Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Letter!! 2 days!


This is just fetching weird... I'm glad you wrote cause I don't know what I'm doing with myself haha. I'd love to give you all the details but might as well just wait until the middle of the week... Haha I'm glad you'll get yourself a delicious Tiger Burger. I miss those things. This weeks game plan sounds pretty good. I think since it's fast sunday this weekend I might see if Mom wants to go with me to Vernal Saturday and go to the ward I grew up in out there and bear my testimony and let everyone know I didn't fall off the path and I went on a mission haha. But Thursday sounds perfect. We'll work on getting through that day first hahaha. I actually rode a bike the other day for a few hours up in Mammoth cause our truck was getting fixed... So we'll see how far we can go on Thursday haha. 

I saw some highlights at Chili's on Saturday of the Heat Pacers game. So that'll be a fun series to see the rest of the way through. I can't stand the Spurs they just need to lose.. How's KD doing? Not like it matters to ask you now cause their won't be a reply e-mail next week... Haha I'm sure you'll enjoy the Seguras when you meet them. They're good people. I enjoyed being around them. Well just want you to know I love you and appreciate all you've done for me. Looks like we'll be seeing everyone here in the next couple days. Love ya lots. 

Elder Scott


That's fine if some lady pulls some shenanigans. Where will she film my testimony at the house or at the airport. I feel like it'd be weird to do it at the airport... Not exactly what one would deem a spiritual environment. But whatever works works, I don't mind. I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday and we'll see how it all works out!! Love you too!

Monday, May 19, 2014

9 days left!! May 19, 2014

When on earth was the last time that Indianapolis made it into the conference finals? Is Jesus coming soon? Haha that's crazy they're up on the Heat 1-0... I need Lebron to do well cause he's going to be giving me my retirement in 20 years hahah. I'll explain that next week. That's awesome that the Chrome has been tearing it up. Gotta love horse movies.... Kind of haha.
I'm glad the firm didn't go under the past couple years. I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for Preston and Scott inc. haha. It's been a crazy two years... From the very beginning you never think you're going to amount to anything and that the end is so far away. I still have a hard time believing that we're down in the single digits for days I have left. A couple of the Elders I was in the MTC with that stayed in Ventura, they go home this week. When I made that realization last night I kinda freaked out in my head. It's super wild to think that it's coming to an end. At times you can't wait for it but at times you don't want it to happen either. Quite the contradictive lifestyle being a missionary haha. I'm glad everyone has done so well the last couple years and been able to enjoy life. I might die before I get home though... Our truck is in the shop all this week and we're going to try and find a few bikes to make it happen and if that's the case I'll be biking up mountains on mountains which could very well cause me to have a heart attack at the age of 21 because I get tired just going up the stairs hahaha. But if we die before our journey's through, all is well right?

This last week was fairly uneventful. We had a couple good people that we started teaching then we got a call from one of them saying she talked to her pastor and feels she needs to stay with the church she literally just started going to which is super lame cause she promised she'd be at church this week. We also started teaching a little native girl who we've been helping out for a month or so. We started out doing service for them and then finally got to teach one of them last week which was good. We also have an investigator who's an alcoholic and he was totally plastered this last week and was taken to the hospital and he called us telling the nurses that we told him we had a place for him to stay and that we'd come and pick him up and take care of him and stuff.... None of it was true. Then we called him the next day and he left his phone on the bus so we went and grabbed it for him and took it up to his place which is like 30 minutes from where we live and he wasn't home no one really knows where he's at... So that was interesting.... But other then that I anticipate this week will go by very quickly and we'll be dining at Cafe Rio before you know it! Haha
Like I say every time haha I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me over the past couple years. It's been a long haul but I know I wouldn't have been able to push through without the faithful prayers of all my family and the continued guidance and support i've consistently received... I love you all so much and can't wait to see you next week. I'll send a quick one next week if you reply but if not I'll just see you on Wednesday... Love you tons!
Elder Scott

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 23 days left!

Boss Man,

Well glad you got to enjoy a weekend of frolicing through the daffidels with your pals haha. I don't think either of those words are spelled right but that's okay. What car were you in? Last I checked you were to big to fit in the back of the Benz... And if your pumping 150 I have a hard time believing you were in a Yukon haha. Gavin had a couple ball games as in baseball? Is he still swingin the bat like an idiot at the plate haha. That's cool the Pacers made the playoffs... Didn't see that one coming haha. Or Washington what the heck has happened in the last two years? Everyone else is pretty believable haha. I'm not a horse racing fan either but that's cool that Chrome won. That's a big chunk of change for a flipping pony.... What's wrong with people these days? Haha
I'm glad work continues to stay busy. I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping a steady pursuit of sewing people out of their minds. Everyone is so sew happy these days that there's gotta be work haha. Sounds like all is well in the happy valley. We're doing good up here in the Sierra's. We're having Sandras baptism this Friday so that'll be a delight. We have interviews with President tomorrow which will also be enjoyable. Sister Wilson is bringing me banana bread so I'm pretty pumped about that haha. I'm going to try and skype at about 4 your time next week. So if any of that changes I'll just text you or something. Then after that we're on the home stretch. Today is the start of the last half of the transfer. Kind of super weird. It'll be fun though. Other then that we found a couple cool people last week. One dude who's super into golf which is always fun. You can try to swing a few rounds with those kinds of people and they typically pay haha. We found another guy on Saturday who we committed to be baptized and he came to church yesterday which was awesome. He's trying to change his life around and struggles with that booze stuff... So hopefully we can help him out. We also had a cool encounter with a lady we've been trying to teach. We talked with her on her porch and we talked about some questions she had and as we hit a few points in the plan of salvation out of no where she just busted out crying and thanked us for coming over. She's not investigating yet but she's totally going to get baptized I can feel it. But other then that all is the same up here. Happy late birthday. Hope you got to enjoy some nice filet mignons or something tasty haha. Love you tons and will talk to you next week!

Elder Scott

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 30 days left!

