Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

Well shucks... That's no fun to hear about Klar but I'm glad everything went pretty alright. Did I ever spend any time with Klar? The only people I remember spending any time with in Richfield outside of the McCallister's would be Jeff and his family.. I can't picture anybody else really.. There was one time we stopped at someones house on the way back from some trip and we spent like 30 minutes there to shower and get cleaned up. Maybe I'm the only one who remembers that haha. I chuckled at how you compared his love for horses though. Glad to hear you got to spend some time with him before he passed. I can only imagine you're very grateful for that... I'll have to tell Sister Hawley that you saw Kelly. It's funny all the connections that are there. Goovin coming through for the win on the ball team huh? Who's the new coaching staff at the high school? Where's coach Mag at now? Did he stay the coach after Norman Hayter took off or have they been jumpin coaches a little bit? The Y sounds like they have a decent squad the U hasn't really been any good for quite some time now so that doesn't shock me that they lost. That's a pretty crummy record for the ol Jazz... Goodness gracious. I hear this Jabari Parker kid is super good. I thought he was like a freshman though? Or is he up for grabs this year? You'll have to let me know how the Iwoa State game goes. That'd be a fun one to go see. 

So you'll never guess how much temporal fun that I was able to have in the last seven days! Haha that's probably not what you expected to see in this e-mail. Last Monday we were blessed with the opportunity to go bowling. Which was just delightful. Bowled pretty good for not bowling in 18 months. We got to play unlimited games for two hours. So we got four games in with the four of us. Won the first three games with a score of 159 the second with 144 the third with 156 and the last one I lost by two pins cause I didn't pick up the spare and it was 149 to 151 the conqueror being Elder Hudson. But it's alright we made it happen. But then today this is where I'm really gonna get ya, President Wilson called off our meeting a little early so we could go play a round of 18 with Elder Pruett who's one of the senior missionaries here in the office. It was super sweet. We played out at Buena Vista Golf Course out in the boonies but it was a ton of fun. Didn't play super well, but I was thoroughly impressed with myself for not swinging a club in 18 months. The first nine were pretty brutal but shot about a 45 or so on the back nine. Got just about all the drives off the tee box pretty good and my iron game was pretty swell... But my chipping and putting killed me. Nothing has really changed there haha. So no practice, unfamiliar clubs, on an unfamiliar course. I'm proud of myself haha. Elder Pruett also paid which was quite awesome! So temporally it's been an awesome 7 days.

As far as missionary work goes... It's been a lot of office this past week. We also had Mission Leadership Council which will take up a whole day but we did get t
o go to the temple on Friday for Elder Neff's birthday which was awesome. We did like a 3:30 session so when we got out of the temple it was dark and it was cool to see all the big city lights and the skyscrapers and stuff there in Santa Monica. Ate at a little jewish place called Lennie's close to the temple. Pretty splendid. Our ward is really getting on the ball as far as missionary work goes. We had like 5 nonmembers or so at church this past week but the only problem is 4 of the 5 live in the South Stake haha. So they're not getting baptized in our ward. It's okay though I think the gospel is true over there too... Hopefully haha jk. So nothing supersane. We got to meet with one of our investigators Chris yesterday though. That was pretty good. Poor kid would get baptized today if his mom would let him. We had a member send a fall arrangement of some flowers to try and soften her heart a little bit. But unfortunately she didn't take that very well and got a little upset with him haha. Flippidy jibbetts... Thought flowers got em every time. Apparently not though. It's been a pretty good and fun week though. This transfer is now officially half way over which is crazy. Thanksgiving should be pretty enjoyable and I'm excited for it. We have a couple families that are desirous to hook us up with some delicious turkey and potatoes.. But that's about all I got. Tell Nic I got the debit card today which I genuinely appreciate. My other one was falling apart. Don't miss me too much. The next six months I feel are going to go by way faster then the other portions of six. Kinda weird that by the next time I hear from you it'll officially be the big 18. Life goes on. Love and miss you all quite much and hope you have a stupendous week! Talk to you soon!


Elder Scott


Golf Trip on P-day

Right on thanks a ton. If you sent one or two as part of like Christmas or something that'd be fun. But there isn't a ton of need to send all of them like you said. I only can wear em once a week and typically that once a week is taken up by meetings haha. Thanks on the form. Tried to remember everything you taught me. You win by the way... Finally gained a testimony of not breaking my wrists on the chip shots and really slowing down the ol drive swing. This is one of those moments where your kids realize they were wrong the whole time they just thought they could do it their way haha. Love ya

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013


Well goodness gracious... There's been a bit of sad news and death in the assistants e-mails the past couple weeks.. I'm sorry to hear that. I do indeed remember Jeff and Martin and the crew. If I remember right we were with Jeff when I was in Kindergarten or 2nd grade and I fell off the back of that fourwheeler and wrecked my face... I'm sorry to hear that. But I had the thought the other day about the sting of death as I was doing my personal study and it rang true to me that the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ and that the glory and magnificence of passing on surpasses all the pain that we go through at death. There was also an Elder Forsey in my mission. He was only here for about a week and then he was out. So I wouldn't doubt it if the family events played a role in that. Seemed like he was a good kid though. 

