Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hola Father,

Yeah Elder Holland is pretty intense. But I would agree with the Y thing. My filthy shenanigans during my rebellious youth have no payout in the end. Funny how that works. Should've listened to my wise and all knowing father.... I digress...

So this week was really good. Highlight would be our lesson with Bianca. She's a YSA girl who got in touch with us through a recent convert and we taught her the Restoration about a week or two ago and that went pretty well so that was pleasing. But then this week we had our lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. Always a touchy subject in the world of missionary work. But alas we taught it, and she snickered a little bit. So we asked her what was funny about it. She told us about an experience she had which caused her to give up drinking a couple years ago. So that was good, but then she talked about how recently she gave up coffee and tea because she had some anxiety issues and the day after she gave those up it helped her out a ton.... Is the Lord preparing people? I submit that it is true. Pretty awesome stuff and she came to church yesterday so she's set for May 11 as a baptismal date. I'm confident she'll make it. Very exciting.

So here's Kristin's new number 805-234-8159

Also I don't know if Eric Anderson has talked to you but I am serving in his little brothers ward. His name is Spencer and he's going to be coming to town this weekend and next Wednesday. I'm going to send some stuff home that I don't need to lighten the load a little bit. If you could go get my black pin striped suit out of my closet and send it down with him I'd appreciate it. I'm in my suit like 50% of the time now so I'd like to be able to alternate between the suits. That way I can always be looking fresh. But that's about it for me! Glad all is doing well and none of our players or teams are worth the television watch. Hopefully your Pad didn't go off in Shawn's class this year! But I gotta run i'll talk to you soon! Love you lots thanks for everything!


Elder Brady Scott

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

Yeah the time is being enjoyed thus far in the field of missionaries. Conference was one of my favorite ones of my life. Mainly cause i've only watch two all the way through... But there was some pretty good messages. Elder Holland came through with the win for this one haha. I thought of you when he talked about stuffing the turkey through the beak hahahahaha. Stuff it down it's gullet huh?! But as for the work here, kinda same ol same ol. Lots of little responsibilities last week so there wasn't a huge amount of proselyting that got done but it's all good. We did have a lesson with a girl named Bianca. She knows a recent convert from Taft and he's been talking to her quite a bit so we met with her in the park and were able to teach her the Restoration and answer her questions so that was pretty good stuff. I enjoyed it. Hopefully she can get baptized on May 11 like she agreed too!!!! That'd be cool. We're serving in the Panama Ward and White Oak Ward. White Oak is a YSA ward so that's fun to be around a large group of people who are our age. But I don't have a whole lot for you since we just talked on Wednesday.

Glad that the trip went well and everyone has returned in safety that's good to hear. I've been having thoughts on schooling for a little bit and i'm entrigued as to what i'll do. I started thinking BYU which I told myself I would never do.... But for some reason or another it's been pressing on me.... But I still got a year to figure it out so we won't fret on that too much for now. That's where Elder Gates will be returning too as well. I told him if he needed to he could have my room for a couple semesters till I get home and just commute down. So just a heads up haha.
Did you get my e-mail about the investigator from Pismo who's gonna be coming up to Provo in May? Kristen Herrera? She has a new number so i'm going to have to get you that. But yeah just a reminder if you didn't catch that a while ago! But I'm taking off! Love you lots and talk to you next week!
Elder Brady Scott

Monday, April 8, 2013

March 25, 2013


Lots of information so little time... Not like I give you a lot of info anyway haha. So this last week was spectacular. Pretty good work week everything went well and then on Saturday BOOM!!! Baptism, what's up? It was great. Probably my favorite baptism of my mission so far. The baptisms in California aren't like they are in Utah cause there isn't a whole lot of people that normally show up but this one there was over like 90 people. Insane.... But it was really good and spiritual till she came out of the bathroom from changing and yells I'M A MORMON! It was funny but very irreverant hahah but gotta love em. The family is very appreciative and we are going over tonight to say goodbye because i'm getting transferred to SOUTH BAKERSFIELD BAHAHAHAHA So if i'm still there in July I will finish up in the California Bakersfield Mission. So that'll be fun. President called me last night and we had a good conversation and he let me know that i'm going to be a Zone Leader now. So that'll be interesting. I don't know who's running this place or calling the shots but they need fired.... Actually that might be a little blasphemous haha but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

