Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 65 days left!


I didn't expect to hear a better report on the ol' Jazzian warriors.... We need a Stockton Malone squad back on the court. It's too bad. But hey I didn't have to witness any of it so what do I have to complain about? Nothing! Everyone wants to hear about home teaching in the church what are you talking about?! It's like how every missionary wants to hear about obedience in the mission field! Let's get real they all just act like they don't want to hear it but deep down it's the most desired thing of their heart! I'm glad you got to go play a round in 2014! Sounds like you weren't to rusty from being snow bound all winter. As for myself I believe the best round of the year has been about a 43 or 44. Goose is going to be easily outplaying me by the time I get back. But that's okay we can't all be heroes. I'm sure you're heartbroken at not being able to be the big Pa this year at the trek! Sounds like everything is working out in your favor! Random side note, what day is the MS race? I have a feeling I'm going to make it a whopping 20 miles then have to call in the big truck! I didn't get a video of Goosenfrau on the drums either. 

Sounds like big Joel is eager to have his little boy back haha. That's too funny. The work up here in the mountains continues to go forward, unfortunately we'll be losing most of our investigators in a few weeks cause they're all flippin spanish. We've been taking out a couple members with us who speak spanish and they've been translating for us so that we can teach these people. WE'll be getting spanish elders up here this next transfer so it'll be exciting. But Sandra continues to do super well. Almost too well haha she has been reading the POGP and read in Moses when he casts out Satan and she compared that story to the roommate that is holding her back from being baptized haha. I hope she doesn't do anything drastic. She's faithful in coming to church each week and keeping every single commitment we leave with her. We're eating with her tonight at our Branch President's house which will be just splendid. We also found a 15 year old kid this week who is surprisingly spiritual and receptive. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on May 10 so hopefully we can prepare him for that and get his family to join in. His mom sat in on the lesson but doesn't speak a lot of english so I don't think she understood a whole lot. But she was grateful we stopped by and willing to have us back. So that's a bonus. Other then that two of our pretty good investigators are moving back down south which is kind of a bummer but we'll make it happen either way. They're good people they just need an extra push. They've got WofW issues so we taught that last week and it went really well. A lot better then I was anticipating. We have zone conference this week down in Palmdale so their goes a day and a half for us for missionary work this week haha. It's like a four and a half hour drive down there so we'll go down Wednesday night have Zone Conf Thursday then come home that afternoon. It'll be packed. I will have you know that all those little details about serving outta the states I've witnessed alright. I've been blessed enough to have the mold filled bathrooms and the converted garage with bugs falling from the roof as an extra add on. It just so happens that my last two apartments have been described in the BIble and Book of Mormon as the "many mansions" haha. 

But other then that I don't have a whole lot going on up here. I haven't gotten the package yet. Hopefully it'll get here tomorrow. If it doesn't.... I'll tell you next week haha. For now we're just doing the same ol' same ol' I sent a request to Nicki which I'm sure she'll mention to you. So you'll have to chastise me next week when she talks to you about it haha. But I love you and am grateful for all that you have done for me. I hope work continues to go well and that you can find some time to hit the links. We're gonna try to hit the range next week on P day haha. But love you and will talk to you soon!


Elder Brady Scott


Fun fact, I took Elder Holland's order at the Timp Freeze a few years ago. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who he was when he stood at the register but after he walked off everyone was like "oh my gosh that was Elder Holland!" As I thought to myself, you idiot, how in the heck did you not know who he was? In my defense he looked familiar I just didn't know why haha. Elder Holland is a fan of lowering your shoulder and hunkering down so it sounds like you're right on point with that haha. That's awesome that he attended as just an average joe. I'm sure that was quite the relief for a busy man such as himself. But good luck in your schooling endeavors I hope it all goes well and ya'll get some time to rest in the future! Love ya tons!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day 2014


Well sounds like it's kinda just been a rough day for you haha. That's good the Cougars got in the dance. Somebody is going to go Jeremy Lin on everybody and carry em into the finals. You just wait. That's awesome you got to see Mr. Kia play. I enjoy him he's a baller. How's the Jazz doing now? Do they have anybody on that team that's worth rooting for anymore? We gonna get Jabari to come home and live in UTah? Hahaha fill me in.

