Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day 2014


Well sounds like it's kinda just been a rough day for you haha. That's good the Cougars got in the dance. Somebody is going to go Jeremy Lin on everybody and carry em into the finals. You just wait. That's awesome you got to see Mr. Kia play. I enjoy him he's a baller. How's the Jazz doing now? Do they have anybody on that team that's worth rooting for anymore? We gonna get Jabari to come home and live in UTah? Hahaha fill me in.

You gotta let the topics flow! That's the whole purpose of Sacrament meeting is to talk about Jesus and help others to feel that love! I don't want to talk about my mission over the pulpit hahaha we're on separate pages here... I'd be happy to speak at a fireside or tell stories at the house. Sacrament meetings not about this lazy chump though. Hopefully I don't add to your frustration. But I'm sure I can weasel in a thing or two that pertain to the doctrine of the kingdom and be enlightening for all too hear. That's awesome you got tagged into being mas and pas! I want to go on the trek with you forget Goose he can watch himself hahaha. Or I'll saddle him on my back and he can come along for the journey! Either way works fine for me. Good ol J. Wade. Just looking out for you ya know? That's crazy Bryce has been out for 5 months. I miss that kid. He's gonna do awesome. Tyson gets home the week after General Conference I believe. So like 3 or 4 weeks. It's crazy... 

The work up here is doing super well. I'd love to tell you all about it but I'm on a library computer and have a time limit haha so highlights are, the people we found two weeks ago 3 of them came to church yesterday. Sandra is an investigator who should be getting baptized this weekend but she has a male roommate which we are currently in the process of trying to resolve. We have a wealth branch member who owns some lodges up here who's going to try and hook her up with a decent paying job to help her pay rent. We also are teaching a guy who thinks the apostle John is an evil spawn of satan and that he's the son of lawlessness because his gospel isn't coherent with Paul.... Haha nice guy though he gave us dinner and really enjoys the BOok of Mormon. We moved into a new place last week and I feel spoiled beyond all get out but it's super nice and I love the design. It's very outdoorsy with log furniture and pictures and stuff like that haha. I enjoy it a lot. Other then that I think I'll just fill you in on stories when I get home or try to fit them next week! I love you very much and am grateful for all you have done for me and supporting me being out here! 


Elder Brady Scott

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