Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014


That's just great the Goose won a big game. What's up with the drama? Who cares what anyone says haha. Whether he plays or not is 6 years away no need to feel trouble or strife of the matter. Those Cougs know how to perform it sounds like? Did they lose to pretty decent teams or to a few chumps? No good to get smashed. What's Wasatch's record like? Are they going to be any good this year? I miss high school sports... Those were the days. 

I actually had no idea about Sierra Wardle... That's too bad she was just about finished I think she was supposed to go home in June... She told me she sent a letter but I have yet to receive it... I'm proud of her for making that decision though... I think that'd be one of the hardest things in the world to do. We've definitely dealt with our share of those cases. We'll be sending one home today and one home on Wednesday for those same reasons. It's unfortunate. But when Elder Alston (my companion in the MTC) went home, one of the counselors in our branch presidency came in and said, "Elders, if the only life that Elder Alston saved while he was on his mission was his own, then he served a successful mission." I've always enjoyed and been comforted by that. It's true, you don't need a mission to get exalted, you do need to be forgiven of sin however. So good on em. 

Sure a guy would snoop the details about the marketing business! Haha all is well. Sounds like the prophesy rings true... Whenever you start telling people work is slow it picks right back up. Glad you'll be able to provide for the crew a little longer. My little paws have yet to be treated, I don't have time to go to the doctor we're too busy. I've dealt with it for about two years now I can continue on in the fight. It's just ugly looking with like three dry cracked knuckles and the rest are fine. I've tried a few different OTC treatments but alas have gotten nowhere. 

This week was really good. We had transfers as I have already mentioned. So pretty much Monday through Friday last week were booked with office work and administrative responsibilities. But we had a great meeting on Saturday morning with a member of the Seventy Elder Richards. We had a very good meeting and he laid down the law haha. He told us we were a bunch of kids and that we as a church are horrible teachers. We use too many words and try to get to fancy with our teaching by using little gimmicks and object lessons as we teach. He said drop the kid stuff and teach the pure doctrine. Anything else other then that as far as he's concerned if false doctrine and shouldn't be done. I enjoyed the scorning we've needed a better course of direction in some of these young whipper snappers lives out here. He gave a lot of great instruction and taught us things we all have heard before but needed the reminder in order to set us straight. Afterwards we were graced with the opportunity to take him tracting for two hours in a more wealthy part of our ward haha. With the split of our ward and us giving the east half to the sisters, we also lost all of the people we were working with being less actives, formers, and current investigators. So we've knocked a lot this weekend and I've enjoyed it a lot. I feel more like a  missionary when we knock haha. But as we were working he told us we need to switch our area to a more productive one for our exchanges so we can teach the zone leaders how to be better teachers and if we're knocking all day on exchanges then that won't happen. We're inclined to want to stay but we're pretty sure he talked to President about it so we'll see what happens. It was a neat experience to go out with him though. We got to ask him some questions about Hastening the Work and about leadership. As we asked questions about leadership he told us we needed to have another meeting that night with just us and President. As well as Elder Garns, he was there all day as well. He's the Area Seventy out here who lives in Valencia. But he taught us stuff that we once again already knew, but for some reason or another we're not super good at keeping it at the front of our minds. He told us in any leadership position in life, whether it be a career, church calling, parenting, etc. That there's three things you must do.

1)Teach pure doctrine by the spirit

2)Invite others to act

3)Minister or give help so they can achieve it

He said if you have a missionary who's not doing what they're supposed to, this is all you can do. Teach them why we don't do those things, invite them to do the correct thing, then offer help and say Elder what can I do for you? So not like he reinvented the wheel but he set us straight on who has the authority to call people on the carpet and singe their eyebrows, and those who do not. Basically no leader in the mission has the right to do that, except President Wilson. Which he'll need to do shortly cause we've had a couple hooligans as of late. But all is well and we're trying to resolve the issues. We had one night last week where we had to go out to Taft and interview a missionary, take his assignment, and drive out to Frazier Park to give it to another missionary. It was quite the escapade and we were late because some sisters got hit by some weasel in a parking lot and it jacked their steering column and popped their tire so we had to change the tire, but to no success cause they ended up not even being able to drive their car. So we were late for nothing haha.

We talked to some great potentials while we were tracting this weekend. Have a few people we're going to follow up with and see if we can help them come into the fold. We also talked to a couple who were less then enthused about Joseph Smith and us believing in a separate Jesus... Apparently our Bibles are different in regards to that we don't think of Jesus as a deity, but only a prophet and a good guy... He was polite in telling us we were wrong and he hopes we get to heaven one day haha. Hopefully he saves us a seat.

But that's about all I got for ya this week. Some good, some bad, and a chunk of ugly haha. Thank you very much for all you do. I love and miss you all very much so. I'm sure I'll talk to you before too long! Tell everyone in the ward hi for me when you bear your testimony Sunday!! ;)


Your Son

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