Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hola Father,

Yeah Elder Holland is pretty intense. But I would agree with the Y thing. My filthy shenanigans during my rebellious youth have no payout in the end. Funny how that works. Should've listened to my wise and all knowing father.... I digress...

So this week was really good. Highlight would be our lesson with Bianca. She's a YSA girl who got in touch with us through a recent convert and we taught her the Restoration about a week or two ago and that went pretty well so that was pleasing. But then this week we had our lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. Always a touchy subject in the world of missionary work. But alas we taught it, and she snickered a little bit. So we asked her what was funny about it. She told us about an experience she had which caused her to give up drinking a couple years ago. So that was good, but then she talked about how recently she gave up coffee and tea because she had some anxiety issues and the day after she gave those up it helped her out a ton.... Is the Lord preparing people? I submit that it is true. Pretty awesome stuff and she came to church yesterday so she's set for May 11 as a baptismal date. I'm confident she'll make it. Very exciting.

So here's Kristin's new number 805-234-8159

Also I don't know if Eric Anderson has talked to you but I am serving in his little brothers ward. His name is Spencer and he's going to be coming to town this weekend and next Wednesday. I'm going to send some stuff home that I don't need to lighten the load a little bit. If you could go get my black pin striped suit out of my closet and send it down with him I'd appreciate it. I'm in my suit like 50% of the time now so I'd like to be able to alternate between the suits. That way I can always be looking fresh. But that's about it for me! Glad all is doing well and none of our players or teams are worth the television watch. Hopefully your Pad didn't go off in Shawn's class this year! But I gotta run i'll talk to you soon! Love you lots thanks for everything!


Elder Brady Scott

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