I'm glad you got to enjoy a little homecoming session with the Kohler crew. I miss those people.  That's awesome that you can tell he served well. In his e-mails he never gave me reason to think differently. He's a good kid. He never told me about that story so that's super cool. I won't have any cool stories like that haha. But it'll be fun to speak to some familiar faces, and some that aren't familiar at all. Haha I think he's gonna pick BYU.
That's good to know I got one month. That's more then I thought I would have. How many hours did it take you to finish last year? That'd be awesome to go as a little trio with you me and dupree. Haha Sandra is doing super well. She's set to get baptized next Friday which we're excited about. It'll be an amazing tender mercy for us missionaries cause we've been working pretty hard to do all that we can. It's hard on 4 hours of sleep haha. But you get by. This past week nothing really happened as far as our missionary work. Sandra is in LA for a work convention and she gets back on the 4th. I received anti material for the first time on my mission the other day haha that was a really funny, and learning experience. We were visiting someone on the west side of town and a car passed us, then it flipped around and passed by again and I thought to myself, that was kind of weird. So we let it go and didn't think anything of it. But we go to visit someone on the east side of town which isn't a long drive but it's a few miles. When we get out of the truck the same car pulls in behind us and parks on this little off chute road. Once again think it's pretty strange but shrug it off and we go visit our investigator. After our chat we went back to our truck and I grabbed the handle to get in and something fell. It's about 8:30 pm so it's getting fairly dark. I pick it up and it's a little pamphlet in the form of a comic book. I'll spare the details of what was in it but it was a bunch of anti material haha. We didn't read it till we got home, but when we got home I read it and had many good laughs. As a missionary you hear just about all the anti stuff people have to offer, but in this little book there was some stuff I hadn't heard of by general authorities. So I was bound and determined to find answers to the statements in the scriptures. The next morning I'm reading the new testament in sacrament meeting and I had thoughts and impressions that answered all my questions. But to top off the cake it was high council sunday. One of the high councilman shared insights from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk "Come join with us" One of the lines in the talk is something like "we acknowledge over the past 200 years that there have been things said and done by church leaders that is not congruent with our doctrine" I immediately thought to myself, alright God you win haha. He basically answered all my questions via the scriptures and revelation. It just so happened our stake president assigned this man to speak in our branch on that topic with that line... Coincidence? I think not! Haha But it strengthened my testimony a lot of the fact that God answers prayers and is mindful of each and every one of us. The pamphlet didn't effect my testimony or anything but I was curious as to the origin of the claims. The best part about it on the pack it gives you a written prayer to say "Thank you God for letting me know how you feel about mormonism, I also reject it." Haha it was a funny comic.
But all is well in the cause of Zion. It's more apparent to me now then ever that the gospel is real and it's our job to share it. I can't believe the two years are almost up. It seems like I still have forever to go but I know that I'm a short ways from home. So we'll see what happens. Enjoy your weekend of frolicing in the red rock. That'll be a good time and I'm happy for ya haha. But I love you very much and thank you for putting some money in my account. Happy early birthday to you too! I'll try to find you a little trinket as well today! LOve you much and will talk to you soon!!!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014, 36 Days left


Well that's good you got a few years to worry about it. So we can just play it as it lies haha. I can't believe how big the kids are.... I'm kinda freaking out haha. It blows my mind how much time has gone by. This last week was kind of a tough one on the ol' mind. Got little sleep and your head is constantly fighting between here and home. It's so close you can almost see it but at the same time you try to kick those filthy thoughts outta your head and keep your head where your feet are. It's been quite the mind game haha. But all is well ya know. Good to hear that you were able to purchase Winnie boy's old bike. I'm excited to hit the big race. I don't know that I'll make it more then 20 miles though. What day is the race? I can barely walk up our flights of stairs over here without having an asthma attack haha. I'm sure we'll try to make something happen though. I have a plan for weight loss and a goal. With those two things anything can happen haha. I also agree with the forementioned plan of my arrival. That's exactly what I was hoping would happen. That's cool that Pres. Nielsen just comes over to the house for the release. I figured it was more of an interview setting at his office. So that'll be quite the treasure. Speaking on the 8th sounds great. That'll give me time to rummage through all my old notes and stuff like that to add in little tid bits. It'll be joyous. That's also Chris's birthday. So that'll be cool. I have a favor, it's Jordy's birthday this week and I'm sitting on a whopping like 15 bucks right now.... Could a guy hook another guy up so the other guy could get her a little souvenir from the town of Mammoth Lakes? Just a favor... Since you haven't done enough for me already... Haha I feel bad asking for so much stuff cause you've already spent a life savings on me. But I really do appreciate all of that. 

That's cool that Kara had another pageant. First runner up isn't a bad position to be in. Maybe we can hire a hit man and get rid of the winner ;) Is that kid gonna be rich or what? I'm gonna be her highly over payed body guard with a 401K and everything haha. Easter was very enjoyable we had a good Sunday and great church services. Sandra came to church again and is more then ready for baptism. This week was good though. We had a little tougher of a week as far as numbers go but we worked the same. We had a lot of appointments that flaked. Either our investigators or the members. But it's all good we have another week right in front of us! We just started up a Book of Mormon class and we had the four missionaries and Bro. McCoy as well as Sandra. Haha the class went really well though and we're trying to use it as a finding tool. Sandra's baptism is on the 9th which is a Friday at approximately 7 pm. She is going out of town this weekend and won't get back till the fourth so that's kind of nerve racking. She also will be out of town on the 10th that's why it's now on the 9th then obviously confirmed on the 11th. Richard didn't come to church yesterday but he'll be around this next week I believe. We also have a group of younger people who we're trying super hard to get them to progress but they're not having it. We are on the verge of lessening our contact with them cause they won't keep commitments. Must mean there's other people that we're supposed to be spending our time with. We tried to contact a less active the other day and he didn't answer. So we knocked on his neighbors door and this girl answers and the first thing she says is "Hey I'd love to talk to you guys but I gotta get going to work." We're both like ....what just happened? Haha we had a quick conversation and we're going by later this week. She's YSA age and lives with her mom. So hopefully we can start teaching both of them. We also have a lady named Renah who's super solid. She loves mormons haha. She knew a member family that used to live in branch and absolutely adored them. So she's been curious as to what makes us tick... So we gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and she's started to read both of them and what not so she looks very promising. It's spring break up here though so a lot of families are going over to the beach... Lame.... But that's okay. The branch loves the spanish elders and they had a less active family at church this week. Super awesome. 

That's about all I got for ya though, thank you so much for all you do in my behalf. I'm grateful for your example and the chance that I've had to learn the Gospel a little better and figure out how to apply it haha. Love you so much and can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day! 


Elder Scott

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014, 44 days left

Hey Pops,

Not much changes out here. The weather is warming up and getting quite beautiful. That's no bueno that Stan was sick all week. What are you going to do when he retires? That's within the next couple years isn't it? Good ol' Jordan and Kory wouldn't pass up a free Jazz game. That's sweet you went down to Vegas. I like that place even though it's full of sin and stuff. I think it's fun. You would weasel yourself a little 75 dollar card and some free night's at the expense of those hard working salesman! Haha I got the pictures that Nic sent. Gall darn what the heck happened to those two little gremlins? I'm freaking out. Also, If it makes you feel better my favorite pillow is in Bakersfield too... Not up here haha. Sounds like a plan. If there's not a whole lot happening in June, it's possible there will be a couple baptisms up here and I would like to return for them. Did you ever talk to Bishop about the whole releasing thing, and when I'll be speaking in Sacrament meeting? I assume it'll be the 8th since the Sunday after I get home is fast sunday. But you'll have to let me know about that.

This week has been really good. We've found a few new investigators and invited a mother and son to baptism. They accepted if they know it's true. So we'll be working on them for the next little while in addition to Sandra. We also had a lesson with our little friends in the trailer park and Dustin referred us to his dad who is now investigating and came to church for all three hours. Priesthood was a little awkward cause it was about Chapter 7 in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual and it was all about Joseph and Hryum. So that was a bit strange but we talked about it afterward and straightened stuff out for him a little bit so that was good. We get two spanish Elders tomorrow and have to share our apartment with them which we're bummed about but we could use some spanish help quite a bit. Other then that though we just patiently await the baptism of Sandra here in a few weeks. Her confirmation will be on Mother's Day which is kind of cool. So I can give you some better details that day. But other then that all is the same up here in the Mammoth Lakes Branch. Thanks again for all your help and support! And don't worry my companion isn't green at all. He's super good and was outstanding when I first got up here. He just wasn't trained very well... But he's an amazing missionary. But I love ya lots and will talk to you next week!!


