Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Testimony of Forgiveness

A Testimony of Forgiveness
      Elder Brady Scott      
                                                                                                                October 2013
We will always have a mindset of safety and protection for those we love. I have the same mindset, but in sometimes we have to give up what we think is best in order to please our Heavenly Father.” If ye love me keep my commandments.” Obviously we're going to break them every now and again because that's part of our growth. When there are things we can do that we know we should, our Heavenly Father expects us to do them and seek to please him. That's not easy in the slightest, but it is more necessary then anything else we will do.
 When Elder Robbins toured the mission a few months back he told us of a story of a young man whose  mother and sister were brutally abused physically, and sexually, then murdered. The criminal happened to be an ex-boyfriend or husband. There came a point where this young man showed up to the prison to visit the man who'd killed his family.  Elder Robbins said it was just like a movie with the glass between them. One man on each side of glass, with a telephone on either side.  The young man said, “I came here to forgive you for what you did.” With tears in his eyes the criminal replied,” how could you forgive me for what I've done?”  Elder Robbins illustrated that you will never be happy nor find peace with that hate in your heart.  Similar counsel to what Elder Golden gave me personally.

This is all much easier said, than done, however. That's where the scriptures and prayer come in. The process of forgiveness cannot be done by ourselves. This is one of those instances where the enabling power of the atonement comes into our hearts so that we may feel the healing power of the atonement.  When I make the decision to forgive, all I can think about is the life of Christ.  There is the example of the woman taken in adultery, the prodigal son, etc. The instance where the Savior tells us we should forgive a man 70 times 7, doesn't literally mean you only forgive 490 times. The Savior was trying to make a point that you should always forgive people of their trespasses.
My two favorite examples of forgiveness are when the man pleads for mercy in paying his debt and he's granted forgiveness then he goes to someone who owes him money and the same scenario occurs and he doesn't forgive the man. Then in essence the question is posed how can you expect forgiveness when you can't forgive?  The second example is the Savior on the cross. I think about how awful and painful that must have been. He hung from the cross, after suffering for the pains, sicknesses, and sins of the world. He suffered for the second time when he was on the verge of being completely alone, with the spirit was withdrawn from him.  He still has strength and charity enough to say "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." In essence saying, “punish me more, for the pain they've already caused me...”
I can promise if you can find it in your heart to forgive , there will be no more pain, no more stress, and a feeling you haven't felt in years because the burdens of the event will be lifted from you. The promise of the savior saying he will take our yoke upon him will become a reality. I know that the Savior died for all of us. That he has a love for everyone that we don't even understand. Even those people who perform the most  cruel acts and do the most obscene things. If he didn't love them the same he wouldn't have died for them too. These things must be if we are to progress. That's also why I'm grateful for the representatives of Christ's church because without them this knowledge and revelation wouldn't have been so pertinent or profound to me.
None of the things we are ever asked to go through will be easy.  In the end, it will always be worth it. This principle has forever changed my life.


Elder Brady Scott
Bakersfield, California Mission

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hola Familia,

Yeah another one in the books just like that. That's sweet the Cougs snagged another victory. I don't know who Taysom Hill is but good he's getting better haha. I'm sure he's the QB or Left Tackle... Personally think the tackle is more important but what do I know? I'm just a retired electrician... It's amazing how much my love for the Y has increased over the past couple weeks... It'll probably shoot right back to where it was after they reject my application to get in haha. All I'm waiting on now is my high school transcript to get transferred over there. I e-mailed Mr. Huntington who was the guy that always hooked me up for classes and what not about a week ago and I still haven't heard back from him. Sent him another e-mail today with a paper that you print during the application process attached to it so I'm hoping to hear from him soon. Hope I wasn't outta line here but I e-mailed Shawn Kelly too asking him to follow up with the guy since he's just a stones cast from his office. Let me know what Shawn says haha. I heard about the Eagles losing.. That's too bad indeed. But the Goose news was well received. That's awesome you got to go watch practice and spend a little time with the team. Where the heck is Gavin's other front tooth? Is that all he wants for Christmas is the other one ;) haha. Thanks a ton for sending that stuff too. Got the gear and the other pleasantries that I was not anticipating in the slightest so those were received very well! I'm sooo grateful for them all. I'm going to send Nic and e-mail saying thank you after this. 

