Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013


No hard feelings. I was informed by a few individuals that the ol cougs were once again defeated by the mighty indians this last Saturday. That's fun that you and Goose got to attend though. I don't think I've ever been to a college football game. Only been to an NFL game. Which was pretty fun. It's a lot easier to watch on tv though where they zoom in instead of watching from the nosebleeds. That's cool you saw one of my little buddies. Did he have dark hair or lighter hair? That'll indicate which one it was ha. I heard about the loss of the Aggies as well. That was pretty disheartening sounds like they were just right there once again... Gall darn they just can't win a big one. But ya deal with what you got. That's too bad the wasps lost... I miss playin foozball for the mighty wasps.. Gosh I can't believe it's been 3 years since I was on that little squad. Gosh it's weird. Hopefully they win this weekend. The reception's gonna have a chocolate fountain huh? That'll be delightful. It's official when you got a chocolate fountain. That's impressive that Nic has lost that much weight on the ol medifast diet. How did she find out about the magicfast deal? Their products aren't exactly delightful, and they're rather expensive, but hey if it works it works. Sounds like I'm not missing anything as far as the NFL goes though so that's always a delight. How's the Eagles doing? I heard they've lost a couple if I'm not mistaken. 

Sounds like things have been pretty slow around the happy valley. People are finally starting to forget about the ol boy in Bakersfield. Haven't heard much from anyone except for Larissa pretty much. I need to write her back. But other then that all my buddy's have done their own thing. Kelso and I correspond weekly through e-mail, but that's about it. Out of sight out of mind haha it's all good though I don't have time to write people anyways. I still need to write Brycer back too. When does he head to the MTC I would imagine it's probably going to be soon. Tell Goose good luck in the big game tomorrow. I'm sure they'll have a blast as well. It's kinda weird the kids are getting old. Says a lot about the age of their parents haha. I've actually had a couple people who have told me you are young when they ask how old your parents are. We ate dinner with a family the other night, and we asked if they were born and raised Bakersfielders and they said no. So we asked where they were from and Sister Hawley said, "Oh a little place called Richfield Utah if you know where that is" I was like you bet I know Richfield that's where my dad grew up, she asked what your name was and I told her and she goes "oh I know Bryan, and Matt and Trish" She actually dated Matt a couple times haha her name is Shellie Mackelby. I don't know if that's how you spell it. But sounds like her and Aunt Trish were pretty close in age and her husband grew up close to Richfield and went to South Severe. His name is John Hawley. He knows uncle Matt and dated Trish a couple times as well. They graduated like ten years before you. So they told me to tell you hello. We made a couple jokes that we were almost family so it was fun haha.

That's probably the most exciting thing that's happened to us. Transfers went smoothly. Just a couple slip ups and some misinformation. But other than that it was a good transfer. We spent a long time last week in the office updating and getting things finalized from the transfer so that was good. Elder Henderson and I get to put on a training for all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders. So that'll be a good time. We'll see how receptive everyone is. It should be pretty good for the most part but we have a couple individuals who like to be smart alics and think they're funny know it alls... Patience is something I need to work on a little bit more haha. So that'll be good. We have a couple families in the ward that have a lot of potential for inviting their friends which we are really leaning on happening cause we haven't had a lot of time to work in the area. But this transfer should be a little better. Elder Cook is coming to the Palmdale Stake Conference in a couple weeks. Elder Christofferson is coming to the South Bakersfield Stake Conference in about a month, and Elder Golden is coming to tour the mission the same time that Elder Christofferson is coming. So maybe if we're lucky we'll meet a couple apostles and spend a decent amount of time with a member of the seventy. 

But that's about all I got for ya. Hope the week goes well. I got the pictures that Nic sent. Gotta tell Kara to stop hashtagging. It's so lame... Haha but I love you very much and hope that the reception goes well! Tell everyone I love and miss them!!! 


Elder Scott

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