You gotta let the topics flow! That's the whole purpose of Sacrament meeting is to talk about Jesus and help others to feel that love! I don't want to talk about my mission over the pulpit hahaha we're on separate pages here... I'd be happy to speak at a fireside or tell stories at the house. Sacrament meetings not about this lazy chump though. Hopefully I don't add to your frustration. But I'm sure I can weasel in a thing or two that pertain to the doctrine of the kingdom and be enlightening for all too hear. That's awesome you got tagged into being mas and pas! I want to go on the trek with you forget Goose he can watch himself hahaha. Or I'll saddle him on my back and he can come along for the journey! Either way works fine for me. Good ol J. Wade. Just looking out for you ya know? That's crazy Bryce has been out for 5 months. I miss that kid. He's gonna do awesome. Tyson gets home the week after General Conference I believe. So like 3 or 4 weeks. It's crazy... 

The work up here is doing super well. I'd love to tell you all about it but I'm on a library computer and have a time limit haha so highlights are, the people we found two weeks ago 3 of them came to church yesterday. Sandra is an investigator who should be getting baptized this weekend but she has a male roommate which we are currently in the process of trying to resolve. We have a wealth branch member who owns some lodges up here who's going to try and hook her up with a decent paying job to help her pay rent. We also are teaching a guy who thinks the apostle John is an evil spawn of satan and that he's the son of lawlessness because his gospel isn't coherent with Paul.... Haha nice guy though he gave us dinner and really enjoys the BOok of Mormon. We moved into a new place last week and I feel spoiled beyond all get out but it's super nice and I love the design. It's very outdoorsy with log furniture and pictures and stuff like that haha. I enjoy it a lot. Other then that I think I'll just fill you in on stories when I get home or try to fit them next week! I love you very much and am grateful for all you have done for me and supporting me being out here! 


Elder Brady Scott

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


Sorry the font on this is weird. I copy and pasted my shenanigans from President's letter and put it in here haha. With some slight modifications for confidential purposes haha. That's too bad the might Tigers lost their game. It happens though ya know? It'd be like missing the PAT to send it in to over time after working your tail off to come back from a half time deficit. I'm not bitter... Haha You gotta go play the links if they're open. It's super depressing how little snow there is up here too. I can't believe it. Three years ago they set their record of snow received at a total of about 60 feet. Now they've maybe gotten like 6... It's brutal. 

Glad to hear that work picked back up. When I get home I'll make sure I make up the amount of golf for both of us that you've missed over your period of trials and court hearings. But hey, at least there's food on the table right? What's the deal with this D-Land trip? Gavy hinted at it in his portion of the e-mail. What's the game plan there? Just a trip to Orange County or will we be jaunting up to Simi Valley or Bakersfield or anything of that nature? Just curious as to what the plans are. 

This past week has been wonderful. We've seen a lot of good things up here in the branch. Elder Matheny and I are doing very well. He is my new companion. He's been out about six months and hasn't had the best examples since he started his mission but he's still very good. I feel like within the first couple days the reason I came up here was very clear and that is to help him become the best missionary he can be. About three weeks ago, after a decent discussion with President Wilson and trying to figure out what I needed to do with myself this transfer, he asked me to pray and the prompting I received when I asked the Lord where I should spend this transfer whether it be up here or down there in Bakersfield. The prompting was to come up here and help him out and I'm confident this is where I should be. The mountains are outstanding and Mammoth is absolutely beautiful, but at the end of the day we do the same things up here that missionaries do anywhere else. It's just a little more appealing to the eyes up here. Elder Matheny is humble and desirous to do his best. He's also very diligent which I think is a great attribute that he holds. So we're making it happen up here! 