Elder Brady Scott

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014


Well that was indeed a subtle change from typical letters and secular information haha. I appreciate all the kind words and remarks which you have thus given. It's been an echoing thought throughout my entire mission that "you should've listened to your parents a little more." Haha but there are indeed so many things that I have learned over the past 22 months that have made me realize many different things. I think one of the biggest is I've learned how not to live anymore. In many regards. But entering certain homes or seeing certain situations has definitely given me a larger perspective on life. It's made me extremely grateful for the families that I've been given. Although we had a few years of rough patches and some of those feelings still continue today, it's one of those mountains that I'm grateful I was able to climb. The mission has been one of the hardest things that I've ever done. There are many blessings that you have serving in the states but there are also many challenges. There's a lot of distractions and if you're not careful you get sucked into things much to easily. As compared to no television, radio, or Hollywood influences in the jungle of Brazil. However, I'm not showering in muddy water or swatting flies in my mud hut for that I am pretty grateful haha. It's been one of the hardest things to not relax, quit, or justify petty sins out here. I'm consistently tired, I dread waking up in the morning due to lack of sleep the night before. But by the time you get out there and go, for the most part none of that matters anymore. I still don't have a "perfect knowledge of all things" but I've definitely developed a greater appreciation and love for the gospel and my family. You see a lot of broken homes out here and a lot of struggles with the people in the world. It makes it pretty clear that when you do what you're supposed to it's a lot easier to go through life. Doesn't mean that you won't have trials and heartache because we will.... That's life haha. But it seems like the harder you try the better things are. At least the trials that do come aren't self inflicted like a lot of what you see out here. I am grateful for your example in my life as well. A lot of who I am isn't any of my doing, but the example that my parents set for me. All four of them. You've all taught me great attributes and qualities you need to have in life, maybe even some things you shouldn't do in life haha. But all in all, your advice of little eyes always watching in a large measure was very applicable to me when I was growing up. Honestly, the main reason I kept going to church and being involved in youth stuff after I moved in with you was because I didn't want to disappoint you. Maybe not the best reason to do what was right, but once again I believe it was you who said there's no wrong reason for doing the right thing haha. But know that I'm extremely grateful for all you and Nic have done for me over the past couple years. I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for your support. 

It'll definitely be a bitter sweet experience to come home. I have grown to love some of the people out here very very much so. But I'm also extremely excited to see my family again. A realization I've been pondering a little bit over the last couple months is life goes on whether or not we're in it. It sparked when President Wilson talked about if a mistake was made how "Well if it doesn't work, the world will keep spinning." As I've thought about that it's been kind of an eye opener as to no matter what happens, the world continues to move. Which has made me appreciate all the things that have happened over the past couple years to strengthen my knowledge and understanding of the gospel. 

As for missionary work though this past week was decent. We had a couple more lessons with Sandra which went really well. She's super stoked to get baptized and I'll be super stoked to see it if I'm still around for it. She was the only one that came to conference and she stayed for all four sessions haha. She's not even a member of the church and she's already watched more conference then I did till I was a missionary haha. President Segura said she needed to get tickets and go in the fall so if she does that we should go with her. Even if she doesn't go we should go haha. I don't remember ever going to conference and I only live 45 minutes away haha. So we should do that. Maybe go down for the priesthood session then get a little Tucanos afterwards huh? What do you say? Haha. Other then that we didn't find any new people this week which is a little saddening. But all is well. We're kind of weeding out some of our investigators and helping the ones we do have to progress more. People just don't want to commit to things these days. Filthy liberal media... I blame them haha. But anyways, that's about all I have for you at the present time. I'll talk to you next week! I love and appreciate you very much so. Talk to you soon!


Your son.

P.S. I don't know if you're planning any journeys for when I get back, but if you are, can I have the dates for those? I don't need to know what it is. But a time frame would be cool cause there's a couple events that I would like to attend out here if I got the opportunity too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


The land of milk and honey... We're in the land of frozen tundra... Just kidding it's not that cold. It has snowed a few times the past couple weeks though which is good cause we desperately need it haha. The filthy Jazz.. Are they even going to get a good pick in the draft this year? Or do I get to come home to a squabbling team that can't put up 80 points on the board unless they're playing the Heat? Haha I don't know how bad they're doing I just wanted to sound clever. Sounds like your March Madness bracket about lines up with all the ones I've ever done haha. Only to be defeated by the cause of justice. That's awesome news that Goovy boy scored a whopping 11 points in the big game. He's beat my career high by like five points haha. I did just win a game of horse though so you should be proud! Sounds like a good round of golf too. How was that double bogey for you right out of the chute? Haha I'm sure you were mighty heart broken. Way to save birdie right there at the end though. Clutch performance. We'll play as much sticks as we can when I return. I'll be excited to join the ranks once again. How long do I have before I have to start paying to play down there at the RCC? That'll be a depressing day...

Hey if you're putting in a good ten hours a day at the office you otta be raking in about a millioin a day right? Does that mean you'll buy me some new Foot Joy's when I get home? Haha the most comfortable sock in golf is starting to breed a few holes. I've got enough left out of em for another six months or so though so we're good. Make sure Bug N' Goose keep those grades throughout high school and not just till eighth grade then plummet off the deep end like their idiot older brother haha. You'll have to congratulate them for me that's awesome. That's good that Jordy and Kory are doing well. Every time I hear from her she only has positive to say about that kid so that's good. 

That's awesome you got to take a little trip to Kelso's and hear about the mission. I feel I'll be void of funny stories and awesome miracles like these foreigners. Or if there were any I've forgotten them now due to my lack of effort in journaling. I've done much better this calendar year. But there's about an 8 month gap in there somewhere.... Haha I'll take the blame for that one. Gotta love those little empanadas. 

Work up here is going well. We're finding spanish investigators left and right which is disheartening cause in about two weeks we're getting spanish elders and when that happens we're gonna tank haha. We are still teaching Sandra who is more prepared to be Baptized then Johnny Cash is to sing a song. Every time we talk to her she's super stoked about being baptized and whenever we give her a commitment she keeps it without fail. I wish all of them were like her. She taught herself and said the prayers with the valiant result of joining the fold on May 11. It was going to be May 10 but she'll be out of town so we're just going to do it before church and call it a day! Hopefully I'm still around for that. I don't imagine I'll go anywhere but you never know. I'll do what I'm asked but it'd be nice to see. Seems like the rest of our people are kind of doggin us lately which is kind of disheartening. But we do have a couple of potential families that we'll be meeting with this week which will be awesome. Hopefully they decide to take the lessons and keep the commitments.

We had a lesson the other night with a family and the grandpa is pentecostal and he has a red letter version of the bible and we read John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15 talking about the sheep. In his red letter version it says the other sheep are the gentiles and when we read the part in the BOFM about how it's not the gentiles he was kinda thrown back.... He doesn't appreciate the BOFM a whole lot but we're working on it haha. They love the missionaries and they feed us so we'll probably continue in our efforts of helping them come in haha. 

You're exactly right about conference haha. Conference is my favorite weekend of the year as a missionary. You watch all 5 sessions and take all sorts of little notes. Not only do you watch them, but you watch them... It's not like the classic I'm going to lay on the couch and watch it then fall asleep once the opening prayer is said, but you actually get something out of it haha. 

