphere completely changes. It's pretty interesting. But we worked a good day there and then switched back and did some planning. The days we weren't on exchanges we were pretty much in the office trying to take care of other things which is always a delight... But we did an exchange with the area I used to be a zone leader in which was kinda fun to go back and work down there. We didn't see any of the people I taught when I was down there but the area has been split since I was there so we didn't really cover where the majority of our work was. We did however get a little scare the morning we were concluding the exchange. Because we went out to our car and everything had been messed with on the inside. Both the center console and glove box was open and all the contents had been pulled out and left on the passenger seat and the floor. There was a bobby pin that was left on the drivers seat, which was all the way leaned back, the bobby pin had been pulled apart to be used as a pick. I don't know if they actually used that but we found it. So we sifting through all the stuff, and here's the weird part, none of it was taken. There was a credit card for gas, a gps, some cd's, etc. and it was all there. So we continued to check out the car then in my head I was running through all the different movies and tv shows I've seen where bombs get planted in cars then you start the car and it blows up. So we were kind of hesitant to start the car and we talked to President and called the police department to have them come do a report. So they did that and left and we started the car and obviously it didn't blow up cause I'm writing this e-mail....

But that was pretty much our excitement for the week. One of the gal's who comes to church every week but isn't a member went to a baptism in South Bakersfield with a member which is super awesome and she wants to get baptized super bad she just wants her husband to be on board. The husband came to church for the first time yesterday so hopefully here in the near future we'll have a couple people enter into the wonderful waters of baptism. We'll see what the future has in store!! But that's all I got at the present time! Hope all is well! I love and miss you greatly and will talk to you next week!!


Elder Scott

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013


There it is. Another week come and gone. I thought you were heading back to Utah soon after the wedding. That's fun you got to stick around and hang out around the beloved metropolis of San Diego. It's a lot prettier down there then it is up here haha. That's super sweet that the guy who performed the sealing was just a fountain of knowledge and wisdom shedding light on Jordan and Kory. That's also cool you got to make it to Pat's sealing. I'm sure the attendance of the temple was much appreciated by all who were present. That'll be very exciting when I actually get to meet the kid my sister's now stuck with forever haha. I got all the pictures by the way.. I can't believe how tall kara has gotten what the heck happened there? Gavin's tooth is huge too haha I think that's the only thing that's gotten bigger on him ;) Sounds like your little festivities were pretty enjoyable though. Torrey Pines Golf Course sounds rather majestic. Sounds pretty pricey for a meager 18 holes... But I guess the price is right when you play with the best. Horton Plaza sounds pretty intense. Have you started looking for a job for me so I can go blow money like a filthy teenager? Haha just kidding. But seriously... I'm gonna be hurting for cash when I get home. Seems like you made out like a bandit though with those savings on the hotel rooms. 

President Wilson politely informed us that the Cougs beat the ol Aggies. That's too bad. Pretty painful for the Utes when your boy throws 6 interceptions... That's no bueno at all, neither is getting your touchdown called back on illegal procedure. That's pretty lame haha. That's too bad you didn't get to see any conference yet. It was super good. I very thoroughly enjoyed every session. All the sessions seemed to go by super fast and the talks were all awesome. Elder Bednar threw down on people that don't pay tithing haha he's invited them to consider there ways and repent... It was awesome. Elder Oaks threw down too. They get the point across with no misinterpretation. It's cool. No earth shattering news on this end. We've been pretty busy over here. We're preparing to have like three General Authorities come to the mission all within the span of like two weeks. Elder Cook is coming to a Palmdale Stake Conference next weekend with an area 70 from somewhere. Then Elder Golden is coming to tour our mission the Wednesday through Friday following that. Then Elder Christofferson will be here the day after Elder Cook comes into town haha. So it's going to be pretty insane. I'm excited. President Wilson is trying to swing us into as many meetings with them as possible so it's going to be sweet. We also started working on transfers today which was good. Got to the office about 8:30 this morning and we've left twice for food. Other then that still here haha. Nothing too crazy outside of that happened this past week. We had our typical Mission Leadership Council and we did an exchange with some Zone Leaders. That was pretty good. Obviously got to watch conference which was super sweet. Conference is like Christmas as a missionary. It's so good. I only have one more conference left in the field... that's how close I am to coming home. 

