Monday, December 23, 2013

December 22, 2013


Hey yeah who would want a long e-mail huh? Haha yeah Skype will be just stupendous... This time it'll be legal though for us to be seeing each others mugs... Haha oops well they never sent me home so alas all is well. I got one of the packages. Hopefully the other one comes in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure big Joel is just ecstatic for ol' skooey boy to get home. Glad he can hook me up with a job again. That'll be much needed. Start raking in the cash ASAP. I'm sure he'll get sent out of the office in January and be a part of the regular crowd of missionaries for his last two transfers... We'll see what happens in my case. I have a feeling I'm going to be around here for at least one more following this one. So we'll see what happens. After the end of this transfer I'll have been in this position for 8 and a half months... Time goes. That's too bad the Jazz aren't in last place anymore. Who on earth is playing worse then the jazz at this point in time? But hey we'll be talking to you on Wednesday huh? I'm excited I'll be trying to Skype around 10 or 10:30 so that'd be 11 or 11:30 your time. Tell Timmy to pick his head up. All is well... Love ya and we'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013


Well it's hanging alright haha. Ol' Goosey boy is just quite the showman huh? Glad someone in this family is gonna go somewhere in life. Between he and Kara we could retire and play golf for the rest of our lives and live on the dull or whatever the heck that system is. Cameron e-mailed me a while back and talked to me about his BYU endeavors. Unfortunately my entire schooling career is not as good as it should be. They'll look at my high school GPA and my ACT because I only had like 11 or 12 hours at Dixie. Hopefully my sop story in my application essays will soften someones heart and they'll give me a break of that kit kat bar. If they didn't I wouldn't be shocked or depressed though. I'd be more then happy to just go to work and try and get some money saved so I don't have to worry about funds for the next 25 years. We'll see what happens. In the event that I get shunned I'll just go to UVU and make up for lost time. But if they cut his GPA cause SUU is an easy school then they'll more then likely cut mine as well since Dixie isn't as prestigious at SUU. I'll be glad to come home and accompany Cameron in due time. Sounds like how I was before I left. Work, come home, sleep, then repeat. That's an exhilarating lifestyle! I'll be home soon though. 

Glad that people are still needing sued and granting the Scott family income. That's always comforting when you have work haha. In his age group are they shooting on ten foot hoops or still playing on the little ones? That is also super depressing about the mighty U smoking the Y... That's been a poor organization as far as hoops go for as long as I've been alive haha. That's fun the Goovy had his first game though. That'll make up for crummy college sports. Wasatch... Oh Wasatch... You know what phrase I've really grown to hate while being out here? "My parents were right" Haha I should've played my senior year. What a fool I am. Oh well, cryin over spilled milk now. We beat Timpview my junior year. They beat em my senior year too. But we also had ol' Trevor Bamgartner and Mike Brown and kids of that nature. They were all pretty impressive athletes... Unlike the scum who just clogs up down low and gets called on the foul while standing still with arms straight in the air.... I'm not bitter. 

I'll see what we can do as far as skyping goes. We'll see what we can do as far as timing goes. It'll probably be around ten a.m. or so. We'll see what happens. I don't even know how we're going to work it. We're trying to get it in the office with President's laptop. We'll see how that goes though. We should be good as far as homesickness goes. I got rid of all my pictures. They're actually going to be heading your way this weekend. Marc Urmston from our ward is going to be up in Midway for part of Christmas so he's going to take up a bag that I gave him with some stuff that I don't need in it. He'll also be packing some of Elder LaPlants stuff that he's going to pick up after his mission. It'll be a suit and a photo album of his. That's about it though haha.

