Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

Wellllll Hellllllooooo!
That was quite the e-mail. The new area is unbelievably awesome with beautiful weather, geography, and people. These wards are great, there is a little/a lot more people in the pool of teaching then in our previous area. We can see the beach less then a 15 second walk down the street from our apartment and it's awesome. We are in a car share so that's good. The reason behind e-mailing you today as compared to yesterday is because the Family History Center is in Santa Maria and we don't have enough time to go down there on P day and the library is closed on Monday's so we have permission to e-mail from the library on Tuesday. So yeah. The new companion is pretty good. Elder Brandon Hatch from South Jordan, Utah. He's a good kid. Being a District Leader is so-so. Just adding a little extra breathing down the neck that's all. But it is what it is haha. We had some pretty good lessons this week. We have 4 people set with baptismal dates, but unfortunately I don't think any of them are going to make it on said date. They all have a bit of a rough time coming to church so we have to fix some stuff there and sit down to have a couple come to Jesus talks. But we'll make it work.

We had dinner with one of our Bishops the other night and there was a guy there who just got home from his mission a couple weeks ago. He served in Florida and came straight to California from there but he actually lives in Washington. I swear the kid is one of the three Nephites. I met him once, he bestowed upon us some wisdom and shared some experiences from his mission and then BOOM vanished.... He actually just went back to Washington but I swear he's a nomad Nephite that just goes where the Lord tells him too haha. Not a whole lot else to report on though. My district consists of 6 missionaries including my companion and I. So a smaller one. But they're all good to be around and no problems have come to the light yet so hopefully that means that there aren't any. But we'll see what the future has in store. President Castro sent me a list of scriptures to read upon receiving my new assignment and Section 121 was part of the assignment so I've been well acquainted with it thus far.
It's good to hear that everyone is still doing well. The Guido's were glad I left cause now the family can come and visit haha. I was thinkin the other day, when I get home, we should go on a tour of your mission over in England. Then after we do that we can go on a tour of my mission, eh eh? Know what I'm saying? I thought that was a pretty genius idea so you'll have to ponder that one in your mind and in your heart and let me know what you think. But that's all I sent the next memory card home so you should get that this week. Till next week I love you and will talk to you soon!
Elder Brady Scott

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