Glad everything is still that same on the home front. When I first received a call from President it was early in the afternoon yesterday and my first thought was who died? He never calls this early... But alas you're all alive so that's good to hear ;) But it's definitely been a pleasure to serve in the area of Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande. It's probably tied up for the top spot of my areas so far... A few minutes ago we talked to the mother-in-law of the girl who got baptized yesterday and she told me that she knew I was sent here at this time in this place for a reason and she knew that the Lord had his hand in this to help Lauren to make it to baptism. So that was very neat to hear and makes all the struggles you go through worth it.

Other then that we had a couple good lessons last week and we're having a couple more tonight and we had one this morning so seems like i'm leaving right at the peak of the work in Pismo. But that's okay because I hear Bakersfield is the land of Zion when it comes to missionary work and kind of like outer darkness when it comes to weather haha i'm excited though I'm going to be with Elder Gates and he's one of my favorite missionaries in the mission and he'll be my ZL trainer so i'm excited about that. He goes home in August so maybe we'll be together for a few transfers and i'll send him on his way.

Here are some pics of the baptism and a hike we went on with Lauren and Tristan and a picture of the sun setting behind a hill which was really cool. I've really enjoyed getting to know them and be a part of their lives and i'm going to try to make it back for next year when they go to the temple!!! It'll be sweet!! But anyways gotta run love ya tons. Send that card back whenever I just thought I lost it so I was kind of nervous but if it's home i'm not too worried about it but I do have a lot of new pics so if you sent it back I wouldn't complain!!! Love you tons and i'll talk to you soon!!!!!


Elder Scottttttttttttttt!

April 3, 2013


So first and for most i've never laughed so hard in an e-mail then the conversation I received between you goons. Quite a funny encounter. I miss Pismo Beach but good night I love Bakersfield. It's getting warm but the people here that aren't going to shoot you or stab you are super friendly! I've never been able to carry on a conversation with people like we've been able to do here. I'm definitely going to miss the Burkard family though. (Baptism pics) They meant a lot to me and had some good things to tell me before I took off from the beautiful central coast. But it's all good. I'm here for something now. I've thoroughly enjoyed being with Elder Gates. Easily best companion so far and the one I feel like has truly become a friend rather then just a companion. So that's been a huge blessing for me to have. He's helped me change and start becoming the person I need to be if I ever want to help anybody in this beautiful desert valley.

I'm emailing you today as compared to Monday because Monday we had Zone Leader Training in Ventura from like 1 to 9 and we had to drive there from Bakersfield which is about two hours then Tuesday we had Zone Leader Council from 10 to 5 and had to make the trip back and what not so we've barely had time for anything. The last week has probably been the best week of my mission cause there's been no down time. So it's pretty cool to be able to have the day fly by like nobody's business because you're so busy and then just crash at night. I've slept pretty well too which is definitely a change from the past 10 months or so,

There's 10 companionships in the zone so it's a decent zone. Lots of good missionaries. I'm excited to be here. But like I said not a whole lot of time so I got to make this quick. We taught a lady on Saturday and invited her to church for Easter and she said she'd already promised her sister that she'd go to church with her so we said alright that's fine and left it at that. So we're at church the next day finding out our other investigator bailed on us for church so we're thinking that nothing is gonna happen that day in our favor, in walks this lady who said she was going to church somewhere else and we started talking to her and she's like yeah I had to lie to my sister to make it, is that bad? We laughed and said probably but we're glad you're here. We also found a kid named Chris who seems super solid and is going to meet with us tomorrow. He's about 18 and is looking for the truth so that's pretty cool. But I gotta bail so I love you mucho and i'm glad you finally talked to Pope. Now I can wait for his letter with anticipation. But Talk to you Monday!!!!

Elder Brady Scott