But that's about all I got up here. Nothing too crazy as of late. We did have Zone Conference down in Palmdale... Due to travel that took a couple days to take care of haha. But I love you very much and am grateful for all the support that you've given me. Can't wait to see you guys on Mother's Day. It'll be an exciting Skype session... 


Elder Scott


Look at you all star. Don't let all these big numbers get to your head. You're only as good as your heart is. Don't worry you'll definitely be beating me when I get home. Especially if you're going out and practicing every week. Just keep your head down and remember who you are and what you stand for. Don't be braking ankles either, unless it's from you jukin somebody else out. You can't afford to have weary bones and joints at such a young age. It's not good haha. Love ya buddy and I'll talk to you soon!

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 8:24 PM, Bryan M. Scott <bms@prestonandscott.com> wrote:
Elder S,

Well, another busy week here in the land of milk and honey.  All the major teams are basically done until football season starts.  As you know the Jazz is terrible and all Utah college hoop teams are done for the season.  My March madness bracket has been officially killed as three of my final four teams have now bitten the dust and Michigan State, who I had picked to win it all, bit the dust today.  Thus, ends my NCAA pool hopes for another year.  In better sports news, Goose scored a career high 11 points and his first official 3 in competition Saturday.  The team only scored 19 so Goose was the main man.  They did lose by 35, however, so to score that much in a losing effort was a little depressing.  Then, we went out for our weekly Saturday nine holes and Goose shot a career round 50.  He should have shot about 45 because he had 2 penalty strokes and made a quadrouple bogey on hole 4.  He's doing well though and is so excited to play with you every day or so he thinks when you get back.  Other than that, not too much else going on here in the world of sports.

Other than work there is not much else going on.  I have been getting to work by about 9 every day and do not get home until about 9.  It's great to have work though, so it's hard for me to complain.  Both Gavin and Kara got 4.0s this quarter and are doing well in school.  Kory and Jordan are doing well and are enjoying married life.  Unfortunatley I don't have a lot more to say.  We look forward to hear about how things are going.  It's too bad that you are losing your entire teaching pool, but the Lord will provide.  I'm sure you are excited to hear conference this weekend and take notes from every speaker.  I know anything that is different from the normal grind is always joyous in the field.  We took the priests over to Kelson's on Wednesday and Cameron told us about his mission.  He is an awesome kid.  He looks great and is super great example for these young priests.  He fed us empanadas that he made with his own little hands.  It was fun to spend some time with him.  Other than that that's about it.  We love you and miss you.  Thanks for your great example.  Work hard to the end.  I can't believe you are down to two months.  Endure to the end and make it happen.  Talk to you soon, we are so proud of you and to have been witness to this wonderful experience that your mission has been for all of us.  Talk to you soon.  Love, Dad

HELLO MY BROTHER, Well It has been a crazy week for me first I had a big basket ball game, but unfortunatley we lost bad 45 to 19 but I scorred 11 points and got my first three. I almost broke my ankle and made bolth free throws and missed four others. My second crazy thing is I play golf 2 times already, first time I shot a dubble bogey on 8 holse strate and second time I went I shot a 50 on 9 holes. I can't wate for you to get home and I mite be able to beat you when you get home but don't let that upset you, well that is it for the statis report see you soon. Love, Goose

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 65 days left!


I didn't expect to hear a better report on the ol' Jazzian warriors.... We need a Stockton Malone squad back on the court. It's too bad. But hey I didn't have to witness any of it so what do I have to complain about? Nothing! Everyone wants to hear about home teaching in the church what are you talking about?! It's like how every missionary wants to hear about obedience in the mission field! Let's get real they all just act like they don't want to hear it but deep down it's the most desired thing of their heart! I'm glad you got to go play a round in 2014! Sounds like you weren't to rusty from being snow bound all winter. As for myself I believe the best round of the year has been about a 43 or 44. Goose is going to be easily outplaying me by the time I get back. But that's okay we can't all be heroes. I'm sure you're heartbroken at not being able to be the big Pa this year at the trek! Sounds like everything is working out in your favor! Random side note, what day is the MS race? I have a feeling I'm going to make it a whopping 20 miles then have to call in the big truck! I didn't get a video of Goosenfrau on the drums either. 

Sounds like big Joel is eager to have his little boy back haha. That's too funny. The work up here in the mountains continues to go forward, unfortunately we'll be losing most of our investigators in a few weeks cause they're all flippin spanish. We've been taking out a couple members with us who speak spanish and they've been translating for us so that we can teach these people. WE'll be getting spanish elders up here this next transfer so it'll be exciting. But Sandra continues to do super well. Almost too well haha she has been reading the POGP and read in Moses when he casts out Satan and she compared that story to the roommate that is holding her back from being baptized haha. I hope she doesn't do anything drastic. She's faithful in coming to church each week and keeping every single commitment we leave with her. We're eating with her tonight at our Branch President's house which will be just splendid. We also found a 15 year old kid this week who is surprisingly spiritual and receptive. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on May 10 so hopefully we can prepare him for that and get his family to join in. His mom sat in on the lesson but doesn't speak a lot of english so I don't think she understood a whole lot. But she was grateful we stopped by and willing to have us back. So that's a bonus. Other then that two of our pretty good investigators are moving back down south which is kind of a bummer but we'll make it happen either way. They're good people they just need an extra push. They've got WofW issues so we taught that last week and it went really well. A lot better then I was anticipating. We have zone conference this week down in Palmdale so their goes a day and a half for us for missionary work this week haha. It's like a four and a half hour drive down there so we'll go down Wednesday night have Zone Conf Thursday then come home that afternoon. It'll be packed. I will have you know that all those little details about serving outta the states I've witnessed alright. I've been blessed enough to have the mold filled bathrooms and the converted garage with bugs falling from the roof as an extra add on. It just so happens that my last two apartments have been described in the BIble and Book of Mormon as the "many mansions" haha. 

But other then that I don't have a whole lot going on up here. I haven't gotten the package yet. Hopefully it'll get here tomorrow. If it doesn't.... I'll tell you next week haha. For now we're just doing the same ol' same ol' I sent a request to Nicki which I'm sure she'll mention to you. So you'll have to chastise me next week when she talks to you about it haha. But I love you and am grateful for all that you have done for me. I hope work continues to go well and that you can find some time to hit the links. We're gonna try to hit the range next week on P day haha. But love you and will talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott


Fun fact, I took Elder Holland's order at the Timp Freeze a few years ago. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who he was when he stood at the register but after he walked off everyone was like "oh my gosh that was Elder Holland!" As I thought to myself, you idiot, how in the heck did you not know who he was? In my defense he looked familiar I just didn't know why haha. Elder Holland is a fan of lowering your shoulder and hunkering down so it sounds like you're right on point with that haha. That's awesome that he attended as just an average joe. I'm sure that was quite the relief for a busy man such as himself. But good luck in your schooling endeavors I hope it all goes well and ya'll get some time to rest in the future! Love ya tons!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day 2014


Well sounds like it's kinda just been a rough day for you haha. That's good the Cougars got in the dance. Somebody is going to go Jeremy Lin on everybody and carry em into the finals. You just wait. That's awesome you got to see Mr. Kia play. I enjoy him he's a baller. How's the Jazz doing now? Do they have anybody on that team that's worth rooting for anymore? We gonna get Jabari to come home and live in UTah? Hahaha fill me in.

