Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18, 2013


Yeah we had some changes in the living arrangements so we check e-mails every Monday now instead of Tuesday cause it works better for our miles. But in regards to all the news sounds like everything is pretty busy which is always bitter sweet. But glad Goose did well in B-ball and soccer that's fun. I miss watching sports... It's a pretty good time. If Kara goes big in the movie business then I feel like it'd be appropriate for big brother to take in some cash flow since he found the Guido family hahaha.

But as for your questions that tatted up family was a family I was working with in Simi Valley. I don't know how they're doing because I haven't heard anything but they were great and they really appreciated the wholesome presence of the missionaries every now and again because they weren't living or acting under the best circumstances. I miss em. There names are Chad and Juliette. I miss them. But the work in the Pismo Beach ward is doing well!

We have a couple baptisms coming up. One of them is a girl named TIffany who was found throught tracting... Didn't see that one coming.... But she's doing great we've almost taught her everything and she has a date for the 9th of March so hopefully we can make that one happen. The next is a girl named Lauren who is married to a very active family's son Tristan. AWESOME FAMILY. They're so good. Everytime we have a lesson over there we teach and the family testifies so it's pretty ideal for teaching an investigator. Never seen someone have such a good support group. So that's been really awesome to be a part of. We also have a 9 year old baptism coming up in the Arroyo Grande 2 ward. So that'll be good. The mom was a bit less active and the dad isn't a member so hopefully the daughter will bring the family closer together. That'd be swell. We also were riding our bikes the other day and this lady pulls up next to us and was like "hey are you missionaries", we said "yes" then she's like "I wanna talk to you." So we pull over and talk to her and she's all "yeah I came to church in San Luis last week and I left em my number but haven't had a phone, could you send someone by to teach me?" So we're all "yeah we'll come by next week" and she said perfect! So that was pretty cool!!

Other then that the only new news is I'm training again. That'll be interesting.... But I have high hopes for this one. Especially with my ability to be a better example and have a better feel for things. Made some good changes in my personal missionary life and been seeing miracles from it so i'm doing my best to keep it that way. So next week you'll have an update about my companion and how things are going!

Thank you for everything! I love you mucho grande big xxxxxxxxxxxxxlarge status! Sorry for the confusion about the days of e-mail just anticipate Mondays from here on out! Talk to you soon!

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