Pope, he never had his head on straight anyways haha. The filthy weasel getting serious already. I always act hard and say I'm going to hold out from the dating scene for a while... I'll probably get sucked in like every other clown that comes home from a mission. But whatever we don't need him anyways!! Can't believe Kelso is about on the big trek back to the states. That still blows my mind. It was two years ago that we were providing tunes for Aubrey's wedding and dressed fresh to death haha. 

Glad everything was enjoyable over the past couple weeks and that things will start to settle down. At least as far as functions go. Hopefully work stays pretty consistent. As long as you get to bill people for e-mailing me that'll feed a small family of four a couple times a week haha. Thank you for all the pictures. I loved them and they put a smile on my face. Hope this week goes swell and the Lord blesses you continually. Pray for you guys every night. Sometimes in the mornings when I'm fully conscious during my prayers haha. Love ya talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


September 29, 2012


That's extremely exciting that the reception has come and gone. Glad Nic was able to accomodate and getting all the things Jordy wanted. I'm glad my presence was still felt. I had almost forgotten about the reception till the middle of the day and made the connection that the reception was that night. As for the spell I have on people.... I think they're all just confused or lost. I don't have any spells or tricks haha. I agree with you I was a little off that night, didn't really feel like myself haha. I know they're extremely happy. I actually just got an e-mail from Kory. So I gotta reply to him with some more information. But he seems awesome. I think they're going to be great together as well. I'm sure the dance was extremely emotional and that many tears were shed. That's one down... A couple blinks from now that'll be me, then Kara, then Goose. Then you'll be old and gray with miniature me's running around all over the place haha. Goose sounds like the only smart one in the family down on the green enjoying himself haha.

That's too bad that ol Goose finally lost a game. They'll get em when it matters. I heard that Patrick was getting married the same day as Jordan. That's fun. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend haha. But good for him that'll be just grand. Are you only going to be in San Diego for the day? What time do you fly out of Salt Lake? If you could e-mail me back ASAP and let me know that'd be very cool. That'll be very fun to be able to attend Jordan's endowment session. The new movie is pretty sweet. It's way better then the old one haha. No popcorn unfortunately. The new movie's been out for a couple months now if I remember right. I enjoy the Temple now though. I'll admit the first time was pretty weird haha. Especially with Michael Jackson up there as the officiator. With his goofy little mug smiling down on everyone hahaha. Classic. 

That's cool the Pope has a little friend now. I haven't heard from him since he's been home I believe. So that's lame. But whatever I'm trying to think of Probst girls that I knew who he had a thing with but I can't think of who it would be. Maybe I'll find out when I get the wedding invitation haha. Kelso and I will be flying solo haha. But all is well. As for things on my end. Nothing too spectacular. We did a couple exchanges with our District Leader and we did one with the West Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was pretty good. We've been trying to prepare for Elder Golden's visit as well as this upcoming transfer. We're already about half way through the transfer. It's kind of crazy. So before we know it we'll be taking Elder Golden around the mission. So we'll see what happens there. We only have a couple investigators that we're meeting with. It's super upsetting cause the one kid wants to be baptized but he's only 16 and his mom won't let him. The other gal that comes to church every week got up and bore her testimony saying how she knows that the church is true and she has changed a bunch and stuff but she doesn't want to join the church until her husband is all on board and she has four kids and one of them could get baptized. So there's three people that should be getting baptized that can't for various reasons which is highly unfortunate but you just do what you can do until the Lord sees fit to do what he has planned I guess. But that's all I got for you down here. I hope the week goes well! I love and miss you genuinely! Tell everyone hello!

