Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hola Familia,

Yeah another one in the books just like that. That's sweet the Cougs snagged another victory. I don't know who Taysom Hill is but good he's getting better haha. I'm sure he's the QB or Left Tackle... Personally think the tackle is more important but what do I know? I'm just a retired electrician... It's amazing how much my love for the Y has increased over the past couple weeks... It'll probably shoot right back to where it was after they reject my application to get in haha. All I'm waiting on now is my high school transcript to get transferred over there. I e-mailed Mr. Huntington who was the guy that always hooked me up for classes and what not about a week ago and I still haven't heard back from him. Sent him another e-mail today with a paper that you print during the application process attached to it so I'm hoping to hear from him soon. Hope I wasn't outta line here but I e-mailed Shawn Kelly too asking him to follow up with the guy since he's just a stones cast from his office. Let me know what Shawn says haha. I heard about the Eagles losing.. That's too bad indeed. But the Goose news was well received. That's awesome you got to go watch practice and spend a little time with the team. Where the heck is Gavin's other front tooth? Is that all he wants for Christmas is the other one ;) haha. Thanks a ton for sending that stuff too. Got the gear and the other pleasantries that I was not anticipating in the slightest so those were received very well! I'm sooo grateful for them all. I'm going to send Nic and e-mail saying thank you after this. 

Can't believe it was Bryce and Larissa's farewells.. That's crazy. I'm so stoked for Bryce. I think the news of him going out on a mission was some of the happiest I've gotten since I've been out here. So sweet to hear that. I'm excited for Larissa too. That'll be very exciting to have all these little Midwayers out on missions. I can't believe Kelso is getting home this week either.. That's insane... He e-mailed me today.. He's pretty bummed about going home. He doesn't want to leave the people of Chile with the fear of never seeing them again.. Which is possible. But he'll do great when he gets home. I told him I applied to the Y and he was pretty stoked. As long as I can get my application in on time. I told Shawn in my e-mail that I'm looking to get this out of the way so I'm not stressing about getting it done. Maybe I should ask Nic to do it. She'd get it done tomorrow haha. Glad Jordy is doing well. Haven't heard from her since the wedding day. So that's good that they're settling in nicely. I enjoyed your analogies of serving and being the king of the castle. Those made me chuckle. There's just no way work could dry up. There's always someone whining about someone else who needs to be sued. It's just human nature... I agree with you in the work aspect. I should be alright. But in the event that I'm not I'm selling Gavin's basketball for income and paying my way through life. Haha don't worry about gas and vehicles. I honestly do plan on riding my bike places quite a bit when I get home. Obviously I'll need a vehicle for longer excursions but getting around on a bike is pretty quick in a smaller setting. So I'm looking forward to saving some cash in that regard!

So this week was pretty good. You'll never guess how much time we spent in our area.... Yeah a few hours haha. It was good though. This weekend was awesome we got to attend all sessions of the Palmdale Stake Conference with Elder Cook and then we had a special missionary meeting with him on Sunday morning before the general session. It was good he shook everyone's hand and gave some very good messages. It was pretty cool to sit like 10 feet away from an apostle and listen to him speak and do the whole revelation thing. I feel blessed that we got to travel down and do it cause our half of the mission didn't attend that meeting since Elder Christofferson is going to be in Bakersfield this weekend. But President Wilson said that we could attend both so it was pretty cool. I enjoyed it a lot. Other then his visit though nothing to exciting. We have a couple return appointments with some potentials from this past week. Should be pretty promising. We talked to a lady who was rather tipsy last week... When I say rather I imply that she was barely standing and very friendly.... Haha so those encounters are always pretty enjoyable. Memories for the kids haha. But I don't have a whole lot else to report on. I thank you again for all you do for me that I'm unaware of. The treats and gear and cash and all that jazz is beyond appreciated I really don't think you understand how much it means to me. I love and miss you all quite dearly and will look forward to hearing from you again next week!!


Elder Brady Scott

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