Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013


Go Ravens! All my wildest dreams coming true. We were at a pizza place the other day and I happened to see that ol Phil had shot like 11 under the first round so good to hear he held on for the title. I miss golf.... A lot.... We can't go with members so basically we can't go.... It's pretty upsetting. But anyways this e-mail will probably be short sweet and to the point.

Had a good week. We had another lesson with our golden investigator, she understood the plan of salvation really well and we had a lot of good discussion about every topic pretty much. So we committed her to pray about a baptismal date and what not so hopefully by the next time we meet with her she'll have decided when she wants to get baptized. It'll be sweet. Next item of business is our new investigator Craig. We met him a few weeks back and had a good discussion with him. But couldn't catch him for a few weeks so we finally ran into him the other day and had a pretty good Restoration lesson with him. As we were talking about some of the things in the lesson he looked puzzled and we asked him if he had any questions and comments and he said he felt ignorant for not knowing these things. He just takes it all in as truth so that was pretty neat. We're going to meet with him again tomorrow so hopefully that'll all turn out how we need it too. Those were the best lessons we had last week. Still trying to find new people every day so that's good. There's quite a bit of potential here. Just people being held back by family which is always a bummer. But it is what it is unfortunately.

Glad everything is going well! That news about Dani is crazy.............. Didn't see that one coming so hopefully that'll work out for her and they're making the right decision. Last I heard they were just going to wait so that's interesting. I don't believe I stand in need of anything as of yet so we'll probably just call it quits right here! Thanks for the love and support. Miss you all quite a bit. Love you mucho!!!!


Elder Scott


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