Here's a couple things I need you to answer today has Bryce Bonner left yet? and what time is your flight out of Salt Lake to San Diego?


Your Son

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013


No hard feelings. I was informed by a few individuals that the ol cougs were once again defeated by the mighty indians this last Saturday. That's fun that you and Goose got to attend though. I don't think I've ever been to a college football game. Only been to an NFL game. Which was pretty fun. It's a lot easier to watch on tv though where they zoom in instead of watching from the nosebleeds. That's cool you saw one of my little buddies. Did he have dark hair or lighter hair? That'll indicate which one it was ha. I heard about the loss of the Aggies as well. That was pretty disheartening sounds like they were just right there once again... Gall darn they just can't win a big one. But ya deal with what you got. That's too bad the wasps lost... I miss playin foozball for the mighty wasps.. Gosh I can't believe it's been 3 years since I was on that little squad. Gosh it's weird. Hopefully they win this weekend. The reception's gonna have a chocolate fountain huh? That'll be delightful. It's official when you got a chocolate fountain. That's impressive that Nic has lost that much weight on the ol medifast diet. How did she find out about the magicfast deal? Their products aren't exactly delightful, and they're rather expensive, but hey if it works it works. Sounds like I'm not missing anything as far as the NFL goes though so that's always a delight. How's the Eagles doing? I heard they've lost a couple if I'm not mistaken. 

Sounds like things have been pretty slow around the happy valley. People are finally starting to forget about the ol boy in Bakersfield. Haven't heard much from anyone except for Larissa pretty much. I need to write her back. But other then that all my buddy's have done their own thing. Kelso and I correspond weekly through e-mail, but that's about it. Out of sight out of mind haha it's all good though I don't have time to write people anyways. I still need to write Brycer back too. When does he head to the MTC I would imagine it's probably going to be soon. Tell Goose good luck in the big game tomorrow. I'm sure they'll have a blast as well. It's kinda weird the kids are getting old. Says a lot about the age of their parents haha. I've actually had a couple people who have told me you are young when they ask how old your parents are. We ate dinner with a family the other night, and we asked if they were born and raised Bakersfielders and they said no. So we asked where they were from and Sister Hawley said, "Oh a little place called Richfield Utah if you know where that is" I was like you bet I know Richfield that's where my dad grew up, she asked what your name was and I told her and she goes "oh I know Bryan, and Matt and Trish" She actually dated Matt a couple times haha her name is Shellie Mackelby. I don't know if that's how you spell it. But sounds like her and Aunt Trish were pretty close in age and her husband grew up close to Richfield and went to South Severe. His name is John Hawley. He knows uncle Matt and dated Trish a couple times as well. They graduated like ten years before you. So they told me to tell you hello. We made a couple jokes that we were almost family so it was fun haha.

That's probably the most exciting thing that's happened to us. Transfers went smoothly. Just a couple slip ups and some misinformation. But other than that it was a good transfer. We spent a long time last week in the office updating and getting things finalized from the transfer so that was good. Elder Henderson and I get to put on a training for all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders. So that'll be a good time. We'll see how receptive everyone is. It should be pretty good for the most part but we have a couple individuals who like to be smart alics and think they're funny know it alls... Patience is something I need to work on a little bit more haha. So that'll be good. We have a couple families in the ward that have a lot of potential for inviting their friends which we are really leaning on happening cause we haven't had a lot of time to work in the area. But this transfer should be a little better. Elder Cook is coming to the Palmdale Stake Conference in a couple weeks. Elder Christofferson is coming to the South Bakersfield Stake Conference in about a month, and Elder Golden is coming to tour the mission the same time that Elder Christofferson is coming. So maybe if we're lucky we'll meet a couple apostles and spend a decent amount of time with a member of the seventy. 

But that's about all I got for ya. Hope the week goes well. I got the pictures that Nic sent. Gotta tell Kara to stop hashtagging. It's so lame... Haha but I love you very much and hope that the reception goes well! Tell everyone I love and miss them!!! 