You gotta let the topics flow! That's the whole purpose of Sacrament meeting is to talk about Jesus and help others to feel that love! I don't want to talk about my mission over the pulpit hahaha we're on separate pages here... I'd be happy to speak at a fireside or tell stories at the house. Sacrament meetings not about this lazy chump though. Hopefully I don't add to your frustration. But I'm sure I can weasel in a thing or two that pertain to the doctrine of the kingdom and be enlightening for all too hear. That's awesome you got tagged into being mas and pas! I want to go on the trek with you forget Goose he can watch himself hahaha. Or I'll saddle him on my back and he can come along for the journey! Either way works fine for me. Good ol J. Wade. Just looking out for you ya know? That's crazy Bryce has been out for 5 months. I miss that kid. He's gonna do awesome. Tyson gets home the week after General Conference I believe. So like 3 or 4 weeks. It's crazy... 

The work up here is doing super well. I'd love to tell you all about it but I'm on a library computer and have a time limit haha so highlights are, the people we found two weeks ago 3 of them came to church yesterday. Sandra is an investigator who should be getting baptized this weekend but she has a male roommate which we are currently in the process of trying to resolve. We have a wealth branch member who owns some lodges up here who's going to try and hook her up with a decent paying job to help her pay rent. We also are teaching a guy who thinks the apostle John is an evil spawn of satan and that he's the son of lawlessness because his gospel isn't coherent with Paul.... Haha nice guy though he gave us dinner and really enjoys the BOok of Mormon. We moved into a new place last week and I feel spoiled beyond all get out but it's super nice and I love the design. It's very outdoorsy with log furniture and pictures and stuff like that haha. I enjoy it a lot. Other then that I think I'll just fill you in on stories when I get home or try to fit them next week! I love you very much and am grateful for all you have done for me and supporting me being out here! 


Elder Brady Scott

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


Sorry the font on this is weird. I copy and pasted my shenanigans from President's letter and put it in here haha. With some slight modifications for confidential purposes haha. That's too bad the might Tigers lost their game. It happens though ya know? It'd be like missing the PAT to send it in to over time after working your tail off to come back from a half time deficit. I'm not bitter... Haha You gotta go play the links if they're open. It's super depressing how little snow there is up here too. I can't believe it. Three years ago they set their record of snow received at a total of about 60 feet. Now they've maybe gotten like 6... It's brutal. 

Glad to hear that work picked back up. When I get home I'll make sure I make up the amount of golf for both of us that you've missed over your period of trials and court hearings. But hey, at least there's food on the table right? What's the deal with this D-Land trip? Gavy hinted at it in his portion of the e-mail. What's the game plan there? Just a trip to Orange County or will we be jaunting up to Simi Valley or Bakersfield or anything of that nature? Just curious as to what the plans are. 

This past week has been wonderful. We've seen a lot of good things up here in the branch. Elder Matheny and I are doing very well. He is my new companion. He's been out about six months and hasn't had the best examples since he started his mission but he's still very good. I feel like within the first couple days the reason I came up here was very clear and that is to help him become the best missionary he can be. About three weeks ago, after a decent discussion with President Wilson and trying to figure out what I needed to do with myself this transfer, he asked me to pray and the prompting I received when I asked the Lord where I should spend this transfer whether it be up here or down there in Bakersfield. The prompting was to come up here and help him out and I'm confident this is where I should be. The mountains are outstanding and Mammoth is absolutely beautiful, but at the end of the day we do the same things up here that missionaries do anywhere else. It's just a little more appealing to the eyes up here. Elder Matheny is humble and desirous to do his best. He's also very diligent which I think is a great attribute that he holds. So we're making it happen up here! 

Our investigators are doing very well. We have Sandra who is set to be baptized on the 22nd but come to find out she has a male roommate so we're trying to solve that scenario. She may not make her date but hey, if it's a good idea now it'll be a good idea in a month. She'll make it to the water, of that I have no doubts. She's one of the most prepared people I've ever met. The missionaries found her knocking and she'd been praying for three weeks trying to figure out what God would have her do. She was immediately receptive to the gospel and has come to church twice, paid fast offerings, and practically taught herself off of mormon.org. She had some struggles with the law of tithing and we talked to her about it and she texted us the other day saying that she's been thinking about it and feels she can make it happen with the Lord's help. We found some good people this week. I fear most of them are decoys and just being nice and listening, rather then willing to commit and make a change. So we're looking for those who are prepared. It seems like the commonality of missionaries in the past have found semi- willing people who stayed strong just long enough to make it to baptism but have faltered since. This Branch deserves better then that so we're trying to make it happen. But we're working hard every day. Our cabin is super sweet. I got pictures but I'm probably just going to hold on to them till I get home cause this computer is old and slow that I'm using haha. But alas, that's about all I have for you. I love and miss everyone very much and tell them hello. I'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Sounds like you're getting along without me! That's good that you've gotten better at skateboarding! What kind of tricks can you do? Are you still going to beat me at golf or will I still be better? Muahaha jk buddy. I'm stoked to go to D-land with you for your birthday! We're gonna party hard and eat lots of Churros! Don't be shooting anybody in the eye with your filthy weapon! I'll take you on with a rubber band gun and no legs! Keep putting points on the board and goin hard in the paint! That's my new tag line so represent it well! Haha Love ya buddy I gotta run! 

That sounds like a really good experience being able to go to the temple with your mother. I want to witness a sealing. It sounds interesting. The temple presidency in LA has mentioned it a couple times since we've gone on our little trips down there so now I'm intrigued. The newest movie is a little different then the rest. I thought there was some good and some bad. I hope they do well with the third one. Thanks for all the selfies. Sounds like you're getting well acquainted with the rising generation haha. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfered to the Mountains 3/3/14


Get the important stuff out of the way haha. So I'll be moving tomorrow! I'll be a joyful Senior Companion up in the beautiful land of Mammoth Lakes, California. I'm super stoked. It's been a good 10 months here in the office but I'm excited for some new scenery. Try to get acclimate to the ol' Utah scene. So ol' Provost can't pull this card on me, after many good conversations with a mutual friend of ours Tyson Kohler, he told me you should try and get a hold of Provost cause he hasn't replied to a single thing I've sent him, so alas the present diagnosis is he's a public enemy haha. Also in my defense, while I may have only sent one, that doesn't change the fact that he sent zero! Case dismissed! That's awesome to hear that you have a couple big cases! That's always good to know that we can frolic and play in the midst of the trees and grass. Goose is welcome on most adventures haha. I don't have a problem with him coming to play unless I'll be spending an increased amount of time in Provo afterwards. But if I just go play a round he's more then welcome! I'm up for cycling every day as well. The only catch is if I start working at KO Electric again than I have to be to work by 7 bells... I don't know that I want to get up at 4am to go bike either haha. We'll cross that bridge soon. Maybe something else will turn up for the residual income rather than ACN. We could start up a nice car wash with vacuums like the one they have in Provo. I feel like that'd be a booming business for a little town. Unless they already got stuff since I've been gone. But those things are all over Bakersfield and there consistently packed. 

