Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013


What's happenin G? Just figured I'd keep up wit yo street talk! Haha Well sounds like the week is just full of frolic and fun for you! The Zone Leaders in the Bakersfield Zone told us they were going golfing today, they're probably there right now. I'm coveting a little bit. Sounds like our boy Phil isn't doing too bad that's some good news. I miss the Halls! I was thinking about them the other day cause we were talking about cooking pigs in the ground with a missionary from Tonga. Elder Tauatevalu, he's a good kid, he was on the back up squad for the All Blacks Rugby team. Pretty intense stuff. You are correct in your assumption that you don't send my stuff to Oxnard anymore. I'll include my address at the end of the letter.

I'll be sure to include a picture of myself next e-mail in a red tie. I think I only have one red tie... It's not the prettiest either. Do they even have enough cardboard to fit my carcass on? We'll make it work, us peasants out here just can't handle the Jack Victors and Robert Talbots.... Glad I finally know the wedding date that's a good piece of information to have. Kind of I can't really do anything with it but it's fun to know haha. The Elders in your ward sound like nice kids..... I have definitely learned the value of having a good filter over the pulpit on my mission. Some things just don't need to be talked about or brought up period. Let alone over the pulpit haha. But all is well in the cause of Zion. The church is still true. We've got a couple quirky kids over here to so that's nothing new.

We have been in the office pretty much all day every day for the past week. So nothing to crazy there. We were supposed to have a lesson with our golden investigator today but she ended up having to cancel and reschedule for Wednesday instead. We got to travel to the desert (when I say desert I basically mean the other side of the mountain so Palmdale, Lancaster, Ridgecrest, etc. even though the whole mission is the desert) and meet with all the zone leaders over there to talk with them about some of the things that are happening in the mission. The way we do transfers is changing up quite a bit and there's a couple other things we're working on. Nothing too crazy right now though. That is pretty crazy that Kelso comes home in 3 months. That's just super weird. As far as the Chev goes it's great with me as long as I have a job that can support those kinds of gas charges haha. That things a hog to the max... It is quite the luxurious vehicle though haha. As far as Costco goes, it's really not that big a deal. It would be a nice pleasantry to have, but where I do my shopping is trumped in comparison to planning for weddings and helping with school and sports. I've survived this long I can go a little longer haha. I might in the future need a little fundage for a diet I might go on. It's called Medifast and our housing coordinator Elder Slayton and the Stake Pres. down in Lancaster have done it. Elder Slayton lost like 20 pounds in a few weeks and the Stake Pres. has lost like 60 pounds so far. But it sounded a little expensive. He gave us some sample food and it doesn't taste amazing and it doesn't fill you up that great... At least not for me. But it sounds like a good gig. So i'll get back to you on that one. But that's about it. I know it wasn't the most miraculous e-mail but that's about what my life has consisted of lately! So hopefully we've got some other cool things to report next week! Thank you for all you do, I love and miss you very much! Here's my addresses for the next little bit.

Mission Office

California Bakersfield Mission
3512 Coffee Rd. Ste. B
Bakersfield, CA 93308

Our new house will as of this Thursday will be located at 

14203 Calle Los Bosque
Bakersfield, CA 93314


Elder Brady Scott

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