Monday, February 25, 2013

Februrary 25, 2013

SHUCKS sounds like things are pretty hectic back in the beehive state. Keep on keepin on! That's about all we can do... Things here are doing really well so far! Here is why!!

This past week was great. My new companion is Elder Moser from Payson, UT. He's doing really well so far and i'm excited to be able to work with him. Since he's been here in Pismo Beach we've had some of the best lessons I've had up here. It was hard with my last comp for various reasons. But Elder Moser focuses on the work and cares about the people that he teaches so that makes him a great companion. Which I'm very blessed to have right now. We have a baptism tomorrow night and it should go very well. It's a 9 year old girl named Isabella coming from a semi active family and the grandpa has cancer and it's his dying wish pretty much to be able to baptize his little granddaughter so we've been trying to help them reach that goal. I should have pictures of that by next week so hopefully you'll get too see that. Also we had a lesson with one of the guys we've been teaching for quite some time but seems like we never really had an impact. But last night we did. He felt the spirit and basically I did all the talking and testimony bearing and we watched a video from this past conference of President Monson to show him there's still a prophet on the earth today. Which I felt bad for hogging the whole lesson but afterwards as I was talking to Elder Moser he said sorry I didn't say anything I was praying for something to say but I had nothing. So that made me feel better because I think that's the way that Heavenly Father wanted the lesson to go. Then lastly we had a lesson with one of our best investigators and she finally set a baptismal date!!!!!!!! It's for March 23 and she's been ready since day one she just had to figure it out. So all is well here on the central coast! Did you hear they're creating a Bakersfield mission? That's gonna be interesting. Seems like I could stay in my mission or get transferred to that one... Time will tell in June..... Oh I gave a talk on Sunday too. That was pretty good. I felt it went well... 

I haven't gotten the b day money yet but it should indeed arrive soon! Thank you very much for all that you do! Sorry me e-mails aren't the longest or most descriptive. Never been to big on this whole writing thing..... But I love you and will talk to you soon!!!!!


Elder Brady Scott

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