How in the heck do you get a cyst in your sinus passage? That just blows my mind. I've been very proud to show people the five second clip that Kara takes part in with the new mormon message haha. The members we showed last night think she's awfully cute! Haha is she really taller then Jordan and Nicki? How tall is she?  That's kind of freaky. So this just in, literally, Elder LaPlant just came in here yelling haha Jimmer is going to the Chicago Bulls now? That'll be exciting. Anyway, haha it's crazy to think I'm the next one. After all the prayers that were said while I was in that little classroom it's crazy to know I'm right there... 

This past week pretty much all day every day were in the office working on transfers. It was pretty good stuff. We also went to the temple on Friday which was a good experience. Saw the newest temple video.. There was good and bad too it. I hope the third one knocks it out of the park. But last night we went around to say goodbye to some of the members we worked pretty close with and it was a good experience. I have a few pictures but they're all in the car so I'll send em another time... Maybe haha or they'll just sit in my camera till I get home haha. But it was tough. I loved this ward a lot. Some of the best members that I've met have been in this area and it was tough to go our separate ways. But I got there contact info and will be keeping in touch so I'm excited about that. My replacement is Elder Frost. He's a good missionary and I think he and Elder LaPlant will do really well together. I'm excited for them to take control over here. Oh, one of the less active members we've been working hard with the last few weeks came back to church for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. It was awesome to see her come my last Sunday in the ward. I really appreciated her presence. But other then that I don't have a whole lot. Hopefully this next week we'll have a more miracle packed e-mail on the stuff we've been doing up in the mountains. All we can do is our best and hope for the Lord to carry us the rest of the way. So whether we're Ammon among the Lamanites baptizing thousands or Abinadi who helps one measley weasel come into the fold, let it be done. But I love and appreciate all that you have done for me and pray for you guys consistently each day. I'll talk to you soon! Love ya!

Elder Scott

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014


Well thank you for the birthday wish! Much obliged in all regards... Fancy wording makes you sound smart. I don't know if that's correct usage of said fancy words but whatever works right? I'm glad to hear the homecoming talks of these fine brethren went well. I'm gonna cry like a child when that day comes. I'm an emotional wreck when it comes to speaking in the home ward haha. Good lans what'd you do to me? That's a cool little story with Provost. I'm sure the live feed was quite impressive. You'll have to tell that weasel to send me an e-mail. Haven't talked to that kid in two years! Nic just told me your lesson went so well that one of the youth came in to talk to Bish about some stuff right after the lesson was over! Good job sir, good job. What a brutal lesson to do on your first day haha. But sounds like you did a fine job. Glad you were looking fresh for all of church so you could get your point across in a lesson haha. Do you have more then one seven fold? I don't remember your tie looking like that I thought it was a different pattern. Once you get sick of your ties feel free to hang em up in my closet for me hahaha. 

It's wayyyy to early for RCC to be open... That's brutal if it's warm enough to be playing golf in Utah right now. That should only be happening over here in Bakersfield! I can't believe that. Do you plan on keeping your membership for a little while longer? Or is that gonna take off in the next year or so? Also sounds like it was a good week for hoops outside of losing in the semi's for ol Goosey! I'm surprised they made it that far. They had a good struggle this year didn't they? I miss hoops... Haha March madness is only a week or two away! That's cool that the mighty wasps have someone who can throw it down. Very rare to see dunks in 3/4A basketball in the state of Utah. Lots of white boys on those teams haha. That'll be fun to watch em play next year though. I'm excited to go frolic through the streets on our little bicycles. We're gonna whip each other into shape real quick. How often do you go out and ride a week? We need a system here for maximum performance! 

If all goes as planned I'll be out next week. But I've never been one to trust in something till it happens. So we'll see what we have in store. Last week went pretty well. We did a couple exchanges which were pretty good. One of them was occupied helping a family move so I feel a little bad about that but you do what you gotta do. A while back Sister Wilson asked that we teach at least one lesson while on exchanges so we got to the end of the night about 8:30 and had still not taught a lesson. So we tried by a family that's very good in the ward to ask if we could teach them. Well we only caught the father home and he had to get up at 4:30 to go to work. So we let him be on got to the sidewalk and I was just frantically thinking in my head "what in the heck am I gonna do to get a lesson in." So we're standing on a sidewalk and I say a little personal prayer just pleading that we can figure something out or go somewhere where we're needed, and right as I finish my prayer, the family that lives right next door to the member we had just tried pulled up in their cars. Which is also a member family and actually who we ate dinner with last night and they took good care of us as you can tell. So we got to go in and teach a lesson to them and it went super well and was a great tender mercy. They've helped me out quite a bit since I've been in this ward. We also had an exchange with someone who is possibly going to be my replacement if I get out of here. He'll do a great job. They're good missionaries and unfortunately we didn't do a whole lot of missionary work on that exchange either which was lame. But we had to run missionaries to the doctors we had to run back to our house to grab my suit cause we were going to go to a baptism that night that I didn't know about. Which started late and went for like two hours. So by the end of the night it was kind of shot. But we had good conversation about their zone members and was very informative. Other then that the people we're working with are doing fairly well. Still trying to find that real commitment and desire. Hopefully they can figure it out. We have a lot of good people that we're teaching they just need to act and keep commitments. We are working with a family too where the husband is just returning to church and the wife has been active. We've worked with them quite a bit and the husband has been keeping all our commitments and reading the Book of Mormon and coming to sacrament meeting amidst other things, and she actually gave the lesson in relief society. We were given a report that she got to a point in the lesson where she started to cry and was saying how thankful she was for the missionaries who'd been helping her husband and teaching the family. Which was a nice little moral booster and made me feel warm and fuzzy haha. It's always nice to be appreciated. But that's about all that's happening our way. We'll continue to work on transfers this week and then whatever else happens will happen. I'll let you know next week if I'm staying or leaving. But I love you very much and appreciate all you do for me! Hope you have a fantastic week and I will talk to you soon!!


Elder Scott

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014


Well that'll be pretty intense if he passes up ol' Jimmer boy. I'm tellin you Jimmer is going to get signed up with the Jazz this next year and he's going to start lighting it up again. Same with Tyler in a couple years. They're gonna be the dynamic duo and we're going to call them "White Thunder". Copyright that for me and we'll be millionaires. No one believed me when I told them the Jazz beat the Heat haha. How low are the lakes? I remember a couple years ago Deer Creek stayed full through the summer and winter but the year before it got super low. Where's it sitting at right now? The whole western half of the nation is super in need of water. Kinda sketchy. The greens might not be so green this summer. That's unfortunate. You gotta buy Winn's bike. There's no way we're gonna make that work with you borrowing a bike all the time cause I want to get into this stuff pretty hard when I get home. I want to get a system of biking. swimming, and lifting going. Try and be occupied with physical activity instead of playing tons of Xbox and laying around doing nothing haha. That's crazy that the Bishopric is already getting changed up. It's only been a year and a half? I don't know Brother Wright. But you bet I know J. Wade. That chump hasn't said a word to me since I've been out here. He's going to do what you did to Pope and send me an e-mail in like April giving some garbage excuse as to why it has been so haha. That's alright I can take a hit. 