Elder Neff got a kick out of that part of your e-mail with nipper! That's pretty funny. Good ol' Timmy. When I told Elder Neff where I got the basketball gear from he was freaking out at that I got it from Timmy haha. That sounds like a heartbreaker with the big championship loss... Gall darn I hate those. Basketball will be pretty fun. I miss playing basketball on P-day... I kinda miss having a p-day haha. We're trying to get President to take us golfing. It's a work in progress but it will happen! That'd be fun to work for Timmy and the boys the only problem is I have to get into BYU first haha. That's the big kicker. I'd be satisfied with whatever happens. At first I was thinking I'd be really sad if I got rejected, but the pro would be I get to work and try and save some money before I start college broke as a joke. So either way it'll work out. That's classic that Kara and Gavin only remember the rocks and dogs. Those are the most exciting parts about missions right? Haha 

This week has been pretty good. We weren't in the office a whole lot which was nice. We did exchanges with the Buena Vista and West Bakersfield Zone Leaders. Two pretty good exchanges. While I was with the West Zone Leaders we went and proselyted at a local college CSUB. Basically we just walk around campus and pretend to survey people. Well it's not really pretending cause we are asking them questions and writing stuff down. But then we erase what we wrote down and start all over with someone else haha. But we talked to a ton of people so it was sweet. The Zone Leaders cover the YSA ward that's why we were at the college. It was neat because while we talked to many people, there's one guy who was super interested. His name was Gale. He basically gave us the shpeal of If I knew there was one church then I'd join it. Because I believe there's one somewhere I just haven't seen anyone that's been good enough to give me that evidence. So in essence we said look man, any church going person you talk to is going to tell you there church is the right one, that being said, we'll tell you the same thing. We do believe this to be Christ's church. The only difference is we don't want you to take our word for it. If you do that then it's man believing in man and not God. So ask him and he'll let you know what you need to hear. 

He seemed pretty touched by our response. So it was legit to talk to him. We have his number and are going to set something up here in the future. We were also able to find a new investigator and set him with a baptismal date in the YSA ward. So I'm happy for em, sure wish it was in ours though haha. We're getting places though. Our members are doing missionary work it just so happens that it's not with people in our ward. I'm just glad they're doing it haha. But that's about all the excitement we have over here. Sister Hawley (Magelby) is going to tell her little sister that Yoda says hi. So I remembered haha. But I love you much. Tell Nic that I got the package with the letter exchange book in it and that I think that's one of the coolest presents I've ever gotten. It was very neat to see the change in some of these hooligans from high school haha. But I think that's about all I got. Thank you for all you do I appreciate everything, even if I don't say it very much.


Elder Scott 

p.s. we gave a blessing to Sister Bower today and she told Elder Neff and myself to tell our parents on her behalf thank you for raising me the way you did.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

King Triton,

So glad you got to enjoy the beautiful land of pebbles and beaches. How would it be. I miss the snow. Snow is beautiful and fun to play in. Ugly smoggy Bakersfield however is not. But it's got beautiful people haha. Poor Jazz squad. Maybe they'll just end the season like 0-95 and get like the top three picks haha. That'd be just delightful. Get someone that can shoot the ball good and take it to the hole instead of some Ukranian that whines about his bruised pinky toe. You're going to have to let me know how the big game goes tonight. Tell him to stop worrying about getting carries in practice and to work harder. If there's one thing I regret in life it's not sticking to a sport and working at it when I was younger, cause now at this point it's like i'm a jack of all sports and master of none. Forget being mediocre that doesn't get you anywhere in life haha. His time will come it's his first year playing. 

This past week was relatively uneventful. We got all our new missionaries last week and went through the transfer process as usual. So that was a success. So far there aren't too many complaints as far as I'm aware. So that's good. We have seen some good results this past week though. We did very little proselyting but we were able to set up some appointments and teach a few people which was nice. We have a few lessons lined up tonight that we really are trying to get some members too cause we double booked ourselves with the hope of getting the ward to do splits with us. So we'll see what happens. We taught a kid named Chris who wants to get baptized but his mom won't let him till he's 18. He's almost 17 now but we basically had a lesson on loving and serving his mom. We told him he needs to introduce her to his friend Liz who's been going with him to church and stuff and take her to dinner and jazz like that. So hopefully he does it. She just needs to be helped and told she's appreciated and we're pretty sure her heart will be softened. So we'll see what happens. But if you could keep Chris in your prayers that'd be wonderful. We need all the help we can get for this kid. But other then that I have about nothing else to talk about haha. I love you all bunches and hope you have a good week. I'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott