Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11, 2013

Okay I'm gonna try and do individual responses.
Dad, glad to hear the trial went well. I asked Heavenly Father to help justice prevail every morning and evening and throughout the day if I remembered so you should be good haha. I'm green with jealous rage that you and Goovin get to go golfing soon... I reflect on the golf days occasionally. Probably a little more then I should but that's okay haha. I sent home a package last week so I don't know if that's gotten there yet. Just has some misc. stuff in it that i've been hoarding. You can just toss it in my room and I'll sort it out when I get home. It's got some sentimental valuables in it so don't lose it! The changes in my mission will effect me regardless of what mission I get put in. Because I'm sure all my buddies will get split up in one way or another. District Leading is going pretty well. Just hanging in there doing the usual stuff. Trying to be a good example. Key word is trying on that one. I'm pretty far from perfect and I'm sure they all know it haha. But as always good to hear from you! Have a baptism on the 23rd and the 6th of April so that'll be good. They're both pretty solid so we're looking forward to it. Have zone conf. tomorrow and transfers are two weeks from today so we'll see what happens. Oh yeah, I'm putting myself on a diet.... Totally rocking my world.... Hopefully by the time I come home i'll be healthy and not as fat haha but anyways love you!!! Talk to you soon!
Kara, you're a goon... I'm glad you might be in a Covenant Communications film. That'd be sweet!! Some of my favorite speakers come from that little business. I don't know if I'll talk to you on Mother's Day... Just kidding!! haha Pope does come home very soon it's pretty crazy huh? That'll be fun. Then next May I'll be home and I can continue to be your favorite brother only in your presence! Haha Love you buddy!! p.s. it's okay that I'm dad's favorite child and you're second. Don't let it get you down :)
Goose!! What's up pal, so Clark doesn't really compare to Bruce Banner... So why don't you get your priorities straight before I get home that way I won't have to whoop you. I think this is the first real piece of communication I've gotten from you since I've been out here! That's almost ten months ya clown! Remember to keep your head down. I have no doubt you're gonna be way better at golf then me by the time I get home! So just do what dad says then we'll combine forces and beat him together cause I've never done that before haha. Love ya keep on keepin on!
Nic!! I don't even remember what your calling was before this, but RS secretary should be pretty good! Especially with Brenda that'll be way good. I did indeed get the birthday card and the gifts that went along with it. I appreciate it very much and I bought myself a cool Pismo Beach shirt and some glucosamine and a multivitamin bottle haha. But the rest of it I'm trying to hold on too as long as possible. It was a way good birthday, we tracted all day cause we didn't have any appointments!! Haha it's a pleasure to serve. But I did get fed pretty well that night from the Fillerups. We had steak and potatoes so I was genuinely pleased haha. Keep that gun loaded. You never know when 10 kids are gonna jump the side fence cause they saw some cops and decided it'd be a good idea to run even though they weren't doing anything wrong and then you get caught cause the foreign exchange kid can't jump to save his life then the cop knocks on your door at like 11:30 at night haha. I don't know if you remember that but I sure do. Good times. The work is doing well and i'm glad you see the blessings from it! Thank you for everything!
Elder Brady Scott

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