Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 15, 2013

What is up with it?

Well it's just been a blow out weekend in the sports world. That's too bad the U hasn't been any good since the Fiesta Bowl... But what do you do? Glad Goose is having a fun time tossing the pig skin around. Just tell him to work harder then everybody else and it'll pay off. We watched the Mormon Message about Tyler Haws yesterday in Gospel Essentials and it was pretty cool. He wasn't a natural at the game of basketball and he and his dad did drill after drill in the summer trying to get him ready and now he's a star. Pretty motivational stuff. Tyler's cousin was in the Ventura mission while I was there. His name is Gavin. He's a pretty good baller too. We played a bit when I was in Pismo Beach cause he was one of my zone leaders at the time. So that's kind of a cool little connection. I love hearing that Wasatch is winning. Is Joe Kelson on the squad again this year? I might have already asked you that question. We've thought about making jokes at President hinting towards us coming to watch the BYU game with him at his house... We'll see if that pans out haha. He'll be watching that one for sure. He's an avid Y fan. He reminds me a lot of you to be honest. So you better watch it. Next thing you know you'll be mission president somewhere haha. 

As far as golf gear goes, I think just a couple shirts for Christmas would be much obliged. That way I'll have some nice attire to go in when I get home. Outside of that I don't really need anything though. Maybe some balls. I don't know how many I was able to leave in my bag. Got a bad habit of losing those when I go out haha. I did get the e-mail about the pants. I'll eagerly await there arrival. I'm excited to be looking fresh as ever. I'll let ya know how they fit and etc. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely exhausted. This last week was interesting. Tuesday morning we got up at about 4:30 am to run some refrigerators down to Lancaster in order to help the housing coordinator over there. Then we came home did our daily activities and we find out some stuff we thought we had ordered to come over here ended up down there. So that night at about 10:00 pm we ended up having to drive back down to Lancaster to go pick up those beds. So we get there about midnight. We get up at about 5:15 the next day to get everything squared away that morning and drop it off at our house so the office staff can have the truck and trailer back to take care of putting together apartments for the day. Then we ended up helping them put together apartments all day and we had to put together all our bunk beds and stuff. Then the days following involved getting everything ready for transfer meeting and trying to figure all that stuff out. We picked up the new missionaries today and we currently have about 16 of them sitting at our house right now waiting for tomorrow... So it's been a long couple weeks. Good though, always good to be busy. Elder Henderson and I will be staying together this transfer. He is my first two transfer companion I've had since my trainer. So that'll be fun to work with him again for another transfer. I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully we'll see more miracles and try to help people come into the church by way of baptism... That'd be nice. You can always pray! But I'm going to run. I love and miss you all very much. Hope everything goes well this week and that the dreaded turkey case continues to provide the family with clothes to wear and food to eat! Talk to you soon!!


Elder Brady Scott

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