Can't believe it was Bryce and Larissa's farewells.. That's crazy. I'm so stoked for Bryce. I think the news of him going out on a mission was some of the happiest I've gotten since I've been out here. So sweet to hear that. I'm excited for Larissa too. That'll be very exciting to have all these little Midwayers out on missions. I can't believe Kelso is getting home this week either.. That's insane... He e-mailed me today.. He's pretty bummed about going home. He doesn't want to leave the people of Chile with the fear of never seeing them again.. Which is possible. But he'll do great when he gets home. I told him I applied to the Y and he was pretty stoked. As long as I can get my application in on time. I told Shawn in my e-mail that I'm looking to get this out of the way so I'm not stressing about getting it done. Maybe I should ask Nic to do it. She'd get it done tomorrow haha. Glad Jordy is doing well. Haven't heard from her since the wedding day. So that's good that they're settling in nicely. I enjoyed your analogies of serving and being the king of the castle. Those made me chuckle. There's just no way work could dry up. There's always someone whining about someone else who needs to be sued. It's just human nature... I agree with you in the work aspect. I should be alright. But in the event that I'm not I'm selling Gavin's basketball for income and paying my way through life. Haha don't worry about gas and vehicles. I honestly do plan on riding my bike places quite a bit when I get home. Obviously I'll need a vehicle for longer excursions but getting around on a bike is pretty quick in a smaller setting. So I'm looking forward to saving some cash in that regard!

So this week was pretty good. You'll never guess how much time we spent in our area.... Yeah a few hours haha. It was good though. This weekend was awesome we got to attend all sessions of the Palmdale Stake Conference with Elder Cook and then we had a special missionary meeting with him on Sunday morning before the general session. It was good he shook everyone's hand and gave some very good messages. It was pretty cool to sit like 10 feet away from an apostle and listen to him speak and do the whole revelation thing. I feel blessed that we got to travel down and do it cause our half of the mission didn't attend that meeting since Elder Christofferson is going to be in Bakersfield this weekend. But President Wilson said that we could attend both so it was pretty cool. I enjoyed it a lot. Other then his visit though nothing to exciting. We have a couple return appointments with some potentials from this past week. Should be pretty promising. We talked to a lady who was rather tipsy last week... When I say rather I imply that she was barely standing and very friendly.... Haha so those encounters are always pretty enjoyable. Memories for the kids haha. But I don't have a whole lot else to report on. I thank you again for all you do for me that I'm unaware of. The treats and gear and cash and all that jazz is beyond appreciated I really don't think you understand how much it means to me. I love and miss you all quite dearly and will look forward to hearing from you again next week!!


Elder Brady Scott

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well hello!

That's funny that you had some pretty good connections with the Magelby's. I'll try and remember that for the next time that I see them. But alas, more then likely I will forget... So along with you never seeing them again I might not make mention of it either. But if I remember I'll let you know the reaction! I heard the big Cougs won a game. That's pretty funny that the U just gets the spotlight though. BYU just can't catch a break haha. As far as the jazz go, once they pick up the pace next year that's all that matters cause I don't have to witness any of this season haha. 

The ol Miro Industries might be making the gesture huh? I'll have to contemplate. If big Joel will give me my spot back that'd be much obliged too cause I know that he'll be flexible with the schedule once I start school. Speaking of school, more and more conversations have come up about the Y then ever before I feel like haha. Kelso was telling me how they ask quite extensively about a mission and your assignments and that filling out the application then putting that you were an assistant probably couldn't hurt that process. So I'm going to try to go online and see what the application deadlines are like. I've considered just applying for the summer semester immediately after I get home and trying to work while I go to school like three days a week or so. The only downfall to that is transportation and funding the commute until I get a little cash in the bank... Have I ever told you how much I love you? ;) Haha we'll see what that has in store then I'll let you know.

All the General Authority visits are going to be quite stellar. I'm super stoked. The next couple weeks are going to be rather intense and it makes me nervous and excited to have everyone here. Probably give a pretty extensive report as to how that goes. But I concur on some of your favorite talks. I loved Elder Oaks talk. He threw down on everybody. Elder Bednar's was pretty intense too. He is playing no games haha. Conference was super sweet. It is definitely quite nice to have the avenue from Heaven to Earth in the beloved church that we belong too. If only everyone else understood all that shenanigans as well we'd be set! How's your member missionary work going? Have you prayed about a family to try and help bring into the church by Christmas? If not I invite you to consider your ways, and repent (Elder Bednar) ;)

That's crazy Larissa is already super close to going out. I remember when she told me she got her call that doesn't seem like it was too long ago. I remember telling her that when she goes out if I was a sister I'd be coming home... That's a weird thought haha. I got an e-mail from Kelso today. He's the man. He's excited to grab a nice refreshing Mountain Dew upon his return haha. Miss that kid. 

Time has gone by pretty quick. I'm going on almost 6 months of being an assistant. It kinda blows my mind. I'm trying to peg President into letting me go out for my last few months and be a normal missionary. So we'll see how that goes haha. He wants too... Just seems like I might be stuck here for a little while longer with all the missionaries heading home the next couple transfers. We lose a lot of our leadership so it's going to be a little harder to replace. But we'll make it work. 

That's awesome that Kara got to go do baptisms for the dead. Whenever that topic comes up in proselyting people always freak out and think we're psycho's... Haha a lot of misconceptions regarding that ordinance. She got to go to the most beloved place around! Haha that's where I did baptisms for the first time was in the wonderful Vernal Temple. She'll remember that the rest of her life! She's getting old. That's gotta stop.. I'm gonna come back to these huge toddlers that I used to know haha. Tell Nic thank you for preparing a little package of care to come my way. I'll try and make sure the little pleasantries get disposed of properly haha. Hope the lesson went well. I feel like you've only told me a couple stories from your mission. What the heck's that all about? I know nothing about my family why'd you let me hang out with my friends so much? Haha yeah I'll take the blame for that one. The work must be true indeed. It kinda blew me away to find out how not perfect missionaries are. You always have this idea growing up that they don't do anything wrong and then you get out here and BAM. Surprise! Haha we've got a lot of good missionaries in our mission. Hopefully these General Authority visits will straighten up the ones that aren't to keen on doing what they're supposed too. So we'll do what we can for everybody. We've been trying to do more exchanges to work with the zone leaders more which has helped out. 

We went on two exchanges this past week. Both of them were pretty good. The first I was with one of the zone leaders in Oildale. It's pretty nasty and ghetto. Lots of drugs and violence. But a lot of the people are very friendly though. We saw a couple pretty good miracles. Taught some referrals and were able to set a lady with a baptismal date which was pretty sweet. It's amazing how different cultures and societies are within a city. The area we cover is one of the wealthiest parts of Bakersfield outside of like one section of town. So when you go from our area to Oildale, which is like a 15 minute drive across town, the atmosphere completely changes. It's pretty interesting. But we worked a good day there and then switched back and did some planning. The days we weren't on exchanges we were pretty much in the office trying to take care of other things which is always a delight... But we did an exchange with the area I used to be a zone leader in which was kinda fun to go back and work down there. We didn't see any of the people I taught when I was down there but the area has been split since I was there so we didn't really cover where the majority of our work was. We did however get a little scare the morning we were concluding the exchange. Because we went out to our car and everything had been messed with on the inside. Both the center console and glove box was open and all the contents had been pulled out and left on the passenger seat and the floor. There was a bobby pin that was left on the drivers seat, which was all the way leaned back, the bobby pin had been pulled apart to be used as a pick. I don't know if they actually used that but we found it. So we sifting through all the stuff, and here's the weird part, none of it was taken. There was a credit card for gas, a gps, some cd's, etc. and it was all there. So we continued to check out the car then in my head I was running through all the different movies and tv shows I've seen where bombs get planted in cars then you start the car and it blows up. So we were kind of hesitant to start the car and we talked to President and called the police department to have them come do a report. So they did that and left and we started the car and obviously it didn't blow up cause I'm writing this e-mail....

But that was pretty much our excitement for the week. One of the gal's who comes to church every week but isn't a member went to a baptism in South Bakersfield with a member which is super awesome and she wants to get baptized super bad she just wants her husband to be on board. The husband came to church for the first time yesterday so hopefully here in the near future we'll have a couple people enter into the wonderful waters of baptism. We'll see what the future has in store!! But that's all I got at the present time! Hope all is well! I love and miss you greatly and will talk to you next week!!


Elder Scott

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013


There it is. Another week come and gone. I thought you were heading back to Utah soon after the wedding. That's fun you got to stick around and hang out around the beloved metropolis of San Diego. It's a lot prettier down there then it is up here haha. That's super sweet that the guy who performed the sealing was just a fountain of knowledge and wisdom shedding light on Jordan and Kory. That's also cool you got to make it to Pat's sealing. I'm sure the attendance of the temple was much appreciated by all who were present. That'll be very exciting when I actually get to meet the kid my sister's now stuck with forever haha. I got all the pictures by the way.. I can't believe how tall kara has gotten what the heck happened there? Gavin's tooth is huge too haha I think that's the only thing that's gotten bigger on him ;) Sounds like your little festivities were pretty enjoyable though. Torrey Pines Golf Course sounds rather majestic. Sounds pretty pricey for a meager 18 holes... But I guess the price is right when you play with the best. Horton Plaza sounds pretty intense. Have you started looking for a job for me so I can go blow money like a filthy teenager? Haha just kidding. But seriously... I'm gonna be hurting for cash when I get home. Seems like you made out like a bandit though with those savings on the hotel rooms. 

