Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 9, 2013


Well I certainly appreciate your diligence on the e-mail side of things. I always appreciate being informed of the happenings in the familia. I'm sure DLand was quite the adventure and a blast as always. I'll be excited when I get my DLand T-shirt. Had to set a missionary straight last night cause he was calling Ham from Toy Story mr. Porky or something so we gave him the what for haha. Of all things to correct a missionary on and it's what he's calling Disney characters. The Regan library is super sweet. It's too bad you didn't make it for the Disney exhibit at the beginning of the year. I'm sure you saw a lot of the stuff at Disneyland though. I love Simi Valley. If I had to live in California it'd probably be Simi Valley. Just got the e-mail about the slacks. That's fine no worries. I tell Elder Henderson that every day is the day for new slacks and then come into the office to find nothing haha now we know why.

That's an interesting thought to have about the pioneers while going 85 mph down the freeway with the a/c and delightful music ringing through your ears... Must've been hard to make that 9 hour trek haha. I always think back to the trek as a missionary. I believe if I'm not mistaken that the next trek is coming up the summer I get home. Maybe I'll volunteer to help out with that little shindig when it happens. We'll see.

Heard about the big Cougars taking the W over Texas. I was pretty pleased with that. I'm sure President Wilson is as well. He's a die hard Cougs fan. Also good to hear the rest of the teams worth watching in Utah also did well. It's always a delight to hear that Wasatch is winning games. I don't know anything about Ogden's team but they've never really been a big name in sports as far as I'm concerned. So we'll see what happens against some of the other programs they'll be playing against. Goose will be fine. Just tell him not to run into anyone with his head down and mess up his neck as a linebacker haha. I did that too a pretty heavy set kid when I was a freshman and threw off my back a little bit. So those are no bueno.

We had a lot of garbage this week in the mission. I'll pretty much leave it at that as far as comments go though haha. You think people grow up and get a little more mature as they get older, especially as they represent Jesus Christ in all that they do. But alas, not the case in many instances. I've been very disappointed in a lot of missionaries lately. Not like my opinion really matters for much but it's awfully frustrating some of the stuff that goes on these days. Always makes you wonder why they do the things they do. Probably just a lack of understanding I guess, that seems to be the issue in most cases... So I could write a little more but it wouldn't really be edifying or uplifting in many instances haha. But thank you so much for meeting my every wish and desire. It means a lot. I love and miss you all very much and am so grateful that I have you all as my family. Even though Kara already forgot my name. But it's all good!! I'll talk to you soon! If anything comes up let me know. I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Scott

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