Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

Yeah the time is being enjoyed thus far in the field of missionaries. Conference was one of my favorite ones of my life. Mainly cause i've only watch two all the way through... But there was some pretty good messages. Elder Holland came through with the win for this one haha. I thought of you when he talked about stuffing the turkey through the beak hahahahaha. Stuff it down it's gullet huh?! But as for the work here, kinda same ol same ol. Lots of little responsibilities last week so there wasn't a huge amount of proselyting that got done but it's all good. We did have a lesson with a girl named Bianca. She knows a recent convert from Taft and he's been talking to her quite a bit so we met with her in the park and were able to teach her the Restoration and answer her questions so that was pretty good stuff. I enjoyed it. Hopefully she can get baptized on May 11 like she agreed too!!!! That'd be cool. We're serving in the Panama Ward and White Oak Ward. White Oak is a YSA ward so that's fun to be around a large group of people who are our age. But I don't have a whole lot for you since we just talked on Wednesday.

Glad that the trip went well and everyone has returned in safety that's good to hear. I've been having thoughts on schooling for a little bit and i'm entrigued as to what i'll do. I started thinking BYU which I told myself I would never do.... But for some reason or another it's been pressing on me.... But I still got a year to figure it out so we won't fret on that too much for now. That's where Elder Gates will be returning too as well. I told him if he needed to he could have my room for a couple semesters till I get home and just commute down. So just a heads up haha.
Did you get my e-mail about the investigator from Pismo who's gonna be coming up to Provo in May? Kristen Herrera? She has a new number so i'm going to have to get you that. But yeah just a reminder if you didn't catch that a while ago! But I'm taking off! Love you lots and talk to you next week!
Elder Brady Scott

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