Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Glad that the ol' Urmston boy got you the bag and stuff. I'm proud of you for bearing your testimony haha. Thanks for telling everyone hi for me. Good weekend for Seahawks and Y fans it sounds like. That's awesome they beat St. Mary's. Did I tell you I served around Tyler's cousin Gavin? I think I did. But he was my zone leader when I was in Pismo Beach. We went on an exchange together and had a good time. That was about a year ago. Were you able to swing that pair of shorts for Elder Henderson? If not it's all good. Just thought I'd follow up. Tell Goose to keep his head up they'll get em next time. How's Jimmer doing? Is he still with the Kings? Kids career just tanked after Kobe gave him the stink eye from what it sounds like. That's too bad. That was a good stab to throw in there about my senior year. I've said it before, I'll say it again... Sometimes your parents are right haha. That hurts... Hey on the brightside though we were graced with the opportunity of playing another round of 18 at Seven Oaks on Tuesday with President Wilson. It was joyous. I did much better then previous rounds on the back nine. I also had a couple very good putts that I got straight up burglarized on. In the cup at a good speed right down the center, then WHAM... Up jumps the devil and my ball is sitting on the rim of the cup and looking straight down on it part of the ball is in the hole... Definition of garbage... But it's alright I digress.

This week, was pretty good. We did an exchange with a pair of Zone Leaders last week in Oildale. It was pretty fun. There's some interesting people in Oildale. We were in the southern half too which is the best part of town! (kind of) You're more then welcome to google it haha. But we had a very good exchange and accomplished some good work. We really tried to apply what Elder Richards trained us on the week prior about teaching simply and sticking to the pure doctrine. It was a great testimony builder for myself as well as discussions that have since been had that have changed how I try to teach and testify. It's amazing how fewer words can bring a stronger spirit. Kind of like teeing off, the softer you swing the farther it goes. Elder LaPlant and I were given the opportunity to give a training to all the District, and Zone Leaders on Saturday as well. We trained on district meetings, baptismal interviews, as well as the leadership stuff that Elder Richards went over with us. We also had a meeting with the Sister Training Leaders on Sunday. Basically just went over the same stuff we did with the Elders. Other then that we're just knocking doors for hours and hours trying to build up our area. We're getting there. Finding lots of potentials and getting some good less-actives to work with though. Thank you for the package with little pleasantries in it. I'll see how the stuff works out. I set up an appointment for next Tuesday with a less active member who is a dermatologist haha. 

Nothing crazy here though. I'll probably have something more for you next week. Start raking in that cash with the ACN gig. You'll have to send me a picture of Jonesy's beloved return as well. But I gotta get running. I love and miss you greatly and await the day that I beat you in a round of golf. When that day comes I have a proposition for you. But we'll let that sit on the burner for the next few months haha. Love ya!


Elder Scott

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