This week was pretty good. Somewhat uneventful. We had transfers so the majority of our time was spent with new/departing missionaries. As well as updating stuff in the office and getting things organized and jazz like that pretty much all week. We got to proselyte for a couple hours yesterday as well as Saturday. As assistants we do a companionship study with the four sister training leaders and we did ours this last Saturday. It was very inspiring and uplifting. They asked us to focus on diligence, compassion and sternness regarding correction, and how to avoid comparing yourself with other missionaries and areas. It was very spiritual and we hope that we made a difference in someones life, cause I know my mind was caught up to serious reflection about some things. We got to talk to a few good families and had a lengthy conversation with a guy named Jason. He reminded me a lot of the country folk back in Vernal. He didn't really have a belief in God and was a little upset with whatever is out there because of some of the hard ships he had to go through earlier in life. Which I think is fair, I think we all have those thoughts in one regard or another throughout life. But we had a good conversation and I think he'll come around. He was very direct, he didn't beat around the bush in the slightest which I love as a missionary. I don't need any of these people teasing us saying "Yeah sure come back another day we'll talk then." Then you go back and they answer saying "Sorry we're busy" then shut the door before you even speak hahaha. That happened yesterday so it's pretty fresh in the mind still. Other then that all is well. We had our ward Christmas party this past weekend and we were asked to dress up as Centurion Soldiers because the theme was "A Night in Bethlehem" so everyone was dressed up pretty Jewish like except for us obviously casuse we were Roman haha. Wish I had some more crazy awesome exciting stories. But alas... 70 hours in the office and 6 hours proselyting tends to keep you on the short end of the story spectrum haha. I love you lots though and look forward to our conversation next week. When I found out some more details I'll try and let you know! Take care and talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013


So sounds like it's been pretty cold across the western united states. It's awesome because it's been like 26 degrees or so at it's coldest and everyone is freakin out thinking it's bitter cold, as I walk around with my footjoy jacket which was so graciously given to me haha. I enjoy it a lot. That detour sounds brutal. I can't believe that St. George got that much snow... That's a lot for down there. You're little detour just got you more cultures as far as the geography of Nevada goes! Sounds like the rodeo itself was pretty fun though. I'm sure it was quite the time. Now you can wear that hat and those boots every year when you got to the home town rodeo.... Then I'll steal em for all my shenanigans haha. That's awesome that the Y will be playing in a little bowl game. The jazz sound super good at their little profession haha. I'm happy for em. This means next year they're going to be great. Who's the best right now in the standings of the NBA? Did I tell you I got a Lebron James rookie card back in February from a member in Pismo Beach? I swindled him out of his shoes! He actually just gave it to me which was really cool. His name is Nick and he's currently on a mission down in like Nicaragua or something.

The ol' sun, moon, and stars gig that I was talking to President Wilson about was for me to go up to Mammoth Lakes with a missionary named Elder LaPlant at the January transfer, then after two transfers I'd go to Golden Hills for my last transfer which is where I started my mission. That was my proposed idea if I was to get out of the office soon. I told him if he was going to keep me around that I'd like to be with Elder LaPlant in the office but I'd prefer to be in Mammoth. Alas I got the latter of the two and I'll be companions with Elder LaPlant remaining as an assistant for the next transfer at least... It might be longer, we'll see what the future has in store. So that's it, it was quite the longshot but I went for it and the payout should be a lot of fun haha.

As for time and finding people.... Yeah... We did a good day or so of proselyting last week. But it was very effective. We found a less active family that no one in the ward knows that was super friendly invited us in we talked and got to know them and then we asked em if they wanted to come to church the next day and their was hesitation.... Then they said maybe one day. So I'm thinking within the next few weeks or so they'll be back. They are going to feed us dinner on Thursday night which will be just delightful and we'll be having Carne Asada tacos. We also were able to set up an appointment with a potential investigator that knows our ward mission leader. So that'll be awesome and we should be meeting with them on Wednesday.

We had the opportunity to also go to the temple on Friday with the departing missionaries as well as have MLC last week. Needless to say.... Have you ever thought about that phrase? We always say needless to say but then for whatever reason we still say it? What a paradox... Anyways, right now we're sitting here listening to the office staff give their trainings to the new missionaries... I don't know what else I need to update you on. Kind of just another week in the life of a missionary haha.

Elder Scott

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25, 2013


Yeah seven more days down huh? Transfers are already a whopping two weeks away. You get one batch of missionaries and find em housing then two days later you get a bunch more... Not really but it feels like it haha. It was super fun to be able to mess around in the world I'm not gonna lie. That's the most temporal fun I've had in 18 months... Who knows maybe we'll do it again someday. Are you keeping your RCC membership? Do you know a Jeff Henderson? That is my old companion Elder Connor Henderson's dad and he has an RCC membership. There's also a sister in the mission who used to work at RCC. So that's been kinda fun to talk about with a couple of the missionaries around the We had the privilege of taking a wonderful visa waiter to the airport this morning at around 4 so I'm a little tired haha. But it's all good. That's a devastating start to the season with a big 1-13 for the jazz.... Gall darn. Did you buy a bunch of 6th row tickets again this year? They're probably going to pull a money ball comeback and hit like a 20 game win streak and just throw off the thought of getting Jabari Parker on to the squad. We heard about the Y getting beat by ND. That's no fun. Don't feel super bad for the Utes. Where is this Jason Long guy from who's doing the squad now? I thought Norman Hayter got shuffled out and moved back to Oregon or something to that effect? Maybe I'm just super out of the loop.

