Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013


Well goodness gracious... There's been a bit of sad news and death in the assistants e-mails the past couple weeks.. I'm sorry to hear that. I do indeed remember Jeff and Martin and the crew. If I remember right we were with Jeff when I was in Kindergarten or 2nd grade and I fell off the back of that fourwheeler and wrecked my face... I'm sorry to hear that. But I had the thought the other day about the sting of death as I was doing my personal study and it rang true to me that the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ and that the glory and magnificence of passing on surpasses all the pain that we go through at death. There was also an Elder Forsey in my mission. He was only here for about a week and then he was out. So I wouldn't doubt it if the family events played a role in that. Seemed like he was a good kid though. 

Elder Neff got a kick out of that part of your e-mail with nipper! That's pretty funny. Good ol' Timmy. When I told Elder Neff where I got the basketball gear from he was freaking out at that I got it from Timmy haha. That sounds like a heartbreaker with the big championship loss... Gall darn I hate those. Basketball will be pretty fun. I miss playing basketball on P-day... I kinda miss having a p-day haha. We're trying to get President to take us golfing. It's a work in progress but it will happen! That'd be fun to work for Timmy and the boys the only problem is I have to get into BYU first haha. That's the big kicker. I'd be satisfied with whatever happens. At first I was thinking I'd be really sad if I got rejected, but the pro would be I get to work and try and save some money before I start college broke as a joke. So either way it'll work out. That's classic that Kara and Gavin only remember the rocks and dogs. Those are the most exciting parts about missions right? Haha 

This week has been pretty good. We weren't in the office a whole lot which was nice. We did exchanges with the Buena Vista and West Bakersfield Zone Leaders. Two pretty good exchanges. While I was with the West Zone Leaders we went and proselyted at a local college CSUB. Basically we just walk around campus and pretend to survey people. Well it's not really pretending cause we are asking them questions and writing stuff down. But then we erase what we wrote down and start all over with someone else haha. But we talked to a ton of people so it was sweet. The Zone Leaders cover the YSA ward that's why we were at the college. It was neat because while we talked to many people, there's one guy who was super interested. His name was Gale. He basically gave us the shpeal of If I knew there was one church then I'd join it. Because I believe there's one somewhere I just haven't seen anyone that's been good enough to give me that evidence. So in essence we said look man, any church going person you talk to is going to tell you there church is the right one, that being said, we'll tell you the same thing. We do believe this to be Christ's church. The only difference is we don't want you to take our word for it. If you do that then it's man believing in man and not God. So ask him and he'll let you know what you need to hear. 

He seemed pretty touched by our response. So it was legit to talk to him. We have his number and are going to set something up here in the future. We were also able to find a new investigator and set him with a baptismal date in the YSA ward. So I'm happy for em, sure wish it was in ours though haha. We're getting places though. Our members are doing missionary work it just so happens that it's not with people in our ward. I'm just glad they're doing it haha. But that's about all the excitement we have over here. Sister Hawley (Magelby) is going to tell her little sister that Yoda says hi. So I remembered haha. But I love you much. Tell Nic that I got the package with the letter exchange book in it and that I think that's one of the coolest presents I've ever gotten. It was very neat to see the change in some of these hooligans from high school haha. But I think that's about all I got. Thank you for all you do I appreciate everything, even if I don't say it very much.


Elder Scott 

p.s. we gave a blessing to Sister Bower today and she told Elder Neff and myself to tell our parents on her behalf thank you for raising me the way you did.

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