Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014


Well thank you for the birthday wish! Much obliged in all regards... Fancy wording makes you sound smart. I don't know if that's correct usage of said fancy words but whatever works right? I'm glad to hear the homecoming talks of these fine brethren went well. I'm gonna cry like a child when that day comes. I'm an emotional wreck when it comes to speaking in the home ward haha. Good lans what'd you do to me? That's a cool little story with Provost. I'm sure the live feed was quite impressive. You'll have to tell that weasel to send me an e-mail. Haven't talked to that kid in two years! Nic just told me your lesson went so well that one of the youth came in to talk to Bish about some stuff right after the lesson was over! Good job sir, good job. What a brutal lesson to do on your first day haha. But sounds like you did a fine job. Glad you were looking fresh for all of church so you could get your point across in a lesson haha. Do you have more then one seven fold? I don't remember your tie looking like that I thought it was a different pattern. Once you get sick of your ties feel free to hang em up in my closet for me hahaha. 

It's wayyyy to early for RCC to be open... That's brutal if it's warm enough to be playing golf in Utah right now. That should only be happening over here in Bakersfield! I can't believe that. Do you plan on keeping your membership for a little while longer? Or is that gonna take off in the next year or so? Also sounds like it was a good week for hoops outside of losing in the semi's for ol Goosey! I'm surprised they made it that far. They had a good struggle this year didn't they? I miss hoops... Haha March madness is only a week or two away! That's cool that the mighty wasps have someone who can throw it down. Very rare to see dunks in 3/4A basketball in the state of Utah. Lots of white boys on those teams haha. That'll be fun to watch em play next year though. I'm excited to go frolic through the streets on our little bicycles. We're gonna whip each other into shape real quick. How often do you go out and ride a week? We need a system here for maximum performance! 

If all goes as planned I'll be out next week. But I've never been one to trust in something till it happens. So we'll see what we have in store. Last week went pretty well. We did a couple exchanges which were pretty good. One of them was occupied helping a family move so I feel a little bad about that but you do what you gotta do. A while back Sister Wilson asked that we teach at least one lesson while on exchanges so we got to the end of the night about 8:30 and had still not taught a lesson. So we tried by a family that's very good in the ward to ask if we could teach them. Well we only caught the father home and he had to get up at 4:30 to go to work. So we let him be on got to the sidewalk and I was just frantically thinking in my head "what in the heck am I gonna do to get a lesson in." So we're standing on a sidewalk and I say a little personal prayer just pleading that we can figure something out or go somewhere where we're needed, and right as I finish my prayer, the family that lives right next door to the member we had just tried pulled up in their cars. Which is also a member family and actually who we ate dinner with last night and they took good care of us as you can tell. So we got to go in and teach a lesson to them and it went super well and was a great tender mercy. They've helped me out quite a bit since I've been in this ward. We also had an exchange with someone who is possibly going to be my replacement if I get out of here. He'll do a great job. They're good missionaries and unfortunately we didn't do a whole lot of missionary work on that exchange either which was lame. But we had to run missionaries to the doctors we had to run back to our house to grab my suit cause we were going to go to a baptism that night that I didn't know about. Which started late and went for like two hours. So by the end of the night it was kind of shot. But we had good conversation about their zone members and was very informative. Other then that the people we're working with are doing fairly well. Still trying to find that real commitment and desire. Hopefully they can figure it out. We have a lot of good people that we're teaching they just need to act and keep commitments. We are working with a family too where the husband is just returning to church and the wife has been active. We've worked with them quite a bit and the husband has been keeping all our commitments and reading the Book of Mormon and coming to sacrament meeting amidst other things, and she actually gave the lesson in relief society. We were given a report that she got to a point in the lesson where she started to cry and was saying how thankful she was for the missionaries who'd been helping her husband and teaching the family. Which was a nice little moral booster and made me feel warm and fuzzy haha. It's always nice to be appreciated. But that's about all that's happening our way. We'll continue to work on transfers this week and then whatever else happens will happen. I'll let you know next week if I'm staying or leaving. But I love you very much and appreciate all you do for me! Hope you have a fantastic week and I will talk to you soon!!


Elder Scott

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