You'll have yourself all sorts of fun with those squirmy little priests. You were always the favored guy in the crowd. I guarantee you'll be the one everyone wants for rides to camps and activities. It's a scary process beating the word into the youth. You can do some real good, and some real bad. You see that a lot with investigators. If you go over and just slam em with lessons they're much less receptive as compared to going over there and helping them and talking about they're family and issues then talk about how the gospel can bless them. Maybe you'll find a good balance. Cause obviously you need both. But at that age you gotta play their game cause they most certainly won't play yours haha. Can't believe the Jonesmaister and Provost are already speaking next week. That's just awful. My companion is writing a girl who's in the Baton Rouge mission and Elder Provost was her District Leader! You'll have to tell that boy to send me an e-mail now that he has all the time in the world haha. 

If everything goes as planned I should be getting out of here in the beginning of March. But that's only if everything goes as planned. No one else knows that yet except for President and myself. So keep it on the down low. He pulled me aside last week and we had a little chat so we'll see what happens. Then I'll fill you in on the rest of the details and we'll proceed. Tell Nic I will try her supplements. I'm not doubting her theology or reasoning one bit. I just don't have an awesome control over the intake of food so I don't want to try and be doing some crazy diet along with these vitamins.... These mormons like to eat down here... 

In other news, our week was fantastic. We had a lesson with an investigator on Monday that we're probably going to end up dropping tonight which is alright. But we have been working with a family that's got a lot of potential. They remind me of the good ol' folks back in Vernal. Out on the back porch in the dirt yard with the country music blaring holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. But they're awesome. The mom is a member and hasn't been to church for many moons. All the kids are not members and the husband isn't either. It's definitely a family that needs the gospel. We've taught them many lessons and done some service for them and the 10 year old ended up coming to church yesterday which was a great thing for him and he really enjoyed it. We also found a new family to teach this weekend. We were knocking doors at like 8 o'clock on Valentines Day and the first door we knocked on this street was this couple who was playing with their twin kids. They came to the door and they were super friendly and had a ten minute conversation with us. We asked them if we could come back another day when it wasn't so late and catching them off guard and we all chuckled but they invited us back on Sunday. So we went over yesterday and they kept the appointment, (hardly ever happens) and we got to teach them the Restoration. They're super family oriented which was great because everything we said regarding the family and morals and values of the church they were super on board with and they already look mormon haha. They have some WofW stuff to fix but that's an easy obstacle for them cause it's more of a social thing rather then an addiction. So they're super awesome and we're going back to teach them on Thursday with a member that we think will get along very well with them. So I'll let you know how that goes next week. We also got to go to the Temple on Wednesday for my birthday. We went down with Brother Stotler and had a great time. He took us out to dinner and we got some good food and took some good pictures. Which are in the car so I'll e-mail them to you another time haha. But that's about all I have for you today. I love you very much and am grateful for all your support! Good luck with the new calling. Hope you can help the boys in the ward the way you helped us! Talk to you next week!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014


Oh the city of Bakersfield is just stupendous. Haven't seen Arnold's son yet. He probably lives down on Seven Oaks. If he's not their he's in our area haha. Glad Goovin's winning some games! That's cool he's on a first name basis with the Y boys haha. What year is Tyler is he a junior or a sophomore? What's the Jazz's record looking like this year? Have they beat any good teams yet? No one out here cares for the Jazz so I'm a lone wolf. That's too bad Anna's not the president anymore. A lot of the girls were big fans of that lady. She's super cool. I enjoy that family. I still feel bad for throwing ol' Fisher boy into a pile of ice that I presumed to be snow... That was mean haha. I can't believe Jonesy gets home this week. Wasn't too long ago that he busted out a solo right at the end of his talk in sacrament meeting haha. 

That worthless Pope. All he cares about is cash and women now. Scrub hasn't said a word to me since he's been home haha. But it's a good thing he was recruiting in the right places! Is he still with his little Probst girlfriend? I don't hear from hardly anybody back in the happy valley. Verlan Fullmer has been a faithful home teacher. Even though I never respond to his stuff I enjoy getting it. I probably should tell him thank you for his service haha. But other then that I talk to a whopping three people from back home. Used to get mail left and right. Then I hit a year and everything kind of tanked haha. No worries about the shorts. We'll get him some next year or something. Maybe Jimmer will get signed in Utah and then start doing better being back in his home territory. Is it true that he hasn't been doing good since the whole Kobe incident? That guy is a chump haha. Playing another round was extremely joyful. It's perfect golf weather right now in Bakersfield. That's good that snow has been falling. How much has Happy Valley gotten this winter? California is desperate for water as well. While the midwest is getting slammed. Elder LaPlant's mom said that this winter Chicago has gotten over 50 feet of snow... Wish that was Utah. 

I don't know what will happen my last few months. I won't be surprised if I stay around here longer. But I also wouldn't be surprised if they sent me off. We'll see. Did you ever buy Steve's bike? What am I gonna ride for our big race? I'm only gonna make it like 20 miles and then pass out haha. When are you starting your training? I'm gonna be hooped! That's alright though. If I don't win it this year I'll win it next year haha. Just kidding. But seriously... 

So for the update on my behalf, first off Shellie Magelby told her sister you say hi! She was excited and said to tell you hello and actually said that you were each others first dates! That's precious!! But anyway, so a few pretty cool experiences from this past week. We had the missionary department here and they were great! Brother Craig Hill and Brother Nathan Tanner. We had a few meetings with them and also went proselyting with Brother Tanner and it was a very pleasant experience. We received some great training and have also given that to all the Zone Leaders via MLC and apparently all of their meetings have gone well for the implementation of said training. But cooler experience. We're sitting there after MLC and we were asked to go on an exchange with some missionaries up there cause they needed some help. So we were able to work that out and spend a couple hours with them. But while we were waiting the Bear Valley sisters were teaching a guy that I knew when I was there. My companion and I were the first ones to start teaching this guy. But anyway we see him there and we start talking and I didn't think he would remember me cause we only had two lessons then he dropped off the face of the earth. But he's got a baptismal date for March 2nd and he wanted me to baptize him. Unfortunately I can't because the policy is you can't return to your prior areas to baptize people. But I thought it was cool that he remembered me and we got to catch up for a few minutes. We also found a new investigator this week by the name of Shawn Kelly.... Thought that was kind of funny haha. But we taught this one gal who is in a part member family. She's the less active and we were sitting there with her non member family and taught part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end we invited her to say the closing prayer. She was a little reluctant and we ended up getting her to pray. It was very short, but very sincere and powerful. She had told us prior to this visit that she didn't think she needed to attend church to be close to God. So her saying this in her prayer was good. But she said "please soften my family's hearts so they can know that this gospel is true, the way I know it is true in my heart." She started tearing up and ended the prayer very quickly. But it was a good recognition for her that she still had a testimony. So that was a great experience. But we are increasing our teaching pool in the form of tracting and it's actually starting to pay off which is much obliged. But that's about all I have for you at this point in time. Thank you for all you do and the little package that you sent last week. Love you very much and will talk to you soon!


Elder Scott!

