Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014


Well that'll be pretty intense if he passes up ol' Jimmer boy. I'm tellin you Jimmer is going to get signed up with the Jazz this next year and he's going to start lighting it up again. Same with Tyler in a couple years. They're gonna be the dynamic duo and we're going to call them "White Thunder". Copyright that for me and we'll be millionaires. No one believed me when I told them the Jazz beat the Heat haha. How low are the lakes? I remember a couple years ago Deer Creek stayed full through the summer and winter but the year before it got super low. Where's it sitting at right now? The whole western half of the nation is super in need of water. Kinda sketchy. The greens might not be so green this summer. That's unfortunate. You gotta buy Winn's bike. There's no way we're gonna make that work with you borrowing a bike all the time cause I want to get into this stuff pretty hard when I get home. I want to get a system of biking. swimming, and lifting going. Try and be occupied with physical activity instead of playing tons of Xbox and laying around doing nothing haha. That's crazy that the Bishopric is already getting changed up. It's only been a year and a half? I don't know Brother Wright. But you bet I know J. Wade. That chump hasn't said a word to me since I've been out here. He's going to do what you did to Pope and send me an e-mail in like April giving some garbage excuse as to why it has been so haha. That's alright I can take a hit. 

You'll have yourself all sorts of fun with those squirmy little priests. You were always the favored guy in the crowd. I guarantee you'll be the one everyone wants for rides to camps and activities. It's a scary process beating the word into the youth. You can do some real good, and some real bad. You see that a lot with investigators. If you go over and just slam em with lessons they're much less receptive as compared to going over there and helping them and talking about they're family and issues then talk about how the gospel can bless them. Maybe you'll find a good balance. Cause obviously you need both. But at that age you gotta play their game cause they most certainly won't play yours haha. Can't believe the Jonesmaister and Provost are already speaking next week. That's just awful. My companion is writing a girl who's in the Baton Rouge mission and Elder Provost was her District Leader! You'll have to tell that boy to send me an e-mail now that he has all the time in the world haha. 

If everything goes as planned I should be getting out of here in the beginning of March. But that's only if everything goes as planned. No one else knows that yet except for President and myself. So keep it on the down low. He pulled me aside last week and we had a little chat so we'll see what happens. Then I'll fill you in on the rest of the details and we'll proceed. Tell Nic I will try her supplements. I'm not doubting her theology or reasoning one bit. I just don't have an awesome control over the intake of food so I don't want to try and be doing some crazy diet along with these vitamins.... These mormons like to eat down here... 

In other news, our week was fantastic. We had a lesson with an investigator on Monday that we're probably going to end up dropping tonight which is alright. But we have been working with a family that's got a lot of potential. They remind me of the good ol' folks back in Vernal. Out on the back porch in the dirt yard with the country music blaring holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. But they're awesome. The mom is a member and hasn't been to church for many moons. All the kids are not members and the husband isn't either. It's definitely a family that needs the gospel. We've taught them many lessons and done some service for them and the 10 year old ended up coming to church yesterday which was a great thing for him and he really enjoyed it. We also found a new family to teach this weekend. We were knocking doors at like 8 o'clock on Valentines Day and the first door we knocked on this street was this couple who was playing with their twin kids. They came to the door and they were super friendly and had a ten minute conversation with us. We asked them if we could come back another day when it wasn't so late and catching them off guard and we all chuckled but they invited us back on Sunday. So we went over yesterday and they kept the appointment, (hardly ever happens) and we got to teach them the Restoration. They're super family oriented which was great because everything we said regarding the family and morals and values of the church they were super on board with and they already look mormon haha. They have some WofW stuff to fix but that's an easy obstacle for them cause it's more of a social thing rather then an addiction. So they're super awesome and we're going back to teach them on Thursday with a member that we think will get along very well with them. So I'll let you know how that goes next week. We also got to go to the Temple on Wednesday for my birthday. We went down with Brother Stotler and had a great time. He took us out to dinner and we got some good food and took some good pictures. Which are in the car so I'll e-mail them to you another time haha. But that's about all I have for you today. I love you very much and am grateful for all your support! Good luck with the new calling. Hope you can help the boys in the ward the way you helped us! Talk to you next week!


Elder Scott

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014


Oh the city of Bakersfield is just stupendous. Haven't seen Arnold's son yet. He probably lives down on Seven Oaks. If he's not their he's in our area haha. Glad Goovin's winning some games! That's cool he's on a first name basis with the Y boys haha. What year is Tyler is he a junior or a sophomore? What's the Jazz's record looking like this year? Have they beat any good teams yet? No one out here cares for the Jazz so I'm a lone wolf. That's too bad Anna's not the president anymore. A lot of the girls were big fans of that lady. She's super cool. I enjoy that family. I still feel bad for throwing ol' Fisher boy into a pile of ice that I presumed to be snow... That was mean haha. I can't believe Jonesy gets home this week. Wasn't too long ago that he busted out a solo right at the end of his talk in sacrament meeting haha. 

That worthless Pope. All he cares about is cash and women now. Scrub hasn't said a word to me since he's been home haha. But it's a good thing he was recruiting in the right places! Is he still with his little Probst girlfriend? I don't hear from hardly anybody back in the happy valley. Verlan Fullmer has been a faithful home teacher. Even though I never respond to his stuff I enjoy getting it. I probably should tell him thank you for his service haha. But other then that I talk to a whopping three people from back home. Used to get mail left and right. Then I hit a year and everything kind of tanked haha. No worries about the shorts. We'll get him some next year or something. Maybe Jimmer will get signed in Utah and then start doing better being back in his home territory. Is it true that he hasn't been doing good since the whole Kobe incident? That guy is a chump haha. Playing another round was extremely joyful. It's perfect golf weather right now in Bakersfield. That's good that snow has been falling. How much has Happy Valley gotten this winter? California is desperate for water as well. While the midwest is getting slammed. Elder LaPlant's mom said that this winter Chicago has gotten over 50 feet of snow... Wish that was Utah. 