Haha ol Goosey boy... Reminds me of myself haha. That's where the majority of the money I made before I came out went was into tithing cause I felt bad I hadn't paid anything the past year. I know the Lord doesn't care about the money and it's the principle. But I felt better about myself afterwards haha. Do I need to pay tithing on gifts? I've always told people no but I feel bad being on a mission and getting money and not paying tithing... Maybe you could offer me some wise counsel master yoda... I'm sure I'm fine either way... But I don't know let me know what you think. That's crazy the Lowry's just got home from their mission. I forgot that I was in the MTC with them haha. Goodness they're already home... That's weird. Nic told me I'm like third from the top on our ward roster of missionaries... That's insane. It wasn't that long ago we were praying for lowry and hills and all those guys in priests quorum... 

Thanksgiving is going to be grand... I'm sure I'll end the weekend about 300 pounds with the four dinner appointments we have that day... Forget that I'm going to feel nasty haha. It'll be fun though. That'd be fun for the kids to go up there and hang out again though. They could have a nice Pizza Hut buffet for their Thanksgiving dinner. Be like the time we went to Tony's or Macaroni Grill or whatever the heck is across the street from Disneyland a few years back. Elder Neff laughed when I read the part about nipper jr. Glad you got the picture. The lady that took it is one of the best in the ward. She's awesome. They have a good family and they're very missionary oriented so it's cool. I hate putting up those Christmas lights haha. That high point is just the brink of death looking over the steep cement as you careen down to your death. I don't know if that was the correct use of careen but I think I can get away with it on this one. I'll put em up for you next year. My frame isn't exactly nimble enough to get em up there. It can handle it though. The lights are starting to come up in Bakersfield so that's fun. Last year was cool in Simi cause they had a whole stash of Christmas lights around there. It was very fun. 

This week was pretty good. We did a couple exchanges with some zone leaders. Spent a day with Elder Wells who's from Indiana and Elder Spencer who came out from Vernal, UT. He moved into Vernal when I moved in with you so we missed each other by a month or so. We had some common acquaintances so it was kind of fun to talk about how it was for him. He's a good missionary very purpose focused and a hard worker so it was fun to spend a couple days with them. They both were really good exchanges. We talked to a guy who we set up a return appointment with and typically you set up these appointments and they don't go through. But we actually got a hold of this guy and taught him the Restoration and invited him to be baptized and what not. He said he'd have to pray about it. Which we thought was a good idea haha. So we're going to give him a call tomorrow and try to set something up to teach him some more. He actually goes to a very anti church here in Bakersfield called the Bridge. So I was surprised to see him be open with us the way he was. But it was pretty good to teach another lesson. We also had a chance to teach a guy Jose. We've taught him a few times since I've been in the ward. He tried to drop us because he felt more comfortable with the Bible then the Book of Mormon. So we taught him a little more and got him to rethink his decisions and we're going to meet with him again tomorrow night with a solid member for another lesson. Well Elder Neff will be cause they're going to teach him in Spanish. I'm going to go with another member to talk to a buddy of his that he wants us to get into contact with. So we'll see what happens there. We started working on transfers today so we only had to spend from like 6 to 3 in the office doing stuff. As well as our e-mails and what not. I had my interview with President this past week too. He asked me what I'd like to do with the rest of my mission cause I've been in this position for a while. I had a hard time answering and I finally said President I'll do what you want me to do.... He was kind enough to reply Well Elder I know that. But tell me what you'd like to happen. Haha he wasn't having any of that shenanigans. So I asked him how selfish I could be and he said as selfish as you want. So I proposed a couple of ideas and he seemed very willing to go with those. So we'll see what happens. It'll be picture perfect if what I proposed comes to pass. But like I said. I'll do what he wants me to do haha. But that's about all I have for you at this point. I always enjoy the weekly e-mail. Thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you've made on my behalf. I love you all very much. Talk to you soon!!