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Glad that the ol' Urmston boy got you the bag and stuff. I'm proud of you for bearing your testimony haha. Thanks for telling everyone hi for me. Good weekend for Seahawks and Y fans it sounds like. That's awesome they beat St. Mary's. Did I tell you I served around Tyler's cousin Gavin? I think I did. But he was my zone leader when I was in Pismo Beach. We went on an exchange together and had a good time. That was about a year ago. Were you able to swing that pair of shorts for Elder Henderson? If not it's all good. Just thought I'd follow up. Tell Goose to keep his head up they'll get em next time. How's Jimmer doing? Is he still with the Kings? Kids career just tanked after Kobe gave him the stink eye from what it sounds like. That's too bad. That was a good stab to throw in there about my senior year. I've said it before, I'll say it again... Sometimes your parents are right haha. That hurts... Hey on the brightside though we were graced with the opportunity of playing another round of 18 at Seven Oaks on Tuesday with President Wilson. It was joyous. I did much better then previous rounds on the back nine. I also had a couple very good putts that I got straight up burglarized on. In the cup at a good speed right down the center, then WHAM... Up jumps the devil and my ball is sitting on the rim of the cup and looking straight down on it part of the ball is in the hole... Definition of garbage... But it's alright I digress.

This week, was pretty good. We did an exchange with a pair of Zone Leaders last week in Oildale. It was pretty fun. There's some interesting people in Oildale. We were in the southern half too which is the best part of town! (kind of) You're more then welcome to google it haha. But we had a very good exchange and accomplished some good work. We really tried to apply what Elder Richards trained us on the week prior about teaching simply and sticking to the pure doctrine. It was a great testimony builder for myself as well as discussions that have since been had that have changed how I try to teach and testify. It's amazing how fewer words can bring a stronger spirit. Kind of like teeing off, the softer you swing the farther it goes. Elder LaPlant and I were given the opportunity to give a training to all the District, and Zone Leaders on Saturday as well. We trained on district meetings, baptismal interviews, as well as the leadership stuff that Elder Richards went over with us. We also had a meeting with the Sister Training Leaders on Sunday. Basically just went over the same stuff we did with the Elders. Other then that we're just knocking doors for hours and hours trying to build up our area. We're getting there. Finding lots of potentials and getting some good less-actives to work with though. Thank you for the package with little pleasantries in it. I'll see how the stuff works out. I set up an appointment for next Tuesday with a less active member who is a dermatologist haha. 

Nothing crazy here though. I'll probably have something more for you next week. Start raking in that cash with the ACN gig. You'll have to send me a picture of Jonesy's beloved return as well. But I gotta get running. I love and miss you greatly and await the day that I beat you in a round of golf. When that day comes I have a proposition for you. But we'll let that sit on the burner for the next few months haha. Love ya!


Elder Scott

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014


That's just great the Goose won a big game. What's up with the drama? Who cares what anyone says haha. Whether he plays or not is 6 years away no need to feel trouble or strife of the matter. Those Cougs know how to perform it sounds like? Did they lose to pretty decent teams or to a few chumps? No good to get smashed. What's Wasatch's record like? Are they going to be any good this year? I miss high school sports... Those were the days. 

I actually had no idea about Sierra Wardle... That's too bad she was just about finished I think she was supposed to go home in June... She told me she sent a letter but I have yet to receive it... I'm proud of her for making that decision though... I think that'd be one of the hardest things in the world to do. We've definitely dealt with our share of those cases. We'll be sending one home today and one home on Wednesday for those same reasons. It's unfortunate. But when Elder Alston (my companion in the MTC) went home, one of the counselors in our branch presidency came in and said, "Elders, if the only life that Elder Alston saved while he was on his mission was his own, then he served a successful mission." I've always enjoyed and been comforted by that. It's true, you don't need a mission to get exalted, you do need to be forgiven of sin however. So good on em. 

Sure a guy would snoop the details about the marketing business! Haha all is well. Sounds like the prophesy rings true... Whenever you start telling people work is slow it picks right back up. Glad you'll be able to provide for the crew a little longer. My little paws have yet to be treated, I don't have time to go to the doctor we're too busy. I've dealt with it for about two years now I can continue on in the fight. It's just ugly looking with like three dry cracked knuckles and the rest are fine. I've tried a few different OTC treatments but alas have gotten nowhere. 

This week was really good. We had transfers as I have already mentioned. So pretty much Monday through Friday last week were booked with office work and administrative responsibilities. But we had a great meeting on Saturday morning with a member of the Seventy Elder Richards. We had a very good meeting and he laid down the law haha. He told us we were a bunch of kids and that we as a church are horrible teachers. We use too many words and try to get to fancy with our teaching by using little gimmicks and object lessons as we teach. He said drop the kid stuff and teach the pure doctrine. Anything else other then that as far as he's concerned if false doctrine and shouldn't be done. I enjoyed the scorning we've needed a better course of direction in some of these young whipper snappers lives out here. He gave a lot of great instruction and taught us things we all have heard before but needed the reminder in order to set us straight. Afterwards we were graced with the opportunity to take him tracting for two hours in a more wealthy part of our ward haha. With the split of our ward and us giving the east half to the sisters, we also lost all of the people we were working with being less actives, formers, and current investigators. So we've knocked a lot this weekend and I've enjoyed it a lot. I feel more like a  missionary when we knock haha. But as we were working he told us we need to switch our area to a more productive one for our exchanges so we can teach the zone leaders how to be better teachers and if we're knocking all day on exchanges then that won't happen. We're inclined to want to stay but we're pretty sure he talked to President about it so we'll see what happens. It was a neat experience to go out with him though. We got to ask him some questions about Hastening the Work and about leadership. As we asked questions about leadership he told us we needed to have another meeting that night with just us and President. As well as Elder Garns, he was there all day as well. He's the Area Seventy out here who lives in Valencia. But he taught us stuff that we once again already knew, but for some reason or another we're not super good at keeping it at the front of our minds. He told us in any leadership position in life, whether it be a career, church calling, parenting, etc. That there's three things you must do.

1)Teach pure doctrine by the spirit

2)Invite others to act

3)Minister or give help so they can achieve it

He said if you have a missionary who's not doing what they're supposed to, this is all you can do. Teach them why we don't do those things, invite them to do the correct thing, then offer help and say Elder what can I do for you? So not like he reinvented the wheel but he set us straight on who has the authority to call people on the carpet and singe their eyebrows, and those who do not. Basically no leader in the mission has the right to do that, except President Wilson. Which he'll need to do shortly cause we've had a couple hooligans as of late. But all is well and we're trying to resolve the issues. We had one night last week where we had to go out to Taft and interview a missionary, take his assignment, and drive out to Frazier Park to give it to another missionary. It was quite the escapade and we were late because some sisters got hit by some weasel in a parking lot and it jacked their steering column and popped their tire so we had to change the tire, but to no success cause they ended up not even being able to drive their car. So we were late for nothing haha.

We talked to some great potentials while we were tracting this weekend. Have a few people we're going to follow up with and see if we can help them come into the fold. We also talked to a couple who were less then enthused about Joseph Smith and us believing in a separate Jesus... Apparently our Bibles are different in regards to that we don't think of Jesus as a deity, but only a prophet and a good guy... He was polite in telling us we were wrong and he hopes we get to heaven one day haha. Hopefully he saves us a seat.

But that's about all I got for ya this week. Some good, some bad, and a chunk of ugly haha. Thank you very much for all you do. I love and miss you all very much so. I'm sure I'll talk to you before too long! Tell everyone in the ward hi for me when you bear your testimony Sunday!! ;)


Your Son