Monday, April 8, 2013

April 3, 2013


So first and for most i've never laughed so hard in an e-mail then the conversation I received between you goons. Quite a funny encounter. I miss Pismo Beach but good night I love Bakersfield. It's getting warm but the people here that aren't going to shoot you or stab you are super friendly! I've never been able to carry on a conversation with people like we've been able to do here. I'm definitely going to miss the Burkard family though. (Baptism pics) They meant a lot to me and had some good things to tell me before I took off from the beautiful central coast. But it's all good. I'm here for something now. I've thoroughly enjoyed being with Elder Gates. Easily best companion so far and the one I feel like has truly become a friend rather then just a companion. So that's been a huge blessing for me to have. He's helped me change and start becoming the person I need to be if I ever want to help anybody in this beautiful desert valley.

I'm emailing you today as compared to Monday because Monday we had Zone Leader Training in Ventura from like 1 to 9 and we had to drive there from Bakersfield which is about two hours then Tuesday we had Zone Leader Council from 10 to 5 and had to make the trip back and what not so we've barely had time for anything. The last week has probably been the best week of my mission cause there's been no down time. So it's pretty cool to be able to have the day fly by like nobody's business because you're so busy and then just crash at night. I've slept pretty well too which is definitely a change from the past 10 months or so,

There's 10 companionships in the zone so it's a decent zone. Lots of good missionaries. I'm excited to be here. But like I said not a whole lot of time so I got to make this quick. We taught a lady on Saturday and invited her to church for Easter and she said she'd already promised her sister that she'd go to church with her so we said alright that's fine and left it at that. So we're at church the next day finding out our other investigator bailed on us for church so we're thinking that nothing is gonna happen that day in our favor, in walks this lady who said she was going to church somewhere else and we started talking to her and she's like yeah I had to lie to my sister to make it, is that bad? We laughed and said probably but we're glad you're here. We also found a kid named Chris who seems super solid and is going to meet with us tomorrow. He's about 18 and is looking for the truth so that's pretty cool. But I gotta bail so I love you mucho and i'm glad you finally talked to Pope. Now I can wait for his letter with anticipation. But Talk to you Monday!!!!

Elder Brady Scott

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