I don't know what will happen my last few months. I won't be surprised if I stay around here longer. But I also wouldn't be surprised if they sent me off. We'll see. Did you ever buy Steve's bike? What am I gonna ride for our big race? I'm only gonna make it like 20 miles and then pass out haha. When are you starting your training? I'm gonna be hooped! That's alright though. If I don't win it this year I'll win it next year haha. Just kidding. But seriously... 

So for the update on my behalf, first off Shellie Magelby told her sister you say hi! She was excited and said to tell you hello and actually said that you were each others first dates! That's precious!! But anyway, so a few pretty cool experiences from this past week. We had the missionary department here and they were great! Brother Craig Hill and Brother Nathan Tanner. We had a few meetings with them and also went proselyting with Brother Tanner and it was a very pleasant experience. We received some great training and have also given that to all the Zone Leaders via MLC and apparently all of their meetings have gone well for the implementation of said training. But cooler experience. We're sitting there after MLC and we were asked to go on an exchange with some missionaries up there cause they needed some help. So we were able to work that out and spend a couple hours with them. But while we were waiting the Bear Valley sisters were teaching a guy that I knew when I was there. My companion and I were the first ones to start teaching this guy. But anyway we see him there and we start talking and I didn't think he would remember me cause we only had two lessons then he dropped off the face of the earth. But he's got a baptismal date for March 2nd and he wanted me to baptize him. Unfortunately I can't because the policy is you can't return to your prior areas to baptize people. But I thought it was cool that he remembered me and we got to catch up for a few minutes. We also found a new investigator this week by the name of Shawn Kelly.... Thought that was kind of funny haha. But we taught this one gal who is in a part member family. She's the less active and we were sitting there with her non member family and taught part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end we invited her to say the closing prayer. She was a little reluctant and we ended up getting her to pray. It was very short, but very sincere and powerful. She had told us prior to this visit that she didn't think she needed to attend church to be close to God. So her saying this in her prayer was good. But she said "please soften my family's hearts so they can know that this gospel is true, the way I know it is true in my heart." She started tearing up and ended the prayer very quickly. But it was a good recognition for her that she still had a testimony. So that was a great experience. But we are increasing our teaching pool in the form of tracting and it's actually starting to pay off which is much obliged. But that's about all I have for you at this point in time. Thank you for all you do and the little package that you sent last week. Love you very much and will talk to you soon!


Elder Scott!

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Glad that the ol' Urmston boy got you the bag and stuff. I'm proud of you for bearing your testimony haha. Thanks for telling everyone hi for me. Good weekend for Seahawks and Y fans it sounds like. That's awesome they beat St. Mary's. Did I tell you I served around Tyler's cousin Gavin? I think I did. But he was my zone leader when I was in Pismo Beach. We went on an exchange together and had a good time. That was about a year ago. Were you able to swing that pair of shorts for Elder Henderson? If not it's all good. Just thought I'd follow up. Tell Goose to keep his head up they'll get em next time. How's Jimmer doing? Is he still with the Kings? Kids career just tanked after Kobe gave him the stink eye from what it sounds like. That's too bad. That was a good stab to throw in there about my senior year. I've said it before, I'll say it again... Sometimes your parents are right haha. That hurts... Hey on the brightside though we were graced with the opportunity of playing another round of 18 at Seven Oaks on Tuesday with President Wilson. It was joyous. I did much better then previous rounds on the back nine. I also had a couple very good putts that I got straight up burglarized on. In the cup at a good speed right down the center, then WHAM... Up jumps the devil and my ball is sitting on the rim of the cup and looking straight down on it part of the ball is in the hole... Definition of garbage... But it's alright I digress.

This week, was pretty good. We did an exchange with a pair of Zone Leaders last week in Oildale. It was pretty fun. There's some interesting people in Oildale. We were in the southern half too which is the best part of town! (kind of) You're more then welcome to google it haha. But we had a very good exchange and accomplished some good work. We really tried to apply what Elder Richards trained us on the week prior about teaching simply and sticking to the pure doctrine. It was a great testimony builder for myself as well as discussions that have since been had that have changed how I try to teach and testify. It's amazing how fewer words can bring a stronger spirit. Kind of like teeing off, the softer you swing the farther it goes. Elder LaPlant and I were given the opportunity to give a training to all the District, and Zone Leaders on Saturday as well. We trained on district meetings, baptismal interviews, as well as the leadership stuff that Elder Richards went over with us. We also had a meeting with the Sister Training Leaders on Sunday. Basically just went over the same stuff we did with the Elders. Other then that we're just knocking doors for hours and hours trying to build up our area. We're getting there. Finding lots of potentials and getting some good less-actives to work with though. Thank you for the package with little pleasantries in it. I'll see how the stuff works out. I set up an appointment for next Tuesday with a less active member who is a dermatologist haha. 

Nothing crazy here though. I'll probably have something more for you next week. Start raking in that cash with the ACN gig. You'll have to send me a picture of Jonesy's beloved return as well. But I gotta get running. I love and miss you greatly and await the day that I beat you in a round of golf. When that day comes I have a proposition for you. But we'll let that sit on the burner for the next few months haha. Love ya!


Elder Scott