Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014, 44 days left

Hey Pops,

Not much changes out here. The weather is warming up and getting quite beautiful. That's no bueno that Stan was sick all week. What are you going to do when he retires? That's within the next couple years isn't it? Good ol' Jordan and Kory wouldn't pass up a free Jazz game. That's sweet you went down to Vegas. I like that place even though it's full of sin and stuff. I think it's fun. You would weasel yourself a little 75 dollar card and some free night's at the expense of those hard working salesman! Haha I got the pictures that Nic sent. Gall darn what the heck happened to those two little gremlins? I'm freaking out. Also, If it makes you feel better my favorite pillow is in Bakersfield too... Not up here haha. Sounds like a plan. If there's not a whole lot happening in June, it's possible there will be a couple baptisms up here and I would like to return for them. Did you ever talk to Bishop about the whole releasing thing, and when I'll be speaking in Sacrament meeting? I assume it'll be the 8th since the Sunday after I get home is fast sunday. But you'll have to let me know about that.

This week has been really good. We've found a few new investigators and invited a mother and son to baptism. They accepted if they know it's true. So we'll be working on them for the next little while in addition to Sandra. We also had a lesson with our little friends in the trailer park and Dustin referred us to his dad who is now investigating and came to church for all three hours. Priesthood was a little awkward cause it was about Chapter 7 in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual and it was all about Joseph and Hryum. So that was a bit strange but we talked about it afterward and straightened stuff out for him a little bit so that was good. We get two spanish Elders tomorrow and have to share our apartment with them which we're bummed about but we could use some spanish help quite a bit. Other then that though we just patiently await the baptism of Sandra here in a few weeks. Her confirmation will be on Mother's Day which is kind of cool. So I can give you some better details that day. But other then that all is the same up here in the Mammoth Lakes Branch. Thanks again for all your help and support! And don't worry my companion isn't green at all. He's super good and was outstanding when I first got up here. He just wasn't trained very well... But he's an amazing missionary. But I love ya lots and will talk to you next week!!


Elder Brady Scott

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