Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Well it's always a pleasure to hear from you. I got the pictures from the Superman movie. That looked like a blast. I also got a picture from Nic at Dani's wedding. Everyone's looking pretty good. I appreciate your wisdom and all you've done for me. But seeings how I've got a ton to do today this one is going to be a little shorter. Thanks for all the updates on everything though! This is going to be a different e-mail then usual. We didn't have any exchanges this week and we didn't spend a whole lot of time in our own area either. So this week we had our preparation day and helped Elder Mecham and Elder Truman move some of the stuff from the Harmer's to the Truman's. Then just went around and visited some of our investigators but weren't able to teach any lessons. We had District meeting and that was nice to go to. Elder LaPlant has been doing a very good job in his assignment and I'm excited for him to be able to be a Zone and District Leader. He'll do very well and I look forward to being able to work with him and Elder Lentz in Bakersfield for the next little while. We also were able to have a lesson or two with our investigator Jennifer. She's been receiving a bunch of opposition from her friends about the church which has been unfortunate. So we talked a lot about faith and how important believing is. We read Elder Hollands talk from this past conference about it and she seemed to soak it in a little bit. But she's doing good. She also came to church yesterday with her 1 year old daughter. Everyone enjoyed that quite a bit. We unfortunately weren't able to meet with Jackie this week. But we talked to her a couple times and she's been doing good. She's got a memorial service for her husband coming up before too long. So after that's all taken care of I'm thinking she'll be able to progress faster and become more involved in the lessons and focus a little better. Outside of that for investigators not a whole lot happened.
That's a lot of the happenings from this past week. We were in Ventura for half of the week helping President with transfers which is also what we're working on today. So it'll be interesting. Thank you so much for all that you do for me. Can't wait to hear from you next week. Love and miss you very much and I'll talk to you soon!!!

Elder Brady Scott

June 10, 2013

Well that's cool you're helping out little Max. Before I forget I've definitely learned the do's and don'ts since being on a mission. Fast and testimony meeting has almost grown into one of my least favorites if an investigator is at church cause the members are unpredictable haha. There was a guy last week who said he talked to a guy in the elevator about the church, and when the guy had conflicting beliefs he said he called the guy an idiot and walked away.... I was like uhhhh I don't think you can do that haha it was interesting. Especially since Jennifer was sitting right next to us... But all is well. Glad Goose is making it happen on the course.

As for your question, about the temporary assignment. Having four assistants is temporary. Two of them go home this transfer then I'll be with Elder Ipsen for about a week of next transfer and then get my companion from the San Fernando mission in a couple weeks and we'll be the two assistants for President Wilson. It's just temporary to have two pairs of assistants for the Ventura mission. So once the split happens everything will be going back to normal. I completely agree on section 121. Something I learned real quick even after I trained for the first time was a just about any missionary in the mission could do what I'd been asked to do just as well if not better then me. It's just what the Lord wants for the time being. So I'll do what he needs me too. It's gonna be a busy few months that's for sure. But anyways on to the happenings for the week.

We had a pretty good week once again. We were able to spend a few days in our area this week which was nice. We haven't seen as many of our investigators as normal though which was unfortunate. Jennifer is still going strong. She didn't make it to church this week because she had a job interview and she is in desperate need for a job. But she's been sharing with her mom the things that she's been learning from us and since her mom only speaks spanish we don't get to share a whole lot with her. But this week we had an exchange with Elder Child and Elder Bryson so Elder Jensen and Elder Child went over there and taught the mom. They said the lesson went really well and that she has a ton of potential. She's still going to her church for now though.

We also had a lesson yesterday with one of our investigators Jackie. She has been meeting with the missionaries for quite some time. She's been held up on the word of wisdom for some time now, but she went to the doctor the other day and they gave her a somewhat negative report on her health. So she's trying to be much healthier and everything due to what she was told. When we heard about what was going on my companion and I both thought. "Hey if you live the word of wisdom these problems will go away." So we told her that and promised that if she did God would bless her. So she accepted and seems like she's really going to try hard this time. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation as well and once we started talking about Christ and the Atonement we felt prompted to invite her to be baptized. Once we invited her she started to cry.... She looked up and said yes. So we invited her for July 20th and she said she was really going to try hard this time, and that she really wanted it. Which is awesome because she's had baptismal dates in the past but it seems like it never worked out. So this one was pretty good.