Elder Scott

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 1, 2013


Yeah happy turkey day. Didn't even feel like Thanksgiving honestly haha. Just felt like a normal day haha. Well I can't complain that you're going to keep the RCC gig going... That'll be a delight to wake up Thursday morning and go play a round hahaha. Glad to hear things are still staying steady in the sue business. I don't know if that's how you spell sue but you're just going to have to accept it. I'll have to introduce you to Jeff Henderson next time we go down there. He's a big Harley guy too. Maybe you should just become best friends and buy yourself a little Christmas Hog if ya know what I mean huh? Haha. Well I have some vain wishes and desires as far as the upcoming transfers go regarding my chat with President... The main I proposed isn't going to come to pass haha. I figured it was a long shot but I tried to go big. I basically only told him two things that I wanted to happen. I said if you're going to keep me around the office longer then I'd like my companion to be Elder LaPlant. Who is one of my best friends in the mission field currently. The other option was to stay around the office for one more transfer to train somebody new and then go serve up in Mammoth Lakes with a missionary of my choice and he was pretty willing to do so. I already know what's going to happen though which is cool and i'm excited for it. But the main wish I had probably isn't going to happen. But all is well. I'll tell you what happens in next weeks e-mail once transfers happen and everybody knows. Right now it's just the four assistants and president that know what's happening next week. So my obligation is to keep it that way until it is public haha.

That's awesome that there's three more missionaries coming out of the ol' Midway 2nd. That'll be just joyous to watch all these younglings come home from their mission and be all grown up and stuff. I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed when I get off the plain and you realize I'm still a child who looks the same and gained five pounds haha. Glad you got to teach Gospel Doctrine though. We got to teach the Young Women's lesson today on Standing as a Witness of God at all Times in all Things and in all Places. That was fun. The young women were very rowdy and a tid bit obnoxious haha. But it was fun we had a good lesson and they practiced scenarios that they run into at school and with their friends and such and how to react in certain situations so it was delightful. 

That's awesome that the Jazz are still blowing it haha. Good lans... What's the deal do they not get along do we have a new coaching staff what the heck is the problem? That's horrible. My high school team could probably play better then them haha. Probably not but still... Sounds like football was good this week though. That's awesome that the Aggies are playing in the Mountain West Championship. The Utes.... poor guys... They haven't seen success since the Fiesta Bowl many years ago... Or every time they play the Y haha. I miss watching the Y play BBall... That was always a fun time. But Utah State's student section is definitely up in the ranks... Who won the big game though? You said that US had a good squad but never mentioned the victor. That'll be fun to go to the National Finals too. Where is that at? Nebraska? Mississippi? Vegas? Probably in Vegas huh? That makes the most sense... Lots of cowboys in sin city haha. 

It's gnarly how time goes. I was just thinkin about how little I enjoyed last Thanksgiving haha. I don't know if I ever came clean on that one but it was brutal. We ate dinner with a weird family and my companion was driving me up a wall that week. Miss the kid now though. He was awesome I was just a punk. Isn't that how it always is? I definitely have been able to see a change in my attitude towards others for the most part. That's one thing that I've noticed so far in my service. So hopefully I can keep that up. I also am glad to state, you'll have to tell Mom this one, I am now a very clean and organized individual and it bugs the livin daylights outta me when things aren't clean... Who knew? haha This week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy and eventful. We did a couple exchanges and worked our area a little bit. Kinda hard to teach and find on holiday weeks cause no one is around or willing to take time out of their busy days to talk to you. But we had a delightful week and were able to meet a couple families that have a lot of potential. So that's kind of the update here. We had a little escapade out to Lake LA to pick up a missionary who headed home today. But during our trek they gave us wrong directions and we ended up clear in the middle of flippin nowhere on this nasty dirt road which had the softest sand ever cause it had rained like crazy that day and the day before so we're in a rear wheel drive chevy express van that has no weight in the back and no four wheel drive capabilities. So needless to say when we tried to turn around on this narrow dirt road we got off the beaten path and got stuck very similar to the time I took the F-150 up Center Creek and got it stuck trying to save Bonner. Luckily it wasn't as bad and we dug ourselves out of the mess in our shirts and ties and made it back safely with the acquired target. I was pretty frustrated though..... Judast... Some peoples kids don't know north from south or their nose from their knee cap. So we were sent all over... But anyways now that you've heard me rant about directions and the shenanigans that encompassed the farthest outreach of the California Bakersfield Mission to the east I'll let you go haha. Love you tons I'm excited to Skype you on Christmas. Make sure you have a skype account that I can call you on. I'll talk to you soon and hope all is well!


Elder Scott