Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


Sorry the font on this is weird. I copy and pasted my shenanigans from President's letter and put it in here haha. With some slight modifications for confidential purposes haha. That's too bad the might Tigers lost their game. It happens though ya know? It'd be like missing the PAT to send it in to over time after working your tail off to come back from a half time deficit. I'm not bitter... Haha You gotta go play the links if they're open. It's super depressing how little snow there is up here too. I can't believe it. Three years ago they set their record of snow received at a total of about 60 feet. Now they've maybe gotten like 6... It's brutal. 

Glad to hear that work picked back up. When I get home I'll make sure I make up the amount of golf for both of us that you've missed over your period of trials and court hearings. But hey, at least there's food on the table right? What's the deal with this D-Land trip? Gavy hinted at it in his portion of the e-mail. What's the game plan there? Just a trip to Orange County or will we be jaunting up to Simi Valley or Bakersfield or anything of that nature? Just curious as to what the plans are. 

This past week has been wonderful. We've seen a lot of good things up here in the branch. Elder Matheny and I are doing very well. He is my new companion. He's been out about six months and hasn't had the best examples since he started his mission but he's still very good. I feel like within the first couple days the reason I came up here was very clear and that is to help him become the best missionary he can be. About three weeks ago, after a decent discussion with President Wilson and trying to figure out what I needed to do with myself this transfer, he asked me to pray and the prompting I received when I asked the Lord where I should spend this transfer whether it be up here or down there in Bakersfield. The prompting was to come up here and help him out and I'm confident this is where I should be. The mountains are outstanding and Mammoth is absolutely beautiful, but at the end of the day we do the same things up here that missionaries do anywhere else. It's just a little more appealing to the eyes up here. Elder Matheny is humble and desirous to do his best. He's also very diligent which I think is a great attribute that he holds. So we're making it happen up here! 

Our investigators are doing very well. We have Sandra who is set to be baptized on the 22nd but come to find out she has a male roommate so we're trying to solve that scenario. She may not make her date but hey, if it's a good idea now it'll be a good idea in a month. She'll make it to the water, of that I have no doubts. She's one of the most prepared people I've ever met. The missionaries found her knocking and she'd been praying for three weeks trying to figure out what God would have her do. She was immediately receptive to the gospel and has come to church twice, paid fast offerings, and practically taught herself off of She had some struggles with the law of tithing and we talked to her about it and she texted us the other day saying that she's been thinking about it and feels she can make it happen with the Lord's help. We found some good people this week. I fear most of them are decoys and just being nice and listening, rather then willing to commit and make a change. So we're looking for those who are prepared. It seems like the commonality of missionaries in the past have found semi- willing people who stayed strong just long enough to make it to baptism but have faltered since. This Branch deserves better then that so we're trying to make it happen. But we're working hard every day. Our cabin is super sweet. I got pictures but I'm probably just going to hold on to them till I get home cause this computer is old and slow that I'm using haha. But alas, that's about all I have for you. I love and miss everyone very much and tell them hello. I'll talk to you soon!


Elder Scott

Sounds like you're getting along without me! That's good that you've gotten better at skateboarding! What kind of tricks can you do? Are you still going to beat me at golf or will I still be better? Muahaha jk buddy. I'm stoked to go to D-land with you for your birthday! We're gonna party hard and eat lots of Churros! Don't be shooting anybody in the eye with your filthy weapon! I'll take you on with a rubber band gun and no legs! Keep putting points on the board and goin hard in the paint! That's my new tag line so represent it well! Haha Love ya buddy I gotta run! 

That sounds like a really good experience being able to go to the temple with your mother. I want to witness a sealing. It sounds interesting. The temple presidency in LA has mentioned it a couple times since we've gone on our little trips down there so now I'm intrigued. The newest movie is a little different then the rest. I thought there was some good and some bad. I hope they do well with the third one. Thanks for all the selfies. Sounds like you're getting well acquainted with the rising generation haha. 

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