Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013


Well sounds like our weeks are about as equally exciting haha. Don't worry you'll get some work before the end of the month or so. Someone's going to need sued somewhere. What are your plans for the firm of Preston and Scott? Cause Stan wanted to retire here in 4 or 5 years anyway didn't he? What was your approach going to be? Cause I love you and all, but I have no desire to be a lawyer and take over the practice haha. As for eating out twice a day... Let me tell ya how fun that is... It's actually quite delicious. Just had some Dickie's BBQ today!! It's right across the street from the office so it's kind of turned into our Monday routine when the other Assistants come up to Bakersfield and we meet with President. So that's fun.. Maybe if you start getting free meal coupons from your frequent visits you could send those this way? ;) Haha and what the heck are you talking about with e-mailing the ladies and telling them about training anybody haha. That's gotta be a Mormon Myth...

It would also be very disheartening if you weren't able to pass go and collect $200... That could go to my moped fund.... Haha Dad let's be real right now, you know you want a bike back just as much as myself. Don't hide from it it's okay. Let your emotions out haha. I'm a little hesitant on you calling President Wilson. I'd love for you to take a shot at me meeting Korey. But I definitely don't want it to come across as I'm trying to sneak under the rule book and be the exception missionary that can do whatever he wants kinda thing. If you catch my drift haha. But I guess you can do whatever now that you're officialy on the volunteer list for the big Swiss Days escapade. Provost would be most pleased. I don't know that I know who Tom Deaver is? Is he a 5th warder? Sounds like a good guy though. Eternal Marriage, who knew? We actually had a bit of a discussion with someone last night who didn't agree with any aspect of the church whatsoever, he even brought up sealings in the temple because that was never performed during Christ's time, and neither were baptisms for the dead. He wasn't willing to take any answers either. Rather frustrating... But you do what you do. Kara is getting big??!!! Unless it's just a deceiving picture.... She just seems super tall... It's kind of freaking me out! Being an empty nester just sounds like a major drag... Who would want to have to worry about movies and food? That sounds awful... 

Thank you for talking to Tyler about the pants. I'm glad you got slacks and not Dockers... Because we're kind of having an issue in the mission with missionaries wearing casual khakis in place of there slacks.. So we're trying to put the ki bosh on that. I don't know if that's how you spell that term... Yes I do want long sleeves. I still have a good number of short sleeves. But long just look way more professional and when we're with President a lot I want to look a little classier. I'm sure you're getting excited for football as well. Rather distracting when Dickies is rolling with the Pre-Season games in the restaurant and you're a missionary. May have peeked once or twice.... In the space of ten seconds... Then a couple following... I'm pathetic haha.  That's exciting that Gavin is starting up tackle foozball. Those days were awfully fun. He'll do great too cause he's not super overweight and out of shape like his older brother was when he played haha. 

This last week we did some miscellaneous stuff again. But we did get the opportunity to pretty much work in our area all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Stockdale ward is awesome. The members are great and there's a ton of potential. We've really been focusing on trying to get them to start doing member missionary work and reaching out, inviting, etc... They're going to be crucial in where the work goes here. If they step it up, it'll be split before you know it. So that means you gotta do your missionary work too! Haha we did get to do an exchange with the South Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was really good. I enjoyed that quite a bit. Elder Foote and I worked together in the Stockdale Ward and Elder Henderson went down to South Bakersfield and worked in my old area. We found a pretty good potential investigator but that's about it. No one really answered the door... So fun times. I'm about out of things to go over though... Thank you very much for all that you do. Hope everything goes well this week. I'm sure I'll hear about it from President Wilson if you decide to call him so we'll see where that goes. But love and miss you very much and I will talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott

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