Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 3. 2013


No worries on almost forgetting me it's all good. Hope your trial is doing as good as you hope. I've been praying for it to go over well. Glad all is well on the homefront. So far so good out here. Our baptism went really well on Tuesday. It was cool cause the dad isn't a member and the mom has been less active for quite some time and the grandpa has been struggling with cancer for a while. So it was basically his dying wish to baptize her and his condition was getting worse and so we hustled through the lessons to try and avoid putting it off for his lack of health. We were able to pull it off. Made a lot of calls and pulled a few strings and then boom! Baptized. It was really cool. It was funny she practically like fell in the font, she's 9 by the way. She had to get baptized twice and then on her way out she pretty much swam out haha. It was unique. But when she got confirmed she had a total change of everything. She'd calmed down was super heart felt and you could just tell that she could feel it. To see her behavior before and after the baptism it was quite the change. Her dad was very appreciative of all that we did to make it work so that was good to see. He brought her to church and stuff cause her mom had to work too so that was good to see him there. The Grandpa still isn't doing too well though.

Our next baptism is on the 23 of this month so that'll be good. We were supposed to have one on Saturday but she kinda hasn't met with us for a couple weeks. Which is unfortunate but I think she'll come around. But the one on the 23 should be awesome. The family is great, she has all sorts of family support and is just flat out ready. So i'm pretty excited for that one. Already got the building reserved and everything haha. So that'll be good.

My comp I have right now is one of my favorites. He's in the top two which is nice. I will neither confirm nor deny your statement of having interesting comps. But it's all good. One day i'll get to pick my companion. Hopefully haha. But That's about all we got going on this week. We've had a few good lessons. Found some people who could have a lot of potential so hopefully that'll all work out the way we're hoping. Good luck with your trial. Praying for ya, stick it out and blessings come. That's what i've learned over the past few months!!! Love and miss you lots. Talk to you next week!


Elder Scott!

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