Monday, December 2, 2013

December 1, 2013


Yeah happy turkey day. Didn't even feel like Thanksgiving honestly haha. Just felt like a normal day haha. Well I can't complain that you're going to keep the RCC gig going... That'll be a delight to wake up Thursday morning and go play a round hahaha. Glad to hear things are still staying steady in the sue business. I don't know if that's how you spell sue but you're just going to have to accept it. I'll have to introduce you to Jeff Henderson next time we go down there. He's a big Harley guy too. Maybe you should just become best friends and buy yourself a little Christmas Hog if ya know what I mean huh? Haha. Well I have some vain wishes and desires as far as the upcoming transfers go regarding my chat with President... The main I proposed isn't going to come to pass haha. I figured it was a long shot but I tried to go big. I basically only told him two things that I wanted to happen. I said if you're going to keep me around the office longer then I'd like my companion to be Elder LaPlant. Who is one of my best friends in the mission field currently. The other option was to stay around the office for one more transfer to train somebody new and then go serve up in Mammoth Lakes with a missionary of my choice and he was pretty willing to do so. I already know what's going to happen though which is cool and i'm excited for it. But the main wish I had probably isn't going to happen. But all is well. I'll tell you what happens in next weeks e-mail once transfers happen and everybody knows. Right now it's just the four assistants and president that know what's happening next week. So my obligation is to keep it that way until it is public haha.

That's awesome that there's three more missionaries coming out of the ol' Midway 2nd. That'll be just joyous to watch all these younglings come home from their mission and be all grown up and stuff. I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed when I get off the plain and you realize I'm still a child who looks the same and gained five pounds haha. Glad you got to teach Gospel Doctrine though. We got to teach the Young Women's lesson today on Standing as a Witness of God at all Times in all Things and in all Places. That was fun. The young women were very rowdy and a tid bit obnoxious haha. But it was fun we had a good lesson and they practiced scenarios that they run into at school and with their friends and such and how to react in certain situations so it was delightful. 

That's awesome that the Jazz are still blowing it haha. Good lans... What's the deal do they not get along do we have a new coaching staff what the heck is the problem? That's horrible. My high school team could probably play better then them haha. Probably not but still... Sounds like football was good this week though. That's awesome that the Aggies are playing in the Mountain West Championship. The Utes.... poor guys... They haven't seen success since the Fiesta Bowl many years ago... Or every time they play the Y haha. I miss watching the Y play BBall... That was always a fun time. But Utah State's student section is definitely up in the ranks... Who won the big game though? You said that US had a good squad but never mentioned the victor. That'll be fun to go to the National Finals too. Where is that at? Nebraska? Mississippi? Vegas? Probably in Vegas huh? That makes the most sense... Lots of cowboys in sin city haha. 

It's gnarly how time goes. I was just thinkin about how little I enjoyed last Thanksgiving haha. I don't know if I ever came clean on that one but it was brutal. We ate dinner with a weird family and my companion was driving me up a wall that week. Miss the kid now though. He was awesome I was just a punk. Isn't that how it always is? I definitely have been able to see a change in my attitude towards others for the most part. That's one thing that I've noticed so far in my service. So hopefully I can keep that up. I also am glad to state, you'll have to tell Mom this one, I am now a very clean and organized individual and it bugs the livin daylights outta me when things aren't clean... Who knew? haha This week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy and eventful. We did a couple exchanges and worked our area a little bit. Kinda hard to teach and find on holiday weeks cause no one is around or willing to take time out of their busy days to talk to you. But we had a delightful week and were able to meet a couple families that have a lot of potential. So that's kind of the update here. We had a little escapade out to Lake LA to pick up a missionary who headed home today. But during our trek they gave us wrong directions and we ended up clear in the middle of flippin nowhere on this nasty dirt road which had the softest sand ever cause it had rained like crazy that day and the day before so we're in a rear wheel drive chevy express van that has no weight in the back and no four wheel drive capabilities. So needless to say when we tried to turn around on this narrow dirt road we got off the beaten path and got stuck very similar to the time I took the F-150 up Center Creek and got it stuck trying to save Bonner. Luckily it wasn't as bad and we dug ourselves out of the mess in our shirts and ties and made it back safely with the acquired target. I was pretty frustrated though..... Judast... Some peoples kids don't know north from south or their nose from their knee cap. So we were sent all over... But anyways now that you've heard me rant about directions and the shenanigans that encompassed the farthest outreach of the California Bakersfield Mission to the east I'll let you go haha. Love you tons I'm excited to Skype you on Christmas. Make sure you have a skype account that I can call you on. I'll talk to you soon and hope all is well!


Elder Scott

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