Elder Scott

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 9, 2013


Well I certainly appreciate your diligence on the e-mail side of things. I always appreciate being informed of the happenings in the familia. I'm sure DLand was quite the adventure and a blast as always. I'll be excited when I get my DLand T-shirt. Had to set a missionary straight last night cause he was calling Ham from Toy Story mr. Porky or something so we gave him the what for haha. Of all things to correct a missionary on and it's what he's calling Disney characters. The Regan library is super sweet. It's too bad you didn't make it for the Disney exhibit at the beginning of the year. I'm sure you saw a lot of the stuff at Disneyland though. I love Simi Valley. If I had to live in California it'd probably be Simi Valley. Just got the e-mail about the slacks. That's fine no worries. I tell Elder Henderson that every day is the day for new slacks and then come into the office to find nothing haha now we know why.

That's an interesting thought to have about the pioneers while going 85 mph down the freeway with the a/c and delightful music ringing through your ears... Must've been hard to make that 9 hour trek haha. I always think back to the trek as a missionary. I believe if I'm not mistaken that the next trek is coming up the summer I get home. Maybe I'll volunteer to help out with that little shindig when it happens. We'll see.

Heard about the big Cougars taking the W over Texas. I was pretty pleased with that. I'm sure President Wilson is as well. He's a die hard Cougs fan. Also good to hear the rest of the teams worth watching in Utah also did well. It's always a delight to hear that Wasatch is winning games. I don't know anything about Ogden's team but they've never really been a big name in sports as far as I'm concerned. So we'll see what happens against some of the other programs they'll be playing against. Goose will be fine. Just tell him not to run into anyone with his head down and mess up his neck as a linebacker haha. I did that too a pretty heavy set kid when I was a freshman and threw off my back a little bit. So those are no bueno.

We had a lot of garbage this week in the mission. I'll pretty much leave it at that as far as comments go though haha. You think people grow up and get a little more mature as they get older, especially as they represent Jesus Christ in all that they do. But alas, not the case in many instances. I've been very disappointed in a lot of missionaries lately. Not like my opinion really matters for much but it's awfully frustrating some of the stuff that goes on these days. Always makes you wonder why they do the things they do. Probably just a lack of understanding I guess, that seems to be the issue in most cases... So I could write a little more but it wouldn't really be edifying or uplifting in many instances haha. But thank you so much for meeting my every wish and desire. It means a lot. I love and miss you all very much and am so grateful that I have you all as my family. Even though Kara already forgot my name. But it's all good!! I'll talk to you soon! If anything comes up let me know. I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Scott

September 15, 2013

What is up with it?

Well it's just been a blow out weekend in the sports world. That's too bad the U hasn't been any good since the Fiesta Bowl... But what do you do? Glad Goose is having a fun time tossing the pig skin around. Just tell him to work harder then everybody else and it'll pay off. We watched the Mormon Message about Tyler Haws yesterday in Gospel Essentials and it was pretty cool. He wasn't a natural at the game of basketball and he and his dad did drill after drill in the summer trying to get him ready and now he's a star. Pretty motivational stuff. Tyler's cousin was in the Ventura mission while I was there. His name is Gavin. He's a pretty good baller too. We played a bit when I was in Pismo Beach cause he was one of my zone leaders at the time. So that's kind of a cool little connection. I love hearing that Wasatch is winning. Is Joe Kelson on the squad again this year? I might have already asked you that question. We've thought about making jokes at President hinting towards us coming to watch the BYU game with him at his house... We'll see if that pans out haha. He'll be watching that one for sure. He's an avid Y fan. He reminds me a lot of you to be honest. So you better watch it. Next thing you know you'll be mission president somewhere haha. 

