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September 29, 2012


That's extremely exciting that the reception has come and gone. Glad Nic was able to accomodate and getting all the things Jordy wanted. I'm glad my presence was still felt. I had almost forgotten about the reception till the middle of the day and made the connection that the reception was that night. As for the spell I have on people.... I think they're all just confused or lost. I don't have any spells or tricks haha. I agree with you I was a little off that night, didn't really feel like myself haha. I know they're extremely happy. I actually just got an e-mail from Kory. So I gotta reply to him with some more information. But he seems awesome. I think they're going to be great together as well. I'm sure the dance was extremely emotional and that many tears were shed. That's one down... A couple blinks from now that'll be me, then Kara, then Goose. Then you'll be old and gray with miniature me's running around all over the place haha. Goose sounds like the only smart one in the family down on the green enjoying himself haha.

That's too bad that ol Goose finally lost a game. They'll get em when it matters. I heard that Patrick was getting married the same day as Jordan. That's fun. I didn't even know he had a girlfriend haha. But good for him that'll be just grand. Are you only going to be in San Diego for the day? What time do you fly out of Salt Lake? If you could e-mail me back ASAP and let me know that'd be very cool. That'll be very fun to be able to attend Jordan's endowment session. The new movie is pretty sweet. It's way better then the old one haha. No popcorn unfortunately. The new movie's been out for a couple months now if I remember right. I enjoy the Temple now though. I'll admit the first time was pretty weird haha. Especially with Michael Jackson up there as the officiator. With his goofy little mug smiling down on everyone hahaha. Classic. 

That's cool the Pope has a little friend now. I haven't heard from him since he's been home I believe. So that's lame. But whatever I'm trying to think of Probst girls that I knew who he had a thing with but I can't think of who it would be. Maybe I'll find out when I get the wedding invitation haha. Kelso and I will be flying solo haha. But all is well. As for things on my end. Nothing too spectacular. We did a couple exchanges with our District Leader and we did one with the West Bakersfield Zone Leaders which was pretty good. We've been trying to prepare for Elder Golden's visit as well as this upcoming transfer. We're already about half way through the transfer. It's kind of crazy. So before we know it we'll be taking Elder Golden around the mission. So we'll see what happens there. We only have a couple investigators that we're meeting with. It's super upsetting cause the one kid wants to be baptized but he's only 16 and his mom won't let him. The other gal that comes to church every week got up and bore her testimony saying how she knows that the church is true and she has changed a bunch and stuff but she doesn't want to join the church until her husband is all on board and she has four kids and one of them could get baptized. So there's three people that should be getting baptized that can't for various reasons which is highly unfortunate but you just do what you can do until the Lord sees fit to do what he has planned I guess. But that's all I got for you down here. I hope the week goes well! I love and miss you genuinely! Tell everyone hello!

Here's a couple things I need you to answer today has Bryce Bonner left yet? and what time is your flight out of Salt Lake to San Diego?


Your Son

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