The two exchanges that we went on this week were with Elders Garcia and Gates, and Elders Child and Bryson. I was with Elder Garcia on Thursday and we had a really good day. We worked in the 5th ward together and we were able to teach a few lessons.  They are doing really well. We were found a couple college kids before district meeting and asked if we could come back and share more in the evening cause we didn't have a whole lot of time. The girl we were talking to accepted and we went back and taught a pretty thorough Restoration lesson. They didn't believe a lot of it. They're pretty hung up in there beliefs. But we told them if they wanted to know that anything we taught was true that they needed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon because that's the only thing that can help them know and understand. So we passed them on to Elder Foy and Elder Lenz since they're in the YSA category.
Yeah that's about it though. Glad to hear all is well. I'm sure you'll get to enjoy a few more rounds of golf before I hear from you next. It turns out I probably won't be home for the big memorial day campout next year. I think I'll be coming back one week later then anticipated due to the mission split. But it's all good. Train hard for the big race, maybe if you complete I'll send you a little chocolate morsel for your victory. Did you ever buy Steve's bike from him? Or are you still on the Specialized? Anyways, minor details. Love you tons and i'll talk to you next week!!!!!
Elder Brady Scott!

June 3, 2013

Wow sounds like you still remember how to throw a bash. We have those all the time only people try to prove how we're wrong and don't hit their heads on rocks when they're done baha. Glad all is well though. Tell Kara to keep racking up cash like that so she can buy a house and give me my room back when I come home haha. Filthy little weasel. Good to hear that Goose is livin up the family name via BYU golf. I'll talk about transfers and how it's going to effect me at the end of the e-mail. But for now here's what's going on. We did four exchanges this week all of which were really good. But some were a lot more meaningful then others in certain aspects. Pope hasn't really shared any cool mission experiences with me either. I don't share a lot of mine either though cause we're not given the largest amount of time to e-mail. But here's a couple happenings for this past week.

This has been a pretty busy week. To start off we were able to teach a few lessons this week and a lot of them were with the same individual Jennifer. She has been progressing really well but she's also been receiving a lot of opposition from friends about the church. But she's been holding strong and keeping her commitments. She backs up the church as well so it's good to see her developing faith in the restored gospel. We just continually hope and pray that she can withstand the opposition and make it through. Right now is a pretty hard time for her because she's providing for her mom, little brother, and daughter. She's only 18 as well. So she's got a lot on her plate. But she's doing well. She's moving to another ward boundary next month so I probably won't see her get baptized but that's alright. As long as she stays with it and follows through over there that's what matters.

We also went on an exchange with Elder Broby and Elder Cox in Tehachapi. I was with Elder Cox in Bear Valley. I was so happy to be back there. I miss it so much. It was hard to go and do work rather then go see people I used to know. Elder Cox is a good missionary. He's got a great desire to do what's right and be the best he can. He's also one of the happiest loving people that I've met. But a quick miracle that happened, while we were in Bear Valley, we tried to see a recent convert to teach him a new member lesson. He has moved in with a guy named Woody that I became very good friends with while I was there. He was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago and has been struggling. When we showed up he came down and looked out the window and when he saw it was me he chuckled and shook his head. We talked for a minute and as we were discussing his health he explained how on all the hard days, the day in which he needed something the most, I showed up. He said that was a testimony that God was aware of him and he answers prayers. So that was very neat to be a part of. He expressed how I'd done more for him then about 90% of the people in the church have, and how it was harder to see me go then it was to hear about the guy who baptized him so many years ago passing away. He gave me a quad (I sent that home a while ago in a USPS box so hopefully that's still there cause it's important) that I could keep a while back when I was in Tehachapi. He reassured me that whenever I read it I can know that some crazy old man in Tehachapi cares about me and wants what's best for me. I was pretty touched and I'm very grateful that I got to know him. I hope he's still around when I come back to visit.

As for how transfers will effect me. I'm going to be helping out President Wilson quite a bit when he comes in to the mission. My companion will be from the San Fernando mission. Don't know who cause transfers aren't for a couple weeks, but we'll be the ones to aid President Wilson in his efforts as the new mission president. My companion right now goes home after this transfer so he'll be replaced by our friend from San Fernando. This is an e-mail that President Castro sent out. I don't really know how to introduce it so I'll just show you what he sent.

President Castro

To: All Missionaries

In preparation for the creation of the California Bakersfield Mission, Elder Brady Scott has been extended the assignment to serve as Assistant to the President. This means that the mission will have four Assistants until the end of this transfer--Elder Ipsen and Elder Smith serving in Ventura, and Elder Jensen and Elder Scott serving in Bakersfield. This is a temporary arrangement intended to help with the transition. We wish Elder Scott the best in his new assignment.

That's about all that's happening around here though. Glad all is well on the homefront! Keep it locked down and if you could have my clubs cleaned and prepped for a round on the Thursday of my arrival I would genuinely appreciate it! ;) Haha I'm just messing..... Kind of.... Love you tons and i'll talk to you next week!! Tell everyone hi for me as well!


Elder Brady Scott