Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013


So sounds like it's been pretty cold across the western united states. It's awesome because it's been like 26 degrees or so at it's coldest and everyone is freakin out thinking it's bitter cold, as I walk around with my footjoy jacket which was so graciously given to me haha. I enjoy it a lot. That detour sounds brutal. I can't believe that St. George got that much snow... That's a lot for down there. You're little detour just got you more cultures as far as the geography of Nevada goes! Sounds like the rodeo itself was pretty fun though. I'm sure it was quite the time. Now you can wear that hat and those boots every year when you got to the home town rodeo.... Then I'll steal em for all my shenanigans haha. That's awesome that the Y will be playing in a little bowl game. The jazz sound super good at their little profession haha. I'm happy for em. This means next year they're going to be great. Who's the best right now in the standings of the NBA? Did I tell you I got a Lebron James rookie card back in February from a member in Pismo Beach? I swindled him out of his shoes! He actually just gave it to me which was really cool. His name is Nick and he's currently on a mission down in like Nicaragua or something.

The ol' sun, moon, and stars gig that I was talking to President Wilson about was for me to go up to Mammoth Lakes with a missionary named Elder LaPlant at the January transfer, then after two transfers I'd go to Golden Hills for my last transfer which is where I started my mission. That was my proposed idea if I was to get out of the office soon. I told him if he was going to keep me around that I'd like to be with Elder LaPlant in the office but I'd prefer to be in Mammoth. Alas I got the latter of the two and I'll be companions with Elder LaPlant remaining as an assistant for the next transfer at least... It might be longer, we'll see what the future has in store. So that's it, it was quite the longshot but I went for it and the payout should be a lot of fun haha.

As for time and finding people.... Yeah... We did a good day or so of proselyting last week. But it was very effective. We found a less active family that no one in the ward knows that was super friendly invited us in we talked and got to know them and then we asked em if they wanted to come to church the next day and their was hesitation.... Then they said maybe one day. So I'm thinking within the next few weeks or so they'll be back. They are going to feed us dinner on Thursday night which will be just delightful and we'll be having Carne Asada tacos. We also were able to set up an appointment with a potential investigator that knows our ward mission leader. So that'll be awesome and we should be meeting with them on Wednesday.

We had the opportunity to also go to the temple on Friday with the departing missionaries as well as have MLC last week. Needless to say.... Have you ever thought about that phrase? We always say needless to say but then for whatever reason we still say it? What a paradox... Anyways, right now we're sitting here listening to the office staff give their trainings to the new missionaries... I don't know what else I need to update you on. Kind of just another week in the life of a missionary haha.

Elder Scott

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