As far as golf gear goes, I think just a couple shirts for Christmas would be much obliged. That way I'll have some nice attire to go in when I get home. Outside of that I don't really need anything though. Maybe some balls. I don't know how many I was able to leave in my bag. Got a bad habit of losing those when I go out haha. I did get the e-mail about the pants. I'll eagerly await there arrival. I'm excited to be looking fresh as ever. I'll let ya know how they fit and etc. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely exhausted. This last week was interesting. Tuesday morning we got up at about 4:30 am to run some refrigerators down to Lancaster in order to help the housing coordinator over there. Then we came home did our daily activities and we find out some stuff we thought we had ordered to come over here ended up down there. So that night at about 10:00 pm we ended up having to drive back down to Lancaster to go pick up those beds. So we get there about midnight. We get up at about 5:15 the next day to get everything squared away that morning and drop it off at our house so the office staff can have the truck and trailer back to take care of putting together apartments for the day. Then we ended up helping them put together apartments all day and we had to put together all our bunk beds and stuff. Then the days following involved getting everything ready for transfer meeting and trying to figure all that stuff out. We picked up the new missionaries today and we currently have about 16 of them sitting at our house right now waiting for tomorrow... So it's been a long couple weeks. Good though, always good to be busy. Elder Henderson and I will be staying together this transfer. He is my first two transfer companion I've had since my trainer. So that'll be fun to work with him again for another transfer. I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully we'll see more miracles and try to help people come into the church by way of baptism... That'd be nice. You can always pray! But I'm going to run. I love and miss you all very much. Hope everything goes well this week and that the dreaded turkey case continues to provide the family with clothes to wear and food to eat! Talk to you soon!!


Elder Brady Scott

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013


Oh dear family.... haha the videos were just delightful.... Good to see Gavin's tooth has changed in size and that Kara's eyebrow's are still a little goofy.. ;) Haha jk. Well that's too bad that Wasatch got walked on by the ol' Timpanogas. Hopefully that's not a fortune of how the rest of the year is going to be. Is Joe Kelson playing again this year? What's up with that family? They all die and crumble off the face of the earth or change their names and move to Singapore? What's the real issue here. Is Wade gonna pull one of your moves and send me an e-mail a month and a half before I go home and tell me he wrote me on my mission? Enough of that haha 

So the videos are a lot harder to respond too cause I can't just scroll up and see what you said. But it takes too much time to view the videos again where I left off. So uhh kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. But it is what it is. It was good to see you all though for sure... But I think the e-mail might be the route to take on this one. I talked to President about the conversation you had about the visit. He says he's still very tempted but I told him I was glad with his decision and it seemed like that brought him a little peace of mind. All in all though everything is well. 

I just can't even express how much I love the yellow paisley Countess Mara tie.... It has literally blown my mind all over the place. Thank you for your support in my missionary endeavors. Our week has consisted of a little more office work and doing things like that. We did get to go on an exchange with the Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was pretty good. Elder LaPlant and I got to work in the Stockdale ward. Which was pretty good. Our ward members are super good and super willing to help us out... The only obstacle that we've run into a little bit is right now we really don't have a ton of stuff for them to help us out with. But we're definitely working on getting people in the POOL! We did get to teach a guy named Kenny last week and I was with a kid who is going to serve in North Carolina. I believe the same mission that Lexi Densley is in. But anyways, he was a former and we knocked on his door and he was pretty friendly and invited us in. So we started talking about his past visits with the missionaries and he told us how he remembered a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. So we taught him that lesson again. It was good and it seemed like everything pretty much clicked with him and he'd told us at the beginning of the lesson that he didn't have any anticipations on joining the church. But we continued teaching him and at the end of the lesson we asked him if he had an opportunity to draw himself closer to Christ would he take it? So we invited him to be baptized and he told us he's already been baptized and by authority. So we explained the Restoration and he seemed pretty receptive. So we're going to go by again tomorrow night and see what he has to say for himself at this point. He's got a lot of potential to make it happen so we'll see what he decides to move forward with in our meetings. 