Our investigators are doing very well. We have Sandra who is set to be baptized on the 22nd but come to find out she has a male roommate so we're trying to solve that scenario. She may not make her date but hey, if it's a good idea now it'll be a good idea in a month. She'll make it to the water, of that I have no doubts. She's one of the most prepared people I've ever met. The missionaries found her knocking and she'd been praying for three weeks trying to figure out what God would have her do. She was immediately receptive to the gospel and has come to church twice, paid fast offerings, and practically taught herself off of She had some struggles with the law of tithing and we talked to her about it and she texted us the other day saying that she's been thinking about it and feels she can make it happen with the Lord's help. We found some good people this week. I fear most of them are decoys and just being nice and listening, rather then willing to commit and make a change. So we're looking for those who are prepared. It seems like the commonality of missionaries in the past have found semi- willing people who stayed strong just long enough to make it to baptism but have faltered since. This Branch deserves better then that so we're trying to make it happen. But we're working hard every day. Our cabin is super sweet. I got pictures but I'm probably just going to hold on to them till I get home cause this computer is old and slow that I'm using haha. But alas, that's about all I have for you. I love and miss everyone very much and tell them hello. I'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Sounds like you're getting along without me! That's good that you've gotten better at skateboarding! What kind of tricks can you do? Are you still going to beat me at golf or will I still be better? Muahaha jk buddy. I'm stoked to go to D-land with you for your birthday! We're gonna party hard and eat lots of Churros! Don't be shooting anybody in the eye with your filthy weapon! I'll take you on with a rubber band gun and no legs! Keep putting points on the board and goin hard in the paint! That's my new tag line so represent it well! Haha Love ya buddy I gotta run! 

That sounds like a really good experience being able to go to the temple with your mother. I want to witness a sealing. It sounds interesting. The temple presidency in LA has mentioned it a couple times since we've gone on our little trips down there so now I'm intrigued. The newest movie is a little different then the rest. I thought there was some good and some bad. I hope they do well with the third one. Thanks for all the selfies. Sounds like you're getting well acquainted with the rising generation haha. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfered to the Mountains 3/3/14


Get the important stuff out of the way haha. So I'll be moving tomorrow! I'll be a joyful Senior Companion up in the beautiful land of Mammoth Lakes, California. I'm super stoked. It's been a good 10 months here in the office but I'm excited for some new scenery. Try to get acclimate to the ol' Utah scene. So ol' Provost can't pull this card on me, after many good conversations with a mutual friend of ours Tyson Kohler, he told me you should try and get a hold of Provost cause he hasn't replied to a single thing I've sent him, so alas the present diagnosis is he's a public enemy haha. Also in my defense, while I may have only sent one, that doesn't change the fact that he sent zero! Case dismissed! That's awesome to hear that you have a couple big cases! That's always good to know that we can frolic and play in the midst of the trees and grass. Goose is welcome on most adventures haha. I don't have a problem with him coming to play unless I'll be spending an increased amount of time in Provo afterwards. But if I just go play a round he's more then welcome! I'm up for cycling every day as well. The only catch is if I start working at KO Electric again than I have to be to work by 7 bells... I don't know that I want to get up at 4am to go bike either haha. We'll cross that bridge soon. Maybe something else will turn up for the residual income rather than ACN. We could start up a nice car wash with vacuums like the one they have in Provo. I feel like that'd be a booming business for a little town. Unless they already got stuff since I've been gone. But those things are all over Bakersfield and there consistently packed. 

How in the heck do you get a cyst in your sinus passage? That just blows my mind. I've been very proud to show people the five second clip that Kara takes part in with the new mormon message haha. The members we showed last night think she's awfully cute! Haha is she really taller then Jordan and Nicki? How tall is she?  That's kind of freaky. So this just in, literally, Elder LaPlant just came in here yelling haha Jimmer is going to the Chicago Bulls now? That'll be exciting. Anyway, haha it's crazy to think I'm the next one. After all the prayers that were said while I was in that little classroom it's crazy to know I'm right there... 

This past week pretty much all day every day were in the office working on transfers. It was pretty good stuff. We also went to the temple on Friday which was a good experience. Saw the newest temple video.. There was good and bad too it. I hope the third one knocks it out of the park. But last night we went around to say goodbye to some of the members we worked pretty close with and it was a good experience. I have a few pictures but they're all in the car so I'll send em another time... Maybe haha or they'll just sit in my camera till I get home haha. But it was tough. I loved this ward a lot. Some of the best members that I've met have been in this area and it was tough to go our separate ways. But I got there contact info and will be keeping in touch so I'm excited about that. My replacement is Elder Frost. He's a good missionary and I think he and Elder LaPlant will do really well together. I'm excited for them to take control over here. Oh, one of the less active members we've been working hard with the last few weeks came back to church for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. It was awesome to see her come my last Sunday in the ward. I really appreciated her presence. But other then that I don't have a whole lot. Hopefully this next week we'll have a more miracle packed e-mail on the stuff we've been doing up in the mountains. All we can do is our best and hope for the Lord to carry us the rest of the way. So whether we're Ammon among the Lamanites baptizing thousands or Abinadi who helps one measley weasel come into the fold, let it be done. But I love and appreciate all that you have done for me and pray for you guys consistently each day. I'll talk to you soon! Love ya!

