Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013


There it is. Another week come and gone. I thought you were heading back to Utah soon after the wedding. That's fun you got to stick around and hang out around the beloved metropolis of San Diego. It's a lot prettier down there then it is up here haha. That's super sweet that the guy who performed the sealing was just a fountain of knowledge and wisdom shedding light on Jordan and Kory. That's also cool you got to make it to Pat's sealing. I'm sure the attendance of the temple was much appreciated by all who were present. That'll be very exciting when I actually get to meet the kid my sister's now stuck with forever haha. I got all the pictures by the way.. I can't believe how tall kara has gotten what the heck happened there? Gavin's tooth is huge too haha I think that's the only thing that's gotten bigger on him ;) Sounds like your little festivities were pretty enjoyable though. Torrey Pines Golf Course sounds rather majestic. Sounds pretty pricey for a meager 18 holes... But I guess the price is right when you play with the best. Horton Plaza sounds pretty intense. Have you started looking for a job for me so I can go blow money like a filthy teenager? Haha just kidding. But seriously... I'm gonna be hurting for cash when I get home. Seems like you made out like a bandit though with those savings on the hotel rooms. 

President Wilson politely informed us that the Cougs beat the ol Aggies. That's too bad. Pretty painful for the Utes when your boy throws 6 interceptions... That's no bueno at all, neither is getting your touchdown called back on illegal procedure. That's pretty lame haha. That's too bad you didn't get to see any conference yet. It was super good. I very thoroughly enjoyed every session. All the sessions seemed to go by super fast and the talks were all awesome. Elder Bednar threw down on people that don't pay tithing haha he's invited them to consider there ways and repent... It was awesome. Elder Oaks threw down too. They get the point across with no misinterpretation. It's cool. No earth shattering news on this end. We've been pretty busy over here. We're preparing to have like three General Authorities come to the mission all within the span of like two weeks. Elder Cook is coming to a Palmdale Stake Conference next weekend with an area 70 from somewhere. Then Elder Golden is coming to tour our mission the Wednesday through Friday following that. Then Elder Christofferson will be here the day after Elder Cook comes into town haha. So it's going to be pretty insane. I'm excited. President Wilson is trying to swing us into as many meetings with them as possible so it's going to be sweet. We also started working on transfers today which was good. Got to the office about 8:30 this morning and we've left twice for food. Other then that still here haha. Nothing too crazy outside of that happened this past week. We had our typical Mission Leadership Council and we did an exchange with some Zone Leaders. That was pretty good. Obviously got to watch conference which was super sweet. Conference is like Christmas as a missionary. It's so good. I only have one more conference left in the field... that's how close I am to coming home. 

Pope, he never had his head on straight anyways haha. The filthy weasel getting serious already. I always act hard and say I'm going to hold out from the dating scene for a while... I'll probably get sucked in like every other clown that comes home from a mission. But whatever we don't need him anyways!! Can't believe Kelso is about on the big trek back to the states. That still blows my mind. It was two years ago that we were providing tunes for Aubrey's wedding and dressed fresh to death haha. 

Glad everything was enjoyable over the past couple weeks and that things will start to settle down. At least as far as functions go. Hopefully work stays pretty consistent. As long as you get to bill people for e-mailing me that'll feed a small family of four a couple times a week haha. Thank you for all the pictures. I loved them and they put a smile on my face. Hope this week goes swell and the Lord blesses you continually. Pray for you guys every night. Sometimes in the mornings when I'm fully conscious during my prayers haha. Love ya talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott

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