We've pretty much been committing all of the members in the ward to creating a family mission plan to get everyone doing member missionary work... It's been good thus far. We're going to have to see what happens here in the future. It'll be exciting when things really start taking off. But that's about all I got for ya this week. I know it's not a whole lot. Love you all very much and am grateful for all you do for me! I'll talk to you next week!!


Elder Scott

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013


Well sounds like our weeks are about as equally exciting haha. Don't worry you'll get some work before the end of the month or so. Someone's going to need sued somewhere. What are your plans for the firm of Preston and Scott? Cause Stan wanted to retire here in 4 or 5 years anyway didn't he? What was your approach going to be? Cause I love you and all, but I have no desire to be a lawyer and take over the practice haha. As for eating out twice a day... Let me tell ya how fun that is... It's actually quite delicious. Just had some Dickie's BBQ today!! It's right across the street from the office so it's kind of turned into our Monday routine when the other Assistants come up to Bakersfield and we meet with President. So that's fun.. Maybe if you start getting free meal coupons from your frequent visits you could send those this way? ;) Haha and what the heck are you talking about with e-mailing the ladies and telling them about training anybody haha. That's gotta be a Mormon Myth...

It would also be very disheartening if you weren't able to pass go and collect $200... That could go to my moped fund.... Haha Dad let's be real right now, you know you want a bike back just as much as myself. Don't hide from it it's okay. Let your emotions out haha. I'm a little hesitant on you calling President Wilson. I'd love for you to take a shot at me meeting Korey. But I definitely don't want it to come across as I'm trying to sneak under the rule book and be the exception missionary that can do whatever he wants kinda thing. If you catch my drift haha. But I guess you can do whatever now that you're officialy on the volunteer list for the big Swiss Days escapade. Provost would be most pleased. I don't know that I know who Tom Deaver is? Is he a 5th warder? Sounds like a good guy though. Eternal Marriage, who knew? We actually had a bit of a discussion with someone last night who didn't agree with any aspect of the church whatsoever, he even brought up sealings in the temple because that was never performed during Christ's time, and neither were baptisms for the dead. He wasn't willing to take any answers either. Rather frustrating... But you do what you do. Kara is getting big??!!! Unless it's just a deceiving picture.... She just seems super tall... It's kind of freaking me out! Being an empty nester just sounds like a major drag... Who would want to have to worry about movies and food? That sounds awful... 

Thank you for talking to Tyler about the pants. I'm glad you got slacks and not Dockers... Because we're kind of having an issue in the mission with missionaries wearing casual khakis in place of there slacks.. So we're trying to put the ki bosh on that. I don't know if that's how you spell that term... Yes I do want long sleeves. I still have a good number of short sleeves. But long just look way more professional and when we're with President a lot I want to look a little classier. I'm sure you're getting excited for football as well. Rather distracting when Dickies is rolling with the Pre-Season games in the restaurant and you're a missionary. May have peeked once or twice.... In the space of ten seconds... Then a couple following... I'm pathetic haha.  That's exciting that Gavin is starting up tackle foozball. Those days were awfully fun. He'll do great too cause he's not super overweight and out of shape like his older brother was when he played haha. 

This last week we did some miscellaneous stuff again. But we did get the opportunity to pretty much work in our area all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Stockdale ward is awesome. The members are great and there's a ton of potential. We've really been focusing on trying to get them to start doing member missionary work and reaching out, inviting, etc... They're going to be crucial in where the work goes here. If they step it up, it'll be split before you know it. So that means you gotta do your missionary work too! Haha we did get to do an exchange with the South Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was really good. I enjoyed that quite a bit. Elder Foote and I worked together in the Stockdale Ward and Elder Henderson went down to South Bakersfield and worked in my old area. We found a pretty good potential investigator but that's about it. No one really answered the door... So fun times. I'm about out of things to go over though... Thank you very much for all that you do. Hope everything goes well this week. I'm sure I'll hear about it from President Wilson if you decide to call him so we'll see where that goes. But love and miss you very much and I will talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott