Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well hello!

That's funny that you had some pretty good connections with the Magelby's. I'll try and remember that for the next time that I see them. But alas, more then likely I will forget... So along with you never seeing them again I might not make mention of it either. But if I remember I'll let you know the reaction! I heard the big Cougs won a game. That's pretty funny that the U just gets the spotlight though. BYU just can't catch a break haha. As far as the jazz go, once they pick up the pace next year that's all that matters cause I don't have to witness any of this season haha. 

The ol Miro Industries might be making the gesture huh? I'll have to contemplate. If big Joel will give me my spot back that'd be much obliged too cause I know that he'll be flexible with the schedule once I start school. Speaking of school, more and more conversations have come up about the Y then ever before I feel like haha. Kelso was telling me how they ask quite extensively about a mission and your assignments and that filling out the application then putting that you were an assistant probably couldn't hurt that process. So I'm going to try to go online and see what the application deadlines are like. I've considered just applying for the summer semester immediately after I get home and trying to work while I go to school like three days a week or so. The only downfall to that is transportation and funding the commute until I get a little cash in the bank... Have I ever told you how much I love you? ;) Haha we'll see what that has in store then I'll let you know.

All the General Authority visits are going to be quite stellar. I'm super stoked. The next couple weeks are going to be rather intense and it makes me nervous and excited to have everyone here. Probably give a pretty extensive report as to how that goes. But I concur on some of your favorite talks. I loved Elder Oaks talk. He threw down on everybody. Elder Bednar's was pretty intense too. He is playing no games haha. Conference was super sweet. It is definitely quite nice to have the avenue from Heaven to Earth in the beloved church that we belong too. If only everyone else understood all that shenanigans as well we'd be set! How's your member missionary work going? Have you prayed about a family to try and help bring into the church by Christmas? If not I invite you to consider your ways, and repent (Elder Bednar) ;)

That's crazy Larissa is already super close to going out. I remember when she told me she got her call that doesn't seem like it was too long ago. I remember telling her that when she goes out if I was a sister I'd be coming home... That's a weird thought haha. I got an e-mail from Kelso today. He's the man. He's excited to grab a nice refreshing Mountain Dew upon his return haha. Miss that kid. 

Time has gone by pretty quick. I'm going on almost 6 months of being an assistant. It kinda blows my mind. I'm trying to peg President into letting me go out for my last few months and be a normal missionary. So we'll see how that goes haha. He wants too... Just seems like I might be stuck here for a little while longer with all the missionaries heading home the next couple transfers. We lose a lot of our leadership so it's going to be a little harder to replace. But we'll make it work. 

That's awesome that Kara got to go do baptisms for the dead. Whenever that topic comes up in proselyting people always freak out and think we're psycho's... Haha a lot of misconceptions regarding that ordinance. She got to go to the most beloved place around! Haha that's where I did baptisms for the first time was in the wonderful Vernal Temple. She'll remember that the rest of her life! She's getting old. That's gotta stop.. I'm gonna come back to these huge toddlers that I used to know haha. Tell Nic thank you for preparing a little package of care to come my way. I'll try and make sure the little pleasantries get disposed of properly haha. Hope the lesson went well. I feel like you've only told me a couple stories from your mission. What the heck's that all about? I know nothing about my family why'd you let me hang out with my friends so much? Haha yeah I'll take the blame for that one. The work must be true indeed. It kinda blew me away to find out how not perfect missionaries are. You always have this idea growing up that they don't do anything wrong and then you get out here and BAM. Surprise! Haha we've got a lot of good missionaries in our mission. Hopefully these General Authority visits will straighten up the ones that aren't to keen on doing what they're supposed too. So we'll do what we can for everybody. We've been trying to do more exchanges to work with the zone leaders more which has helped out. 

We went on two exchanges this past week. Both of them were pretty good. The first I was with one of the zone leaders in Oildale. It's pretty nasty and ghetto. Lots of drugs and violence. But a lot of the people are very friendly though. We saw a couple pretty good miracles. Taught some referrals and were able to set a lady with a baptismal date which was pretty sweet. It's amazing how different cultures and societies are within a city. The area we cover is one of the wealthiest parts of Bakersfield outside of like one section of town. So when you go from our area to Oildale, which is like a 15 minute drive across town, the atmosphere completely changes. It's pretty interesting. But we worked a good day there and then switched back and did some planning. The days we weren't on exchanges we were pretty much in the office trying to take care of other things which is always a delight... But we did an exchange with the area I used to be a zone leader in which was kinda fun to go back and work down there. We didn't see any of the people I taught when I was down there but the area has been split since I was there so we didn't really cover where the majority of our work was. We did however get a little scare the morning we were concluding the exchange. Because we went out to our car and everything had been messed with on the inside. Both the center console and glove box was open and all the contents had been pulled out and left on the passenger seat and the floor. There was a bobby pin that was left on the drivers seat, which was all the way leaned back, the bobby pin had been pulled apart to be used as a pick. I don't know if they actually used that but we found it. So we sifting through all the stuff, and here's the weird part, none of it was taken. There was a credit card for gas, a gps, some cd's, etc. and it was all there. So we continued to check out the car then in my head I was running through all the different movies and tv shows I've seen where bombs get planted in cars then you start the car and it blows up. So we were kind of hesitant to start the car and we talked to President and called the police department to have them come do a report. So they did that and left and we started the car and obviously it didn't blow up cause I'm writing this e-mail....

But that was pretty much our excitement for the week. One of the gal's who comes to church every week but isn't a member went to a baptism in South Bakersfield with a member which is super awesome and she wants to get baptized super bad she just wants her husband to be on board. The husband came to church for the first time yesterday so hopefully here in the near future we'll have a couple people enter into the wonderful waters of baptism. We'll see what the future has in store!! But that's all I got at the present time! Hope all is well! I love and miss you greatly and will talk to you next week!!


Elder Scott

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