Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014


Yupp another one bites the dust. I don't even know who the Terani girl is... Was she part of the 5th ward crowd that came in? I heard about the game updates. I'm stoked that the Seahawks have made it this far again. I love the ol' Seahawks. I like the niners too though. I'm also super stoked for Peyton to throw down on Tom. I can't stand that clown. But hey you know out of the past 6 years the only two super bowls I would've really cared to have watched have both been while I'm a missionary... Fancy that huh? Glad the Cougs have stepped up their game a little bit. March Madness is right around the corner... Have you been able to talk to Timmy about that gear? If not I understand it's not like it's a huge issue just curious. I saw Goovin score a bucket against the springville red devils... That filthy place is the only reason our record junior year was 24-1... What a joke. Why is Kara debating for school uniforms? Is she trying to force the issue or go against it? No one wants to wear a school uniform we're not catholic priests haha. Just enforce the dress code instead of letting kids get away with stuff. Haha. I'm sure she'll win. I can't believe how tall she's gotten. Nic sent some pictures of her and it's mind blowing...

I'm always right too so I'm sure that work will pick up soon. We live in a sick world with people who are always seeking to get gain at the expense of others. Just wait it'll happen.. On the bright side I've lost about 9 pounds in a week and a half with a new diet that I'm on. You ready for the magic ticket? Portion control... Who knew? Haha light breakfast, light lunch, and then one plate of whatever the members make for dinner! Haha I would love to go into business with you in this little network marketing gig you've been picking up. Because I had honestly thought about going into law just so I could work with you. But I don't want to be a lawyer so if we can make this work that'd be a much greater deal haha. 

Sounds like things are pretty quiet though around the Scott home. That's not always a bad thing though. That's crazy the Erica is leaving for Wisconsin this week. That'll be awesome. Hopefully she lets the mission go through her rather then going through the mission... That's always a heart breaker... Those are good little tid bits about President Smith... It's funny how that works. Some of the greatest see no numerical success and some of the worst see lots of it. But ya know it happens. That's an awesome quote though. Wish that was written on every missionary apartment wall. 

This past week was good. We had zone conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday for us and then the other side was Thursday and Friday. So they went pretty well. Elder LaPlant and I each gave a training about faith based goals which went really well. One of the office missionaries cried... So we know we affected someone... Not exactly the target we were aiming for though haha. We've been working on transfers too so that's in the process right now. Hopefully we'll be able to make it happen next week. This transfer went by very quickly. I can't believe we're practically half way through the month of January... We were able to pick up a former investigator and his girlfriend this past week. That was good he's pretty apathetic about the whole thing but she's the main reason we go back. She has the light. They struggle committing to do things... But we also taught our good friend Chris. He's awesome. He wants to go on a mission and get baptized and everything... But his mom is still holding him back which is super frustrating! But that's the way it goes unfortunately. We'll see what the future has in store. I absolutely love the Stockdale ward. One of the main reasons that I ever come back to Bakersfield is going to be for the families in this ward cause they're awesome. But other then that nothing super crazy and awesome. So I guess I'll let ya go till next time. Thank you for your kind words and your continued prayers and support. I'll be praying for some business to come your way. I already do that but I'll try and make it extra fervent. How's your family scripture study going? Or your missionary efforts? Have you been going the extra mile? If not, I would exhort you that ye would ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Christ if these things will help you. :) Do I sound like a missionary yet it's only been 20 months? Haha Love ya lots and I'll talk to you next week! Thanks for everything!!!!


Elder Scott

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