President Wilson politely informed us that the Cougs beat the ol Aggies. That's too bad. Pretty painful for the Utes when your boy throws 6 interceptions... That's no bueno at all, neither is getting your touchdown called back on illegal procedure. That's pretty lame haha. That's too bad you didn't get to see any conference yet. It was super good. I very thoroughly enjoyed every session. All the sessions seemed to go by super fast and the talks were all awesome. Elder Bednar threw down on people that don't pay tithing haha he's invited them to consider there ways and repent... It was awesome. Elder Oaks threw down too. They get the point across with no misinterpretation. It's cool. No earth shattering news on this end. We've been pretty busy over here. We're preparing to have like three General Authorities come to the mission all within the span of like two weeks. Elder Cook is coming to a Palmdale Stake Conference next weekend with an area 70 from somewhere. Then Elder Golden is coming to tour our mission the Wednesday through Friday following that. Then Elder Christofferson will be here the day after Elder Cook comes into town haha. So it's going to be pretty insane. I'm excited. President Wilson is trying to swing us into as many meetings with them as possible so it's going to be sweet. We also started working on transfers today which was good. Got to the office about 8:30 this morning and we've left twice for food. Other then that still here haha. Nothing too crazy outside of that happened this past week. We had our typical Mission Leadership Council and we did an exchange with some Zone Leaders. That was pretty good. Obviously got to watch conference which was super sweet. Conference is like Christmas as a missionary. It's so good. I only have one more conference left in the field... that's how close I am to coming home. 

Pope, he never had his head on straight anyways haha. The filthy weasel getting serious already. I always act hard and say I'm going to hold out from the dating scene for a while... I'll probably get sucked in like every other clown that comes home from a mission. But whatever we don't need him anyways!! Can't believe Kelso is about on the big trek back to the states. That still blows my mind. It was two years ago that we were providing tunes for Aubrey's wedding and dressed fresh to death haha. 

Glad everything was enjoyable over the past couple weeks and that things will start to settle down. At least as far as functions go. Hopefully work stays pretty consistent. As long as you get to bill people for e-mailing me that'll feed a small family of four a couple times a week haha. Thank you for all the pictures. I loved them and they put a smile on my face. Hope this week goes swell and the Lord blesses you continually. Pray for you guys every night. Sometimes in the mornings when I'm fully conscious during my prayers haha. Love ya talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


September 29, 2012


That's extremely exciting that the reception has come and gone. Glad Nic was able to accomodate and getting all the things Jordy wanted. I'm glad my presence was still felt. I had almost forgotten about the reception till the middle of the day and made the connection that the reception was that night. As for the spell I have on people.... I think they're all just confused or lost. I don't have any spells or tricks haha. I agree with you I was a little off that night, didn't really feel like myself haha. I know they're extremely happy. I actually just got an e-mail from Kory. So I gotta reply to him with some more information. But he seems awesome. I think they're going to be great together as well. I'm sure the dance was extremely emotional and that many tears were shed. That's one down... A couple blinks from now that'll be me, then Kara, then Goose. Then you'll be old and gray with miniature me's running around all over the place haha. Goose sounds like the only smart one in the family down on the green enjoying himself haha.

That's too bad that ol Goose finally lost a game. They'll get em when it matters. I heard that Patrick was getting married the same day as Jordan. That's fun. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend haha. But good for him that'll be just grand. Are you only going to be in San Diego for the day? What time do you fly out of Salt Lake? If you could e-mail me back ASAP and let me know that'd be very cool. That'll be very fun to be able to attend Jordan's endowment session. The new movie is pretty sweet. It's way better then the old one haha. No popcorn unfortunately. The new movie's been out for a couple months now if I remember right. I enjoy the Temple now though. I'll admit the first time was pretty weird haha. Especially with Michael Jackson up there as the officiator. With his goofy little mug smiling down on everyone hahaha. Classic. 

That's cool the Pope has a little friend now. I haven't heard from him since he's been home I believe. So that's lame. But whatever I'm trying to think of Probst girls that I knew who he had a thing with but I can't think of who it would be. Maybe I'll find out when I get the wedding invitation haha. Kelso and I will be flying solo haha. But all is well. As for things on my end. Nothing too spectacular. We did a couple exchanges with our District Leader and we did one with the West Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was pretty good. We've been trying to prepare for Elder Golden's visit as well as this upcoming transfer. We're already about half way through the transfer. It's kind of crazy. So before we know it we'll be taking Elder Golden around the mission. So we'll see what happens there. We only have a couple investigators that we're meeting with. It's super upsetting cause the one kid wants to be baptized but he's only 16 and his mom won't let him. The other gal that comes to church every week got up and bore her testimony saying how she knows that the church is true and she has changed a bunch and stuff but she doesn't want to join the church until her husband is all on board and she has four kids and one of them could get baptized. So there's three people that should be getting baptized that can't for various reasons which is highly unfortunate but you just do what you can do until the Lord sees fit to do what he has planned I guess. But that's all I got for you down here. I hope the week goes well! I love and miss you genuinely! Tell everyone hello!

Here's a couple things I need you to answer today has Bryce Bonner left yet? and what time is your flight out of Salt Lake to San Diego?


Your Son