Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014


I remember the Tehrani's now. I didn't know their last name. But that's crazy that she's home. I remember very well taking the Golden Nugget to Park City to grab that eliptical or whatever it was. Very well payed I might add she's a great lady. I heard about the Seahawks and the Broncs... That's sweet I'm stoked about three things, obviously one is the hawks being in the big game again, two, Tom Brady and the Patriots aren't in the game. Three good ol' Manning is in. That's good news in the NCAA and NFL sounds like the LBL is struggling though.. (Little Ballers League) 0-5 that's like all of my baseball teams growing up haha. That was frustrating. Those filthy Jazz are going to be just good enough that they get like a 6th pick and throw off all next season. Which will be disheartening. I bet your friend Jabari goes to the Pelicans or the Bobcats or something lame...

I can't believe Spencer is home... It wasn't that long ago that I was sitting at Gary's house after his big talk... That's crazy. Jonesy getting home pretty swift too.. Provost should be home this month but he extended right? He'll be so excited to go to the big Swiss Days! Haha are the Ice castles any different then they've been in the past? Typically they're cool but I don't know that I'd travel the world to see it. They killed the grass a few years ago too when they did it at Town Square. That was annoying cause that's our ultimate frisbee field haha. When you say you're taking Bish to an ACN meeting is that big Dan or Bish McCotter? How much have you already racked up on my behalf? Did you ever get the NuSkin guy to sign up for anything? Here come all the questions haha. If we went into this business together what would our system be. I don't know jack diddly about anything marketing or business. I took sports marketing in high school and that's it haha. So you'll have to fill me in on what the game plan is with this business. 

This past week we did a lot of office work... I don't know if I've ever told you but I'm in an office a lot... Haha we were able to have a couple good lessons actually. We taught an investigator who is the definition of a "yes man". We ask if he believes the Book of Mormon, he says yes. We ask if he believes in Joseph Smith, he says yes. We ask if he'll come to church, he says yes. But he never reads or comes to church and we've dropped him in the past but we picked him back up with the hopes he'd come to church cause we start at 11 now instead of 9 and his big thing was getting up early to oome to church haha. But we took a semi-active member with us to teach and he loved it. He said he just felt right about what he was doing and he wanted to be at the next lesson. We then actually went over to his house the next night and taught about the Temple. We've been trying to get them to go to the LA Temple to pray and set a goal for when they'd go through as a family. But that hasn't happened yet so we're trying. But other then that not a lot. We got a new Ward Mission Leader and he's great. He's a funny guy and enjoys missionary work so we should do well with him. We're also splitting our ward tomorrow and putting sisters in it. So that should be good. The ward has been neglected quite a bit since we've been in the office so much. So we're excited for them to have some missionaries that are going to work hard and do good things. I'll be in the office for at least another 6 weeks. Stay in the same area with Elder LaPlant. We'll have a Seventy who's going to meet with us on Saturday then we'll go proselyting with him. Then in a couple weeks the Missionary Department will be here and they'll go over some training and we'll go proselyting with one of them as well. So that'll be interesting. Now they're going know I'm a worthless missionary and I have a lot of improvements to make haha. Don't look forward to that too much. But that's all I got for this past week. So I love you much and thank you for all you do. Things are well here and couldn't ask for anything more. 


Elder Scott

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