Monday, April 8, 2013

March 25, 2013


Lots of information so little time... Not like I give you a lot of info anyway haha. So this last week was spectacular. Pretty good work week everything went well and then on Saturday BOOM!!! Baptism, what's up? It was great. Probably my favorite baptism of my mission so far. The baptisms in California aren't like they are in Utah cause there isn't a whole lot of people that normally show up but this one there was over like 90 people. Insane.... But it was really good and spiritual till she came out of the bathroom from changing and yells I'M A MORMON! It was funny but very irreverant hahah but gotta love em. The family is very appreciative and we are going over tonight to say goodbye because i'm getting transferred to SOUTH BAKERSFIELD BAHAHAHAHA So if i'm still there in July I will finish up in the California Bakersfield Mission. So that'll be fun. President called me last night and we had a good conversation and he let me know that i'm going to be a Zone Leader now. So that'll be interesting. I don't know who's running this place or calling the shots but they need fired.... Actually that might be a little blasphemous haha but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

Glad everything is still that same on the home front. When I first received a call from President it was early in the afternoon yesterday and my first thought was who died? He never calls this early... But alas you're all alive so that's good to hear ;) But it's definitely been a pleasure to serve in the area of Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande. It's probably tied up for the top spot of my areas so far... A few minutes ago we talked to the mother-in-law of the girl who got baptized yesterday and she told me that she knew I was sent here at this time in this place for a reason and she knew that the Lord had his hand in this to help Lauren to make it to baptism. So that was very neat to hear and makes all the struggles you go through worth it.

Other then that we had a couple good lessons last week and we're having a couple more tonight and we had one this morning so seems like i'm leaving right at the peak of the work in Pismo. But that's okay because I hear Bakersfield is the land of Zion when it comes to missionary work and kind of like outer darkness when it comes to weather haha i'm excited though I'm going to be with Elder Gates and he's one of my favorite missionaries in the mission and he'll be my ZL trainer so i'm excited about that. He goes home in August so maybe we'll be together for a few transfers and i'll send him on his way.

Here are some pics of the baptism and a hike we went on with Lauren and Tristan and a picture of the sun setting behind a hill which was really cool. I've really enjoyed getting to know them and be a part of their lives and i'm going to try to make it back for next year when they go to the temple!!! It'll be sweet!! But anyways gotta run love ya tons. Send that card back whenever I just thought I lost it so I was kind of nervous but if it's home i'm not too worried about it but I do have a lot of new pics so if you sent it back I wouldn't complain!!! Love you tons and i'll talk to you soon!!!!!


Elder Scottttttttttttttt!

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