Monday, February 25, 2013

Februrary 25, 2013

SHUCKS sounds like things are pretty hectic back in the beehive state. Keep on keepin on! That's about all we can do... Things here are doing really well so far! Here is why!!

This past week was great. My new companion is Elder Moser from Payson, UT. He's doing really well so far and i'm excited to be able to work with him. Since he's been here in Pismo Beach we've had some of the best lessons I've had up here. It was hard with my last comp for various reasons. But Elder Moser focuses on the work and cares about the people that he teaches so that makes him a great companion. Which I'm very blessed to have right now. We have a baptism tomorrow night and it should go very well. It's a 9 year old girl named Isabella coming from a semi active family and the grandpa has cancer and it's his dying wish pretty much to be able to baptize his little granddaughter so we've been trying to help them reach that goal. I should have pictures of that by next week so hopefully you'll get too see that. Also we had a lesson with one of the guys we've been teaching for quite some time but seems like we never really had an impact. But last night we did. He felt the spirit and basically I did all the talking and testimony bearing and we watched a video from this past conference of President Monson to show him there's still a prophet on the earth today. Which I felt bad for hogging the whole lesson but afterwards as I was talking to Elder Moser he said sorry I didn't say anything I was praying for something to say but I had nothing. So that made me feel better because I think that's the way that Heavenly Father wanted the lesson to go. Then lastly we had a lesson with one of our best investigators and she finally set a baptismal date!!!!!!!! It's for March 23 and she's been ready since day one she just had to figure it out. So all is well here on the central coast! Did you hear they're creating a Bakersfield mission? That's gonna be interesting. Seems like I could stay in my mission or get transferred to that one... Time will tell in June..... Oh I gave a talk on Sunday too. That was pretty good. I felt it went well... 

I haven't gotten the b day money yet but it should indeed arrive soon! Thank you very much for all that you do! Sorry me e-mails aren't the longest or most descriptive. Never been to big on this whole writing thing..... But I love you and will talk to you soon!!!!!


Elder Brady Scott

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18, 2013


Yeah we had some changes in the living arrangements so we check e-mails every Monday now instead of Tuesday cause it works better for our miles. But in regards to all the news sounds like everything is pretty busy which is always bitter sweet. But glad Goose did well in B-ball and soccer that's fun. I miss watching sports... It's a pretty good time. If Kara goes big in the movie business then I feel like it'd be appropriate for big brother to take in some cash flow since he found the Guido family hahaha.

But as for your questions that tatted up family was a family I was working with in Simi Valley. I don't know how they're doing because I haven't heard anything but they were great and they really appreciated the wholesome presence of the missionaries every now and again because they weren't living or acting under the best circumstances. I miss em. There names are Chad and Juliette. I miss them. But the work in the Pismo Beach ward is doing well!

We have a couple baptisms coming up. One of them is a girl named TIffany who was found throught tracting... Didn't see that one coming.... But she's doing great we've almost taught her everything and she has a date for the 9th of March so hopefully we can make that one happen. The next is a girl named Lauren who is married to a very active family's son Tristan. AWESOME FAMILY. They're so good. Everytime we have a lesson over there we teach and the family testifies so it's pretty ideal for teaching an investigator. Never seen someone have such a good support group. So that's been really awesome to be a part of. We also have a 9 year old baptism coming up in the Arroyo Grande 2 ward. So that'll be good. The mom was a bit less active and the dad isn't a member so hopefully the daughter will bring the family closer together. That'd be swell. We also were riding our bikes the other day and this lady pulls up next to us and was like "hey are you missionaries", we said "yes" then she's like "I wanna talk to you." So we pull over and talk to her and she's all "yeah I came to church in San Luis last week and I left em my number but haven't had a phone, could you send someone by to teach me?" So we're all "yeah we'll come by next week" and she said perfect! So that was pretty cool!!

Other then that the only new news is I'm training again. That'll be interesting.... But I have high hopes for this one. Especially with my ability to be a better example and have a better feel for things. Made some good changes in my personal missionary life and been seeing miracles from it so i'm doing my best to keep it that way. So next week you'll have an update about my companion and how things are going!

