Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 29, 2013


You wrecked that one a little bit..... That's a tad bit unfortunate. Glad to hear you're okay though! Judast. Think after 30 years of driving a car you would've had it down by now haha. My gall maybe you shouldn't repent yet so you can stick around here a little longer! Once your slate's clean sounds like he's gonna bring ya home! As for your question... The Charger would be sweet. But if Jordan and Kory get married then that'd be awkward having the same car as him. But hey I'll be grateful with whatever i'm given. If I could be picky enough I'd love a new Camaro or Challenger! I don't know what the mileage on those beasts is like. But I figure it'll be in the 20's somewhere! But like I said I'll be glad for something that gets me where I need to go. Just has to have enough space for clubs in the trunk! 

Also good to hear that Shaun gets to serve a little extra and the ol Swiss Consolate is doing well! That's sweet! Glad the Guido's are doing good too! Haha that's pretty funny. Spencer Anderson got me the stuff by the way! Thank you for sending that down. I'll be looking pretty slick in that suit! Never seen G's that were so white either!  So thank you so much for that, and if you had nothing to do with it tell Nic thank you for me! haha 

Work update, so good things are still happening in the beautiful land of Bakersfield. We talked to Bianca yesterday and she said she's going to get back to us today so we can meet up this week! So always hope there. Then we got a call from some other missionaries about a guy they met at institute who lives down in our area and he wants to check out the church and from the sounds of it get baptized. So that'll be sweet! He's wanting to finish school though before he gets too serious so hopefully we'll be able to meet with him in the next couple weeks. Other then that nothing too crazy this week. We had a lot of good less active work and teaching them so that's good. But still alive and haven't been mugged yet so can't really complain. It's getting warm though. It almost broke 100 yesterday... Transfers are next week. This one came up wayyyy too fast. I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to stay with Elder Gates for another transfer or two. He only has two left so it'd be cool to see him off. I won't be able to talk to you on Wednesday either so Happy Birthday! I'm a little short on cash for gifts, BUT I remembered and I hope it's the best day of your life. Sounds like that brief getting over can be my present to you. Hopefully you'll be able to take a little breather and maybe go hit the links with our good friend Steve Winn. But I love you soo much and glad you're alive to tell the tale, cause dead men don't have that sort of luxury. I'll talk to you next week and try not to hit anyone this time!! Love ya!


Elder Brady Scott

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