Elder Scott

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014


Well thank you for the birthday wish! Much obliged in all regards... Fancy wording makes you sound smart. I don't know if that's correct usage of said fancy words but whatever works right? I'm glad to hear the homecoming talks of these fine brethren went well. I'm gonna cry like a child when that day comes. I'm an emotional wreck when it comes to speaking in the home ward haha. Good lans what'd you do to me? That's a cool little story with Provost. I'm sure the live feed was quite impressive. You'll have to tell that weasel to send me an e-mail. Haven't talked to that kid in two years! Nic just told me your lesson went so well that one of the youth came in to talk to Bish about some stuff right after the lesson was over! Good job sir, good job. What a brutal lesson to do on your first day haha. But sounds like you did a fine job. Glad you were looking fresh for all of church so you could get your point across in a lesson haha. Do you have more then one seven fold? I don't remember your tie looking like that I thought it was a different pattern. Once you get sick of your ties feel free to hang em up in my closet for me hahaha. 

It's wayyyy to early for RCC to be open... That's brutal if it's warm enough to be playing golf in Utah right now. That should only be happening over here in Bakersfield! I can't believe that. Do you plan on keeping your membership for a little while longer? Or is that gonna take off in the next year or so? Also sounds like it was a good week for hoops outside of losing in the semi's for ol Goosey! I'm surprised they made it that far. They had a good struggle this year didn't they? I miss hoops... Haha March madness is only a week or two away! That's cool that the mighty wasps have someone who can throw it down. Very rare to see dunks in 3/4A basketball in the state of Utah. Lots of white boys on those teams haha. That'll be fun to watch em play next year though. I'm excited to go frolic through the streets on our little bicycles. We're gonna whip each other into shape real quick. How often do you go out and ride a week? We need a system here for maximum performance! 

If all goes as planned I'll be out next week. But I've never been one to trust in something till it happens. So we'll see what we have in store. Last week went pretty well. We did a couple exchanges which were pretty good. One of them was occupied helping a family move so I feel a little bad about that but you do what you gotta do. A while back Sister Wilson asked that we teach at least one lesson while on exchanges so we got to the end of the night about 8:30 and had still not taught a lesson. So we tried by a family that's very good in the ward to ask if we could teach them. Well we only caught the father home and he had to get up at 4:30 to go to work. So we let him be on got to the sidewalk and I was just frantically thinking in my head "what in the heck am I gonna do to get a lesson in." So we're standing on a sidewalk and I say a little personal prayer just pleading that we can figure something out or go somewhere where we're needed, and right as I finish my prayer, the family that lives right next door to the member we had just tried pulled up in their cars. Which is also a member family and actually who we ate dinner with last night and they took good care of us as you can tell. So we got to go in and teach a lesson to them and it went super well and was a great tender mercy. They've helped me out quite a bit since I've been in this ward. We also had an exchange with someone who is possibly going to be my replacement if I get out of here. He'll do a great job. They're good missionaries and unfortunately we didn't do a whole lot of missionary work on that exchange either which was lame. But we had to run missionaries to the doctors we had to run back to our house to grab my suit cause we were going to go to a baptism that night that I didn't know about. Which started late and went for like two hours. So by the end of the night it was kind of shot. But we had good conversation about their zone members and was very informative. Other then that the people we're working with are doing fairly well. Still trying to find that real commitment and desire. Hopefully they can figure it out. We have a lot of good people that we're teaching they just need to act and keep commitments. We are working with a family too where the husband is just returning to church and the wife has been active. We've worked with them quite a bit and the husband has been keeping all our commitments and reading the Book of Mormon and coming to sacrament meeting amidst other things, and she actually gave the lesson in relief society. We were given a report that she got to a point in the lesson where she started to cry and was saying how thankful she was for the missionaries who'd been helping her husband and teaching the family. Which was a nice little moral booster and made me feel warm and fuzzy haha. It's always nice to be appreciated. But that's about all that's happening our way. We'll continue to work on transfers this week and then whatever else happens will happen. I'll let you know next week if I'm staying or leaving. But I love you very much and appreciate all you do for me! Hope you have a fantastic week and I will talk to you soon!!


Elder Scott