Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Yeah goodness, why wouldn't a guy enjoy Pebble Beach and a good time on the course over the weekend. How would it be. I'm almost certain i'll be losing to both you and goovin by the time I get home haha. Glad to hear you made it to Stake Conference that's always good. I feel like i'm getting payback for not going to church like I should have in my youth/teen years through serving in two wards for the past 10 months being at church for at least 5-6 hours every Sunday haha. It's good though I like it, Sunday's are a great day in the mission field. I know that story about Kelso's companion. That's a pretty bomb story. I'm gonna e-mail him here in a minute cause that's legal now. I don't know if you know the rule change but you can now e-mail whomever you'd please as a missionary. As long as you follow the handbook guidelines. So that's pretty cool. USPS is gonna take a big hit when it comes to buying stamps haha. But all is well.
We have a baptism coming up this Saturday which should be sweet! It's gonna be at 3:00 so I should be able to send you some pictures of that among other pics. Speaking of pictures, is my second SD card at the house? Cause I can't find it in our apartment and I don't remember sending it home already but maybe I did... So if you could search around for that I'd appreciate it. I'm super excited and we got one of our investigators to church yesterday for the first time in about over a month so that was pretty awesome. She enjoyed it and I think it answered quite a few of her questions. But on the downhill slope we had a lesson with a guy and he's really doing research on the church and the early prophets such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and what not, and he says that the church doesn't believe in inerrant prophesy and scripture and pointed out to us as to why he would say that and told us some prophecies and things that Brigham Young said that we couldn't really answer right off the bat. He pulled his information out of the Journal of Discourses.... So we kind of hit a stumbling block and that one and we told him to just read and pray about the Book of Mormon and research the contents in that above everything else because that book is all we have at our disposal when it comes to these things..... So that was kind of tough. But we're meeting with him again this weekend and so we'll see what happens. We also have another 9 year old baptism coming up in April so that'll be fun. She's great and her mom is kind of just starting to come back to church as well so that'll be good for that family!
My first companion in the MTC Eugene Alston the one who went home, he sent me a letter a while back regarding faith and it was really good. He's doing well he's going to BYU-I in April then going on a mission after that semester. I'm super excited for him. He'll be like 23 when he goes out. But way neat conversion story and I don't doubt he'll be one of the best missionaries in his mission when he goes back out.
But that's about all for now. Hope all is well. Enjoy golfing and watching the Jazz lose to the Durantula while i'm out here knocking doors!! Haha love you a lot and i'll talk to you next week!!
Elder Brady Scott

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