Thank you for everything! I love you mucho grande big xxxxxxxxxxxxxlarge status! Sorry for the confusion about the days of e-mail just anticipate Mondays from here on out! Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Photos

February 5, 2013


Go Ravens! All my wildest dreams coming true. We were at a pizza place the other day and I happened to see that ol Phil had shot like 11 under the first round so good to hear he held on for the title. I miss golf.... A lot.... We can't go with members so basically we can't go.... It's pretty upsetting. But anyways this e-mail will probably be short sweet and to the point.

Had a good week. We had another lesson with our golden investigator, she understood the plan of salvation really well and we had a lot of good discussion about every topic pretty much. So we committed her to pray about a baptismal date and what not so hopefully by the next time we meet with her she'll have decided when she wants to get baptized. It'll be sweet. Next item of business is our new investigator Craig. We met him a few weeks back and had a good discussion with him. But couldn't catch him for a few weeks so we finally ran into him the other day and had a pretty good Restoration lesson with him. As we were talking about some of the things in the lesson he looked puzzled and we asked him if he had any questions and comments and he said he felt ignorant for not knowing these things. He just takes it all in as truth so that was pretty neat. We're going to meet with him again tomorrow so hopefully that'll all turn out how we need it too. Those were the best lessons we had last week. Still trying to find new people every day so that's good. There's quite a bit of potential here. Just people being held back by family which is always a bummer. But it is what it is unfortunately.

Glad everything is going well! That news about Dani is crazy.............. Didn't see that one coming so hopefully that'll work out for her and they're making the right decision. Last I heard they were just going to wait so that's interesting. I don't believe I stand in need of anything as of yet so we'll probably just call it quits right here! Thanks for the love and support. Miss you all quite a bit. Love you mucho!!!!


Elder Scott


Friday, February 1, 2013

Januray 29, 2013


I wish we were playing beach volleyball haha. We can't touch the sand or we get excommunicated.... I'm just playing, that won't happen, but we can't touch the sand haha. Yeah I heard big Kory has a Dodge Charger, i'm in the air on what vehicle I want when I get home. But alas who knows what it'll be or when i'll get any money to afford such a device. But all in due time. Sounds like he's a pretty good character. I know mom really likes the kid and she appreciates him more then the last guy, sounds like the majority does. But alas, my judgements shall be made when I get home if they're still together. Which from the sounds of it is a high possiblity. But that's alright.

I'm sure you'll all be okay without havin the party at our house this year. Lets get real it's not gonna be any fun without me anyway so you might as well do it there so you can focus on the game and not the lack of my presence haha.

I remember when I came into the field and some of the kids in my district were out about the same amount of time that I was and I was thinking wow i'm never gonna make it to that. But alas now I'm where they are and they're at 16 months...... So that's interesting.

But anyways, now for the update. This last week was quite the learning experience. Basically up till about Thursday we had absolutely nothing going on. Every door we tried every appointment we made basically fell through, didn't answer, or told us to go away haha. It's a pleasure to serve. So I worked in Santa Maria on Thursday with one of the other missionaries in the district which was pretty good. We had a solid lesson with one of their investigators and it sounds like she's doing pretty well since I was there. But on Thursday we received a phone call and it was from a guy in our ward who's daughter in law isn't a member. He said that she's been thinking about it a lot and coming to church for a little while and she wanted to start taking the lessons. Her name is Lauren. She's golden. We taught her the Restoration and we got through the whole lesson and she didn't really ask any questions but then at the end we asked her if she had any and she said yeah, how come we weren't told that the church was gonna fall apart and that a Restoration was needed? and then she asked why it didn't say in the Bible about the Book of Mormon coming forth so we directed her to Amos 8: 11-12 to discuss the famine in the land, the great apostasy, and in Ezekiel with the stick of Judah and Joseph. So she was like wow that makes a ton of sense and that's really cool. So super solid lesson with her and it was good to have a nice thing happen since the week was pretty interesting. But we also had a couple of run ins with people and one we got yelled at for 15 minutes while the guy used MY bible to show us scriptures, then the other guy was like praising us telling us he needed our church to back him up because he wants to give a speech and help the women and children in the world. So that was interesting, nice guy though. But that's about it we're in Santa Maria today so that's the purpose of you getting the e-mail on Monday rather then Tuesday.

But I gotta run so love you mucho and miss you much as well. But I'll talk to you next week! No worry about the money, when it comes it comes!


Elder Scott